75% Mechanical Keyboards You Can Buy In 2022


Mechanical Keyboards

There are many sizes and shapes of mechanical keyboards. Apart from the 60% models, which are extremely portable and have arrow keys in 65% of keyboards you can also find 75% of keyboards. We won’t be discussing the 75% keyboards. There are many other custom 75% keyboards.

This list contains the best 75% keyboards you can buy at large online retailers. All models are available. 

To find 75% of the keyboards in our top 75% keyboards list, you don’t need to be invited, have a group order, or have deep knowledge about keyboards. Let’s first explain the 75% form factor before we get to the first entry. 

The 75% keyboards consist of 65% keyboards and the added function row. Some models have all the keys above the arrow keys. However, most models include Page Up, Page Down, and Home. End, End and delete. 

To preserve the portability of the keyboards, these keys are packed tightly with the arrow keys. This is quite different than TKL keyboards which have a few more keys than 75% keyboards.

We would like to share some buying guides with you before we get started. Check out our list of top IPS monitors. 

You should check out our guide to the best motherboard combos if you are looking for a gaming computer. If you are looking for a 75% thin mechanical keyboard, then you should visit our Viles LP85 review.

Mechanical Keyboards

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1. Keychron K2: Best wireless 75% keyboard

Keychron’s K2 wireless keyboard is our top pick. The K2 from Keychron has a great build quality and zero flex. 

However, the keycaps can feel a little wobbly and have a slightly hollow feeling while typing. This can be fixed by adding a silicon dampener to the bottom of your housing.

It is a great design with beautiful color combinations and thin borders. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, as it includes two sets of keycaps that can be used for Mac OS-specific keys. 

The PBT keycaps version is sold separately. The standard version has lower-quality keycaps. These keycaps feel good, but they aren’t as strong as the PBT ones.

99 percent of wireless performance is flawless. The Bluetooth connection may occasionally cause some lag but this shouldn’t be a problem. The RGB version has dim lighting.

This is also true for the single-color version with backlighting. Battery life is approximately seven days before you need to recharge. 

The keyboard can be ordered in various Gateron switches. These feel a lot better than their Cherry MX counterparts, but they are not as comfortable.

The E-Yooso Z-88 keyboard from HUO JI is a great budget keyboard. This budget keyboard comes with Outemu switches and can be ordered in either Blue or Brown. This keyboard has RGB backlighting, and ABS double-shot keycaps.

This keyboard is very well built. The base plate, which combines metal and plastic, is just as solid as keyboards that cost more. This keyboard is an excellent deal, and it’s a great entry point to mechanical keyboards.

2. HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88: Best budget 75% keyboard 

If you’re in search of a keyboard that is budget-friendly at 75 you should definitely look into this E-Yooso Z-88 from HUO JI. It’s a budget 75% keyboard that comes with Outemu switches.

You can select between Blue and Brown switches. The keyboard has RGB backlighting as well as ABS double-shot keycaps.

The build quality of this keyboard is quite good. The base plate is made of metal and plastic and is as sturdy as those on more expensive keyboards. 

Overall, it’s an excellent value and an ideal entry point into an era of keyboards that are mechanical.

3. Vortexgear Race 3 75% keyboard in best design

We present the Vortexgear Race 3 75% keyboard, our choice for users who want a sleek design and unique appearance. 

The multi-colored design, which combines different keycap colors into an appealing layout, is what we like. The keyboard’s construction quality is excellent. Even if you try to break it, everything stays solid and rigid.

The PBT keycaps are very comfortable and provide a pleasant typing experience. The Cherry MX Blue switches are excellent for performance. 

They can be quite loud at night, which is a problem. The keyboard does not have backlighting which is a major drawback for such a high-priced keyboard.

Luckily, you can get the RGB backlighting version on mechanicalkeyboards.com. The RGB backlighting can be quite dimmed because the keycaps aren’t visible. You can choose from a variety of Cherry MX switches, and you don’t have to stick with Blue.

4. Epomaker NZ Plum Pro: The Best 75% Keyboard with Topre-like Switches

Two Epomaker keyboards were voted top in our Topre keyboards list. Today, we have Epomaker NZ Plum 84 Pro. This keyboard is 75% better than any other keyboard that has a Topre-like capacitive switch.

These switches are so comfortable to use, that they feel almost identical to original Topre switches. It is quite attractive. 

The design features a slim border, blue and white keycaps made of PBT plastic, and excellent build quality.

The keyboard does not have any backlighting. The switches are easy to use because they have a 35g actuation force. This keyboard is a great choice for those who spend hours typing.

This keyboard is a 75% keyboard with electrocapacitive switches. It’s also much cheaper than those with the original Topre switches. 

