3440 x 1440 resolution: Everything you need to know


Everything you need to know

16:9 monitors are not wide enough You might be able to make your monitors even wider by purchasing an ultrawide. 

You might consider a monitor that has a 3440×1440 resolution. However, there are some things to be aware of before you go all-in.

Ultrawide aspect ratios of 21:9 are possible with the 3440 x1440 resolution. This resolution and the 2560×1080 resolution have the most common aspect ratios of 21:9. 

This resolution is much larger than the 16/9 ratio most monitors have today. It is 29.3% larger than its 2560×1440 counterpart.

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Is it 4K?

No. It is not to be confused with the 3840×2160 resolution, also known as 4K. The numbers may look very similar, but they are not. It is far from the truth.

A 3440 x 440 resolution has 4,953,600 pixels, while a 4K resolution has 8294,400 pixels. This is a difference of 50.4%, or 3,340,000. 4K also has a 16:9 aspect ratio, not 21:9.

Gaming: 3440×1440

This resolution is not common for gaming and is quite obscure. They are not impossible to find but there are only a few monitors that have high refresh rates and this resolution. 

They are also quite expensive. Having said that, You will be immersed in the game for hours, especially if it is curved.

Acer Predator X3535”VAG-Sync HDR107 PPI200Hz
AOC AG353UCG35”VAG-Sync HDR107 PPI200Hz
ASUS XG35VQ35”VAG-Sync HDR107 PPI200Hz
LG 34GK950F34”IPSFreeSync 2110 PPI144Hz

First, you need to know if your current graphics card can handle the increased pixels. If it doesn’t, you will end up with a larger monitor but a poor gaming experience.

To get an idea of the situation, look up benchmarks for your card at the resolution. Of course, the game itself and the settings will affect the hit in the framerate. 

We can estimate the impact of this by comparing system specs and settings.

If you upgrade from 2560×1440 to 3440×1440 and use Rise of the Tomb Raider as a benchmark, the average frame rate drops from 114 to94 FPS. 

This is a 17.5% drop, which is quite significant. To avoid frustration in the future, keep an eye on your graphics cards.

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Everything you need to know FAQs

What type of resolution is 3440 x 1440?

Standard ultra-wide resolutions are 3440×1440 or 26560×1080 pixels. These resolutions offer more horizontal space than their 16:9 widescreen resolutions, 2560×1440 or 1920×1080.

Is 3440×1440 considered 3k?

3440×1440 can be considered 2K. 4K resolution starts at 3840×2160 The end results for games with 3440×1440 resolution are stunning. It is a wide monitor that allows you to see more of the area left and right than a 4K monitor.

Is 3440×1440 good for gaming?

A QHD (2560×1440) GPU will run games at 3440×1440. However, the image quality will be noticeably better. Similar to 4K. Although 5120×2160 isn’t enough to overpower a GPU, it is enough to add enough pixels to make a big difference.

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