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AAMCO Credit Card Information

➤ You’re making payments with your AAMCO Credit card payments, or do you want to log in to view your account statement or to manage your online account? The main payment options are listed below. 

➤ Select the best option for your specific needs. If you want to make a payment on the internet or to manage your bank account use the link below on this page to access the AAMCO account login for credit cards. AAMCO Credit Card Payment

➤ There is also useful information on bill pay, including the credit card customer service phone number and the address for payment mailers, and the number for billing below.

AAMCO Credit Card Payment Options

➤ AAMCO Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Financial. Synchrony Financial offers lots of various payment options for its cardholders.

Pay Online: The preferred payment choice available to Synchrony Financial cardholders is the online payment service. 

It’s a fast simple and easy method that lets you keep an eye on your expenditure and pay off the balance on your credit card. 

Accepted are single payment (usually crediting the on the same day) and the ability to schedule the payment (up to 12 payments can be paid ahead of time) and monthly automatic payment for maximum convenience. 

To pay your AAMCO credit card payment online, use”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay Online” button below to log in, sign up to view your account statement, and access your online account.

Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

Pay by phone: Synchrony Financial also lets you check your account details and pay bills using a phone service. Its AAMCO debit card telephone address is 1 866-419-4096.

Pay by mail: The AAMCO Credit Card payment address is Synchrony Financial PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. 

Look over your bill statements for further information about making the balance payment via mail. Include the AAMCO account’s number when you write your cheque. The account number will be within your bill. T

o ensure that your AAMCO payment is processed in time, we recommend sending your payment no later than 5 business days before the due date on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay in Store: No. You are currently unable to use your AAMCO credit card in-store.

AAMCO Credit Card Customer Service: The AAMCO credit card customer service number is 1-866-419-4096.

AAMCO Credit Card Introduction

➤ AAMCO is a repair and car maintenance franchise that has hundreds of franchises across the United States. 

➤ Although the company was initially established to be a specialist in transmissions, the services offered by the franchise have grown considerably and, at present, AAMCO offers a wide array of services, which include repair and maintenance for brakes, engines, and exhausts, as tuning-up services.

➤ In order to help customers cope with the cost of vehicle maintenance, AAMCO is now offering the AAMCO Credit Card in conjunction in conjunction with Synchrony Financial. 

➤ It’s a basic credit card that can only be used in AAMCO service centers. And although there aren’t that many rewards on offer it still is very useful for those looking to be protected from sudden costs for your vehicle. 

➤ This doesn’t mean that there aren’t rewards or benefits to be had As a cardholder and frequent customer, you will receive numerous special offers, and maybe even financing options for certain AAMCO offerings and other services.

AAMCO Synchrony Car Care TM Credit Card

An excellent option for customers with good to excellent credit

Fees: No annual fee I credit card/No application fee/$0 risk of fraud



  • 6-month promotional financing for the purchase of $199-$749.99*
  • Accepted by participating AAMCO locations as well as over 500,000 service and auto parts companies. **
  • Make use of your card to fill up at more than 200,000 stations across the nation across all major brands of gasoline. **
  • Here to calculate the amount of your AAMCO credit card’s monthly payment.

Interest Rates and Fees

➤ AAMCO Credit Card AAMCO Credit Card comes with an interest rate of 29.99 percent on purchases. 

➤ This is a high-interest rate, which makes this credit card suitable for people with a variety of credit scores, but it is essential with a rate this high to be cautious with your spending habits and take every opportunity to pay off the amount as quickly as you are able. 

➤ The late payment and return charges for payments are up to up to $35.

➤ In the end, it’s an easy card that can be beneficial to individuals more than others. It is possible to apply for this card online and receive the decision quickly.

➤ Visit AAMCO on Facebook, and Twitter. AAMCO credit card address, log in and customer service accessibility simplify the process of billing and are simple to follow.

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AAMCO Credit Card FAQ

Does AAMCO have payment plans?

AAMCO’s financing options will allow you to have that problem done right now, regardless of whether you have no or little credit. It’s easy to use for you to get financing, from setting it up and managing the account via your smartphone or computer. Click the finance option that is most suitable for your requirements and then fill out the form to get approved.

Does AAMCO do free diagnostics?

Furthermore, most AAMCO centers offer this check of 36 steps for free with every service provided by AAMCO. This is peace of mind that’s priceless for your vehicle and your family members.

What does AAMCO stand for?

In the midst of this, people were aware about the AAMCO acronym was the name of Anthony A. Martino Company. The name was simple to remember, however, it also served as an added marketing benefit because of its first-place index in the Yellow Pages under auto repair because there was not a separate category for auto transmissions at the time.

Can I use my Synchrony Car Care Card anywhere?

The Synchrony Car Care credit card is issued and managed through Synchrony Bank. … In addition, it is accepted at a myriad of retailers in the Synchrony Car Care network, the new card is able to be used to make purchases at gasoline stations throughout the nation. Discover is accepted.

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