Among Us hats — list of all hats and how to get them


among Us hats

Take a look at this comprehensive guide to all of the headwear included in Among Us and where you can find the items.

Hats are definitely the most sought-after accessory in the world of Us. Innersloth offers a wide selection of noggin warmers to choose from that range from the bizarre and wild to cool and stylish.

Do you want to find those awesome among Us hats that you saw during the gaming session last night? Maybe you’re a fan and want to know which hats aren’t in your collection. Then you’re lucky because we’ve compiled the complete collection of Among Us hats below with details of how to get these hats.

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Among Us hats

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What do hats mean in Among Us?

There are five kinds of cosmetics that are included in Among Us: hats, names, skins, visors, accessories, and pets. Hats that we’ll cover here, as you might see, can be a form of cosmetic that covers the top of the head of a character.

Hats are just a fashion accessory and don’t provide any benefit in the game. They’re typically used as a means users can show their appreciation for the creators of the game with their cash. 

If someone is an imposter and running away or venting or a vent, other players can identify them with a hat, or a pet, since they make the area of their character bigger. 

Cosmetics can also help players to recognize and to remember as well as be interpreted as a disadvantage passive. Certain cosmetics can disguise the color of the player, which could aid in deceiving other players.

How can I purchase Among Us hats?

A large number of caps included in Among Us are available for no cost. However, some must be purchased through the shop in-game.

If you’re just seeking a single cap, you can purchase the hats individually at $0.99/PS0.89. Some hats have skins, and cost $1.99/PS1.89. The game’s bundles, or themed packs that include various cosmetics, cost $2.99/PS2.79.

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Without further delay Here’s the full checklist of Among Us hats and where you can purchase them:

NameWhere to Get It
A Real WizAirship Bundle Purchased in the store for 20 stars
Abdominal HeadPolus Cosmicube; bought in store for 100 Pounds
Aquatic ApparatusFree across all platforms
Arrow’dTrick Cosmicube; purchased from the store for 100 pods
BatemanHalloween celebration (free for all users) There are color variations in Treat Cosmicube 100 Pods per
BattyHalloween is a Halloween event (free across all devices) Color variations are available on the Treat Cosmicube at a cost of 100 Pounds
BeaniePurchased from the shop for 150 beans
Bein CheesyFree for all platforms
BigheadAirship Bundle purchased at the store for 20 stars
BlondieFree for all platforms

Among Us hats removed from the game

Certain Among Us hats don’t make it to the cutting room floor. We’re only aware due to dedicated fans who sifted through the game’s archives to discover the hats. These are the hats that disappeared before we even knew about they existed:

Drinking cap2021.6.15
Light bulb2019.2.13

This is our complete guide to all Among Us hats. But that’s not all there is to the Among Us content we have. If you’re looking to improve your skills, then we suggest having a look at these guides: Among Us toys, Among Us Imposterand among Us downloading.

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Among Us hats FAQs

What are the hats in Among Us?

Which hats are found in Among Us? The Among Us hats are ornamental items of cosmetic design that don’t have any intrinsic game-play value, other than their capability to make you look cool. Being different from the rest with Among Us is just as crucial as getting through the entire game

Are the hats in Among Us free?

In Mobile version various hats are for sale and are automatically owned to the user. However, all hats as well as skins are available for free on the PC version of the game. pets have to be purchased across both platforms

How do you get special hats in Among Us?

Halloween costumes are usually removed automatically after logging in to Among Us in the weeks prior to Halloween. If you’re not able to wait that long it’s as easy to open your computer’s dates and settings and set the date to the 31st of October.

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