15 best Fallout 4 performance mods to maximize FPS


performance mods to maximize FPS

When it was first released, the fans were stunned by the stunning design that was Fallout 4. It definitely was a leap up from New Vegas.

However, even though it was more than six years ago, and the system requirements recommended weren’t terribly extravagant by modern standards, a plethora of known glitches and performance issues have created a thriving modding community to develop some of the most efficient gaming performance enhancements.

In the sense that there are mods that will allow Fallout 4 to run on almost everything. If you’re experiencing difficulties running it or a particular glitch can be causing you to lose your mind, you’ll likely find the solution you need in this list.

However, there are tools that can be utilized to optimize gameplay regardless of what gaming system you’re running, whether it’s Bethesda’s minimum AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz and GeForce GTX GPU, or a premium gaming computer.

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1. Load Accelerator

As a “most important Fallout 4 performance mod” by many, I thought it’s best, to begin with, the Hippo Load Accelerator. 

By controlling V-SYNC as well as CPU Affinity on the screen for loading, this mod dramatically reduces load times. There are not as many hours to take in Bethesda’s 3D models however, it’s definitely worth it.

Two quick points When using this mod, be prepared for GPU load in the loading screen to be more. Don’t make to see a significant difference if using an HDD loading screen – load reduction time is much more important “in the SSD environment.”

2. Insignificant Objects Remover

Available on the PC or Xbox One, AKcelsior’s Insignificant Obstruction Remover is widely believed to be a vital performance tweak for those experiencing issues to run Fallout 4.

And it does it to great effect, quite easily. The only thing it does is reduce the small objects to nil and then remove the objects. It also has a customization feature which means you can leave.

the seaweed on the beach and then slop twigs off the highway. The result could be drastically greater framerates and will reveal how the processing power utilized on objects and textures that you’ll likely not observe.

3. Great FPS Boost

Terso’s Great FPS Boost is a fantastic way to boost performance… in case you weren’t aware of it already.

Modders made a variety of cleverly tiny (and virtually invisible) modifications to things such as blurred shadows and grass in the hope of giving you an increase in performance without affecting how the game appears.

4. FPS and Performance Fix

SiTheHandsomeGuy’s Fallout 4 FPS and Performance Fix will boost performance for those with fewer specifications in terms of technology. 

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It basically tweaks the settings in the Fallout4Prefs.ini file and reduces things like render distance to provide the game with an additional performance boost for computers with lowers

Faster Workshop is an F4SE plug-in that overhauls large portions of the loading code for workshops using significantly faster and less bloated versions. 

The mod isn’t necessary for all users If you do not have workshop mods or the most powerful machine, it won’t make a significant difference.

6. Wasteland 512 Textures Reloaded

Darth Animal’s Wasteland 512 Textures Reloaded The Darth Animal’s Wasteland 512 Textures Reloadedoptimizes and increase the size of many.

the game’s basic textures to 512 pixels, including NPCs, ammo and armor, landscapes, architecture interiors, vehicles, and weapons. 

The game has been updated to support every Far Harbour, Automatron, and Wasteland Workshop texture. However, it seems that the older DLC isn’t supported Sorry Nuka-World fans.

7. Dynamic Performance Tuner and Load Accelerator

The StochasticTinker’s Dynamic Performance Tuner, as well as the Load Accelerator, is another mod that introduces a few small adjustments to the gaming parameters that allow users to modify and customize their experience, and improve performance. 

It lets users adjust shadow distance as well as Godray quality and also implements framerate caps and load acceleration.

8. Upscale

While certain of these mods create significant changes to game files while others provide improvement in the quality of life. CyberShadow’s Upscale is a prime example of this.

The mod lets you run the game “borderless fullscreen” while still rendering it at any resolution you like. This gives players a variety of options to enhance performance.

themselves, such as selecting smaller resolutions, while still being fully-screen and running Fallout 4 on ultra-settings (or with an array of wild and bizarre mods) with only the resolution.

The modder has pointed out that the wildly popular ReShade mod along with other mods that alter the same graphic APIs or employ the identical DLL loading techniques are not compatible with Upscale..

9. Boston FPS Fix

If you’ve noticed that your game is slowing significantly in urban regions, BetaVirus’ Boston FPS Fix is an excellent starting point. 

