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Coin Master strategies

Winner  Bacon dinner, winner!?

Combine a base-building strategy game with the wild excitement of a slot machine and you’ll have Coin Master. The game’s rules are simple you Spin on the Slot machine to complete an action. 

You could earn Coin or take on the bases of other players or raid stashes of players, or acquire shields that limit the effects of attacks from other players. Use the Coin you earn to build and improve your base’s structure.

Coin Master is as simple as it gets, so it shouldn’t take much time to master the rules and get playing. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way to improve your gameplay and increase your Coin Master experience. 

Check out this comprehensive guide to the most effective Coin Master methods with some helpful strategies and tips to speed up the building of your base and keep your Coin stash secure from the other players. You should definitely that you get some Coin Master free spins while you’re there.

What exactly is Coin Master?

Coin Master starts with a short introduction that introduces you fundamentals of the game, and it then allows you to play however you like. 

It’s definitely enough to get you started however, we’ll dive deeper into the mechanics the video tutorial does not provide.

The entire game of Coin Master revolves around obtaining and spending Coin. There are three principal ways to earn Coins within Coin Master (outside of paying cash for it) 1.)

the winning Coin through the Slots Machine, 2) attacking bases of other players, and) the robbing of bases of other players. To take one of these activities it is necessary to make a Spin on the Slots Machine.

Coin Master strategies

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The Slots Machine

It’s the Slots Machine is where the essence of the game takes place and you’ll likely spend most of your gaming time looking at this screen. 

It is possible to access The Slots Machine simply by opening up the menu in the game and choosing it, or sliding to the left from Village view.

In the lower part of the Slots Machine, players will find your current count of spins available. Each time you spin the machine, the number decreases by one. 

Its Slots Machine in Coin Master features four reels that have four symbols. If you see four identical symbols and you instantly perform the action. The four symbols you see are coins in a bag and hammers, an animal as well as a shield, and a spin capsule.

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The Bag of Coin

It’s the Bag of Coins, as the name suggests, which will give you Coin. Contrary to other images there is no requirement for an entire row to be rewarded. 

Each Coin Bag of Coins you get after a Spin will give you a tiny payout, but an entire row will yield more than four bags of coins.

Attack – The Hammer

Find an entire line of Hammers (the artwork of the game suggests Thor’s Hammer) Then, you’ll strike at the base of a player.

If you’ve connected your Facebook account with Coin Master, you can select a friend to fight with or, if not the game chooses randomly.

The village of the player will show on the screen, and you’re required to choose which of their buildings you’d like to attack. When you attack a building, you get the Coin reward and lower the star rating of the building that was attacked.

Raid – The Pig Bandit

Pig Bandit Pig Bandit is a symbol of a granny pig wearing the mask of a bandit. If you have four of them in order, you will immediately begin the Raid.

As opposed to attacks You aren’t able to select the target of your Raid. Over that Slots Machine are the names and images of your coin master, the person whom you’ve chosen as your Raid to target. When a Raid starts, you’re transported by the Coin Master’s village. 

Instead of destroying one of their structures they give you the opportunity to use three Shovels that you can dig holes using. There are numerous locations within the Village you can dig holes (marked by big”Xs). 

Select three holes to excavate Some of them may have a substantial volume of Coin. The Coin comes directly from the victim’s Coin stash. It’s an excellent method to get people’s nerves.

Defend the Shield The Shield

The Shield can be used to defend your home from attacks by enemies. It is possible to have as many as three Shields simultaneously, which means you are protected against three assaults. 

If you’re wearing the Shield in the event that an attacker attacks your buildings, the building will be protected and won’t be damaged to a lower star rating.

Similar rules are in place when fighting a player using the Shield. It’s still possible to earn 50000 Coins (much lower than what you’d otherwise) however.

the player’s house won’t suffer any damage, and will not be lowered on Star rating. It is important to remember that the Shield does not protect you from Raids.

Betting on Coin Master

If you’ve accrued a huge amount of Spins and you’ve accumulated a lot of money, you’re able to play bets. 

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If you raise your bet every Spin of the Slots Machine is a multi-spin, however, you also increase your odds of winning huge. Bets boost the reward you get through Slots Machine spins.

Village Building

Villages function as the levels of Coin Master. There are five buildings that you need to build at each stage. In order to complete the task and move on to the Village that you want to join you have to upgrade all the structures in your current Village to earn a 5-star rating. 

Upgrades to buildings cost coins and upgrades are progressively costly the more you progress into this game. So be prepared for grinding. 

The buildings do not come with specific effects or features they are just markers to help you progress towards the next village. At present, the number of villages is 314 each with its own theme, which you can finish within Coin Master.


The Revenge mechanic allows you to return the favor to an attacker who has attacked your Village. If another player successfully assaulted your base, you are given the chance to strike back.

Take the Slots Machine a Spin. If you land a complete row of Hammers The game will lead you to the Attack screen before transforming to the random Village. Be aware of the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

there’s an option for Revenge. Choose this option, then the game’s interface will pop up a list of those who recently assaulted you. Choose one and you’ll be transported to the person’s Village and be able to put the pain to rest.

Coin Master Card

Cards can be earned by opening chests, which can be purchased with Coins. There are many themed collections of cards that contain nine cards. 

Complete all nine cards in a Collection and you’ll be rewarded with a bonus as well as a huge influx of coins and spins and even pets.

There are three types of Chests that you could buy. The more expensive the chest will contain, the more cards you’ll discover inside. 

What kind of cards you will find in the Chest depends on the level of your Village. As you progress to more advanced levels You also stand a possibility of receiving special gold cards from Chests that you are able to open. 

Gold Cards are the rarer variants of other kinds of cards. their collections are more lucrative upon successful completion.

A single of the more interesting mechanisms in Coin Master is the Card Trading system. You can send up to five Cards to friends every day, which is why it’s recommended to sign up to Coin Master forums and communities. 

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There are many that have special Card Trading sections where you can negotiate trading agreements with fellow Coin Master players.

Coin Master Chests

In the section on Cards, you can buy chests from the shop in the game to purchase Coins. Each chest can provide cards of up to 5-star quality, however, the ones with higher prices are more likely to drop better quality cards. 

The higher-end Chests have a lower chance of dropping lower-quality cards than low-level Chests. If you’re seeking a certain 12-, 1or 3 star card to complete your Collection of Cards, you’ll need to invest Coins for lower-level Chests.

Additionally, you may get Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or bonus spins from Chests. They will be added into your account on top of the cards you get and don’t impact the probability of dropping cards.

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Coin Master strategies FAQs

Can you choose who to raid on Coin Master?

How can I change the raid person on coin masters? There is a chance that you will be facing some dismay here. This is due to the fact that raids are given automatically to the master of coins, and you have the option to alter the person who is responsible for the raid. One thing you should be aware of is that the real players in the game don’t engage in tactics or other activities.

What is the best pet in Coin Master?

The pet you choose is most effective one in Coin Master? Each pet has their own advantages, which means the value of each pet will differ depending on the player, in general, Foxy provides the greatest value because his buff is very useful.

How do I hide my village in Coin Master?

How do you cover your village in Coin Master? As previously mentioned the only method to conceal your village and stop looting is engaging in Ghost Mode

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