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Bernina Credit Card Payment Address Login Customer Service

Are you looking to complete the Bernina payments with your credit card, or trying to log in to view your statement, or running your accounts online? This guide is designed to assist you.

 If you want to make a payment online or to manage your account, use the link below on this page to access the Bernina credit login to your credit card.

 Additionally, you will find helpful details about bill pay like the Customer Service number the payment delivery address as well as billing telephone number.

Bernina Credit Card Payment

This Bernina credit card was issued through Synchrony Financial Retail Finance. One of the most well-known financial institutions across the US.

Synchrony Financial provides an online service that provides all the features you require in order to control your Bernina credit card as well as pay your minimum monthly payment.

Bernina Credit Card Payment

Payment Online By using Synchrony Financial Online you are able to make three distinct types of payment. Pay on the same day and the money will be credited to your account on that same day if you make the transfer prior to midnight ET. 

You may also think ahead and plan for future-dated payments (up to twelve) or create a completely automated system and sign up for monthly Autopay. 

To pay payments with your Bernina Credit Card payment on the internet,, click”Pay Online” or click the “Pay Online” button below to log in or sign up.

Pay via phone: The Bernina credit card payment telephone number is 1-866-419-4096.

Pay by Post: The Bernina credit card payment address for mailing can be found at: Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. Make sure to include the Bernina Account number when you write your cheque. 

The account number can be found within your bill. To ensure that your Bernina payment is processed on time, it is advised to send the payment no less than five business days before the due date on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay in Store: No. You are currently unable to pay with your Bernina credit card at stores.

Bernina Credit Card Customer Support: The Bernina credit card customer service number is 1866-419-4096.

Bernina Credit Card

Bernina is a world-renowned sewing machine maker that has been developing innovative products since the middle of the 19 19 centuries. 

They are among the most trusted manufacturers of sewing machines around the globe and are regarded as an innovator in the field of textile and sewing innovation.

If you’re planning to buy new Bernina Equipment, one way to go about it is using Bernina Credit Card. Bernina Credit Card.

 The card is provided by Bernina in conjunction together with Synchrony Financial, and with many benefits, this card is worth a look in case you’ve got your eyes for a new Bernina product.

 Bernina claims that with this card, you will be able to get the product you’re looking for immediately.

In the form of a private label credit card, it is a straightforward credit line that you can use for purchases of Bernina products. While the typical APR is extremely excessive, Bernina states that special financing options are offered.

 Through these financing options, you won’t be obliged to pay any interest for a set period of time as long as you finish the purchase and pay all the minimum monthly payments in time.

 As you plan your purchase carefully and make sure that the promotional period is sufficient to cover the purchase in full You can enjoy no interest.

Interest Rates and Terms

The annual percentage rate is 29.99 percent with the Bernina Credit Card. This rate is applicable to all purchases that are not promotional (non-financed purchases) as well as the default rate which is applicable for all purchases that are financed when you fail to adhere to good conditions.

 The minimum amount of interest charged is $2. The due date must be at least 23 calendar days following the end on the last billing cycle. Returned charges for payment can be as high as 35 dollars.

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How do I pay my synchrony credit card?

The most efficient method of paying the Synchrony payment on a credit card can be done on the internet. After logging into your account and logged in, go to “Payments,” then, “Make payment.” Choose the amount of your payment, the date and your preferred bank account to make payment from. After looking over your payment then select “Submit.” You may also mail in your Synchrony credit-card payment.

How do I pay my synchrony bank bill?

You can select any one of the banks you already have created at Pay your bill by using Pay without Login.

On the log in page click the Pay without Log In button. Then:

  1. Select the amount you wish to pay.
  2. Select the payment method you prefer.
  3. Review and authorise your payment.

How do I log into my synchrony account?

Logging into Synchrony from your computer is a simple and easy process.
  1. Go to …
  2. Click on the “Sign In” button in the top right of the screen. …
  3. Enter your username and password, and click the “Sign In” button.

How do I contact synchrony bank?

You can also phone us at 1-855-872-4311.

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