It increases framerates dramatically within and around Boston cities by rebuilding the Vis and occasionally precombined data. 

According to BetaVirus, the majority of users get between 50 and 60 FPS when using the mod, ranging from 10 to 20 frames more than vanilla.

Unfortunately, the mod has been off the market since May of 2019 – BetaVirus says they’ll still attempt to repair the mod in case it is broken completely, but.

10. Optimized Vanilla Textures

Myst’s Optimized Vanilla Textures implements a variety of minor tweaks and fixes for textures to improve performance while causing “minimal to non-existent quality loss.”

Based on the modder’s personal experience with stutter and major framerate drop. The changes include reducing the size of some normal maps while making diffuse maps virtually unaffected as well as reducing smoothness and shine for a substantial amount of textures.

11. Max Performance – All Interiors

MxmOvrDrv’s Maximum Performance All Interiors is a game that makes significant adjustments to the decoration of the interior of rooms with a view to increasing FPS and reducing framerate drops and allowing for smoother gaming and reducing the use of CPU and VRAM. Modder claims that the program “reduces if not stops performance-related crashes.”

By doing this, the mod takes away some beams, lights, effects smoke, mist, decals, and a few moving objects to get the highest framerate and it is compatible with all vanilla interiors of DLC or the game’s base game.

12. Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix

The SloppyPooBag’s Ultra High-Quality God Rays Performance Fix is just a batch file that modifies Godrays’ numeric value. 

By using this easy fix, users can experience high-quality Godrays, without sacrificing performance. The moderator says that “performance should be roughly the same as using the low-quality Godrays.”

13. BethINI

DoubleYou’s Bethesda INI is a protest against the developer’s messy INI files. It is, in terms of its writer, “an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda.”

This implies that it can be used with additional Bethesda games, such as Oblivion, Skryim (and Skyrim Special Edition), Fallout 3, New Vegas, and, of course, Fallout 4.

This is a very useful application that, in addition to making automatic corrections to common errors as well as modifications to mods, makes the manual modification in your .ini files significantly simpler to improve performance and visual quality.

14. Blurkiller – Visual Pollution Remover

Are you seeing framerate decreases when you load Image-space Modifiers, the short-term visual effects employed by things like explosions and blood splatter? 

Sirius’s Blurkiller Visual Population Removal and Performance Enhancer takes away blur as well as bloom HDR and Depth Of Field effects in order to significantly enhance FPS, specifically during combat. 

This mod does not interfere with the color shift so that although effects are evident, they’re less visible and less distracting visually.

15. F.A.R. – Faraway Area Reform

If you’re in search of an all-around boost to your performance, while also refreshing your game Look no further than SparrowPrince’s F.A.R. – Far Away Reform. F.A.R. 

optimizes and enhances over six thousand remote terrain textures covering the whole Commonwealth with significantly less stabbing and stunningly better textures.

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It’s a simple way to demonstrate that significantly better performance does not have to come without compromise in high fidelity.

How To Configure Fallout 4 For G-Sync

It’s not a performance tweak in itself, but it is an important note to consider if you’re seeking to improve performance, and you’re using the Nvidia GPU.

Gamers have complained of particular issues playing the game when they use G-Sync-enabled displays, due to the fact that Fallout 4 has an in-game Frame Rate limiter and V-Sync. It can cause significant effects, including general performance decline FPS limits, and the game slowing down.

Here’s how you can enable G-Sync. Before you do this ensure that you are running the Fallout 4 script extender (F4SE) installed. It’s necessary to play at frame rates above 60fps.

  1. .ini Editor of Files, which allows you to deactivate the in-game V-Sync feature and FPS limiter:
    • Set Fallout.ini: iPresentInterval=1 to =0.
    • Set Fallout4Perfs.ini: iPresentInterval=1 to =0.
  2. Nvidia Control Panel Settings:
  3. Program Settings:
    • Max Frame Rate Set to your monitor’s maximum refresh rate plus 1 (for example, if you have a 60Hz monitor, it must be 59)
    • Monitor Technology: set to G-Sync Compatible
    • Prior Refresh Rate (PRR): Set to the highest available
    • Triple Buffering: set to off
    • Vertical Sync: set to on
  4. G-Sync menu:
    • Check the ‘G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible’ box
    • Choose “For windowed and full-screen mode”
    • You should check for the “Enable settings for the selected display”

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