Coin Master events — Balloon Frenzy, Coin Craze, & more


Coin Master events

Keep yourself informed of the latest Coin Master events so you can earn coins.

Coin Master is the game that mobile gamers love because it integrates city-building strategies with the unpredictable nature that slot machine games provide. 

Players have to take care of and defend their communities as they collect valuable coins by plundering the other players’ towns. 

To make things more exciting players can also use the lever of a slot machine and spin the fortune wheel to have an opportunity to win additional coins.

As you would imagine the entire concept of Coin Master revolves around collecting and spending money. 

The most efficient and effective method of racking up the coins is to participate in Coin Master events. In this article, we’ll discuss the various events offered by Coin Master and the rewards you’ll earn for participating.

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Coin Master events

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A complete list of Coin Master events

Attack Madness

Complete the progress bar by unleashing attacks against other Vikings. As you advance, you’ll get closer to securing the exciting prize for each attack you make on the village of another player. When the progress bar is fully filled, the prizes are yours to take!

Balloon Frenzy

During this time balloons will appear randomly on your screen as you play. You can pop each balloon with just a tap to enjoy the rewards within.

Bet Blast

Do you think you’re all right? Make sure you have your money where you put your money. Bet Blast is a Bet Blast event that allows you to bet on prizes, resources, and cash prizes in-game with other gamers. 

You must complete the task you bet on, whether it’s robbing your opponents or finishing an event, to make your bet pay off and cash in the money you won.

Cards Boom

The event is easy to play but extremely profitable. You can play the way you normally would. All chests you earn during this event will contain 50 percent more treasure!

Cards for Chests

This one-time offer lets you get rid of duplicate cards to get chests. This is a fantastic opportunity to clear out all the cards you do not require out of your collection. 

Every chest is a chance to award you with free spins or pet food items, pet XP, or even more cards.

Coin Craze

While all of the events in Coin Master are great, this is the one we’d suggest for every serious Coin Master gamer. This is because, during this time-limited event, players will be granted an additional multiplier on their winnings. 

Make sure to spend as much time as you can Coin Master when the Coin Craze is in full swing to maximize the bonus.

Gift Master

In this Gift Master event, certain items will be identified with a specific “free gift” icon. When you buy something with this icon, you’ll be gifted with a gift of a random item that includes chests or a free spin, coins, and pet XP. food for your pet.

Gold Card Trade

The event allows you to exchange two Gold cards for any other card you’d like. Two Gold cards is expensive, but it’s worthwhile to acquire the card you’ll need to complete your collection.

Raid Madness

The event is similar to its Attack Madness event. The progress bar gets filled every time you carry out an attack on another village of Vikings. You will receive a special reward once the progress bar is fully loaded.

Sea of Fortune

Explore the open ocean and explore various islands in an effort to find hidden treasures. Pick from four different boxes each time you land on an island. However, beware that one of the boxes contains the apex predator, which could cause havoc to your day.

Set Blast

Get bonus points for completing sets.

Special Events

Invading or robbing other Vikings can earn you the chance to spin the wheel for prizes.


Compete head-to-head with the other gamers in a multiplayer slugfest.


Coin Master statistics and details 2022

Tournament Milestone

You can climb the ranks on the leaderboards on the internet. Every few ranks, you will achieve a milestone that gives you additional reward points.

Viking Quest

At this time there is a chance to spend coins to spin the wheel for prizes. You can also complete 10 missions that you can complete to earn special rewards.

Village Mania

Payless to get more. At this time the upgrades you can make to your community are available at a discounted price.

Village Master

You can earn bonus points for each village you finish. Higher-level villages grant you greater bonuses.

Where can I get the most recent Coin Master events?

You can get all the most recent news regarding Coin Master events from the official Facebook page for the game. 

Check it regularly for the most recent information about forthcoming events, so that you’ll be able to schedule your timing according to your needs.

This concludes our guide to all Coin Master events. Being aware of future events is essential to becoming a Coin Master. 

Each year, the developers of the game announce a calendar of forthcoming events. If you now know the way they operate so that you can be prepared to maximize the bonus features.

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Coin Master events FAQs

Is there any tricks to Coin Master?

Additionally, there are different ways to ensure you don’t get the identical cards. For instance, if you’ve unlocked the new village, be sure you upgrade every object in the village to level 2, before you begin purchasing chests. If you’ve got enough coins to spare, consider buying 20 chests of every kind in one row

Is Coin Master still popular?

Coin Master was brought into our lives via Moon Active. It first came out in 2015, and took a couple of years before it reached global fame and to top the charts. We’re all aware that the game is a success but here’s how much. In 2021, the program had managed to reach 181,23 million world-wide downloads.

What is the best pet in Coin Master?

The pet you choose is most effective for Coin Master? While every pet has their own advantages, which means the value of each pet will differ between players, but overall, Foxy provides the most value since his buff is highly beneficial.