This keyboard, like other models in this list, uses regular Cherry MX keycaps stems. You can use any Cherry MX-compatible keycaps to equip the keyboard.

5. Matias FK303QBT Laptop PRO & Matias FK303QBT Mini Tactile Pro: Best 75% Keyboard for Mac

Keychain K2 is a keyboard that offers 75% functionality for Mac computers. It’s a great keyboard with wireless connectivity. 

We think the Matias FK303 Mini Tactile Pro keyboard is a better option. This switch is made by Mathias and is based on the ALPS mechanical switches, which are no longer in production.

This keyboard’s switches are inspired by the ALPS clicky buttons from the Apple Extended Keyboard. The typing experience is similar to ALPS switches. 

These switches are enjoyable and should be used for long typing sessions due to their 60g actuation force. These switches are tactile and clicky like the Cherry MX Blue switches.

The keyboard’s frame is strong and won’t bend easily. Its design is inspired by the old typewriter design with its angled frame and thick border at the top. 

It’s not just a fashion feature; two USB 2.0 ports are located on the border, which can prove useful for some users.

This keyboard offers a very good typing experience. Although the keycaps are not made from PBT plastic they feel good under your fingers. 

The keyboard does not include replacement keycaps for Windows-specific controls. This means that the keyboard is not compatible with replacement keycaps for Windows-specific controls. This keyboard is only for Mac users.

6. Velocifire TKL78 Wired MK The most economical 75% mechanical keyboard

Next, is the 75% cheapest mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is about 25-30% cheaper than our budget choice, and you get a lot for your money.

This keyboard has brown mechanical switches (Outemu and Kailh). They are very comfortable and great for typing and gaming. Although the build quality isn’t the best, it’s still sturdy enough for the price.

Also, you shouldn’t expect to see PBT keycaps. They are acceptable. Although they are nice to type on, don’t expect them last as long as PBT keycaps. 

You can also replace them with aftermarket keycaps since they were made from regular Cherry MX stems.

Blue backlighting is an added bonus at this price point. Unfortunately, the cable can’t be detached, something we have seen on almost every keyboard on this list.

The Velocifire 75% Wired MK mechanical keyboard is very portable, despite its smaller price. We recommend this keyboard for those who are just starting to use mechanical keyboards. The typing experience is great and the keyboard is very affordable.

7. Royal Kludge RK84 Hot-Swappable 75% Keyboard

The Royal Kludge RK84 is awarded the title of hot-swappable 75% keyboard. It is affordable and comes with many extra features that are not available on comparable products like the Keychron K2 hot Swappable.

Although the body is made from plastic, it’s high-quality plastic that bends slightly when you try to bend it. The plastic body is very comfortable under your fingers. 

We also have Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, which is great to use on a hot-swap keyboard.

Bluetooth is widely accepted but can cause lag and failure to register keypresses. You can now play games with the 2.4GHz connection without worrying about stuttery keyboard responses or occasional lag spikes when using Bluetooth.

The keyboard’s Bluetooth support allows you to pair up to three devices simultaneously, so it is ideal for those who travel frequently or need to switch between devices. 

The keyboard’s wireless performance was poor in earlier versions. This keyboard is not recommended to be purchased on the second-hand market.

The switches are manufactured by RK, and they aren’t the most reliable on the market. Make sure you swap your keyboards for your favorite keys if you purchase this keyboard. 

The Stabs are a good value for money and better than the Keychron K2 hot swap. The RGB backlighting with north-facing LEDs is good but not exceptional. The PCB can be used with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches.

The keyboard does not come with adjustable feet. It uses magnetic feet instead, which look great but don’t really do much. 

The cable can be detached and the outer frame can be removed to create a floating effect. This looks great with the RGB on. 

Two USB-A ports are also included for passthrough use (only in wired mode). The 3750mAh battery included should last for approximately ten days.

The downsides are the above switches, the cheap-looking keycaps, and the flexible plastic frame. The RK84 keyboard is a hot-swap 75% keyboard and it’s certainly worth the price.

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Mechanical Keyboards FAQs

Is a 75% keyboard good?

75 Percent might be the right for you if you’re looking for a smaller keyboard to improve ergonomics and portability, or simply aesthetics.

What does 75% mechanical keyboard mean?

75% is the common term for keyboards with a compact layout. They are roughly 70-75 percent of full-size keyboard width but retain the F row at the top.

Are 75% of keyboards good for gaming?

Vortexgear Race 3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – The Best 75% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The Vortexgear Race 3 mechanical keyboard is good overall. This keyboard is among the most advanced, and it has a large range of Cherry MX switches so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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