Are you Chase Cardholder and searching for the CHASE CARD ACTIVATION? Well, this post will guide you on How to activate Chase Debit Card | Credit Card? We have made process simply comfortable and quick here. Every way for every kind of cards including sapphire, freedom etc. has been explained here.

✅Activate Chase Debit Card | Credit Card and complete the Chase Card Activation task✅

Now, if you are really eager to activate Chase cards, I suggest our users refer the post available here and complete your Chase Bank Card Activation process here.

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Activating Chase card offers lots of advantages. The card offers many bonuses, credit points, reward points, free gifts, cashback offers etc. The main benefit that affects the cardholders is easiness in payments and purchase reliability. It just makes shopping easier.

Activate the card online

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Visit the site chase.com/verifycard and activate the card online.

Activate card over the phone call

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Call 1-888-489-7249 activate the card by telephone services.

How to activate Chase Debit Card


There are two ways to activate your chase bank credit or debit card.

  1. Chase Card activation online
  2. Chase Bankcard activation over Phone

Users might need the credit card or debit card, card number, address, contact info, personal identification, username and password at the time of activating cards. 

Activate Chase Card Online | Credit & Debit Cards online

As online process requires card number and other details, it will be really helpful to keep your card handy at the time of activating the card. Make sure that you are providing the exact and accurate information whenever it is required. Now, follow the following steps and guidelines to complete your process quickly.

  1. Visit an official Chase card activation site at www.chase.com/verifycard. (Click here on the link and you will be on the page in new tab in browser)
  2. Enter Username and Password there carefully. (Users whom still haven’t registered yet can click on the provided option below for Not Enrolled)
  3. Provide your card details, personal identification, follow the instructions and your card will be activated soon.

NOTE- Users must sign back just after completing the process. It will help the cardholders to get assured of the card activation. Accomplishing this operation online might face problems like the server, timeout issue, connection problem etc. In case you face these problems you have another optional way to complete the task. i.e. Over phone call.

Chase Debit Card Activation Over Phone 1-888-489-7249

It will be preferable to dial the debit card or credit card activation number by the phone that you have associated or linked to the bank account. Just keep your card and personal identification docs in your hand. Follow the instructions available below and complete your task over the phone call.

  1. Dial Chase activate card number by associated number at 1 (888) 489 7249.
  2. Provide card number and other related details asked there.
  3. Follow the instructions given by instructor on the phone and your card will be activated soon.


You have the sign in very after completing CHASE CARD ACTIVATION task. If you face any problems in ACTIVATE CHASE DEBIT CARD or ACTIVATE CHASE CREDIT CARD, let us know by commenting below. We will help you solve your problems really sooner. For more information on Cards Activation, visit our site now.

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