Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment and Login


Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment

You have your Sister Hazel Credit Card in your hands and are you required to pay the balance? By following this guide, you will know the options for the payment offered to you. 

If you wish to pay online, click the hyperlink provided for you to the Sister Hazel Credit Card login. This Sister Hazel Credit Card is issued by PartnersFirst.

Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment

Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment Options

PAY ONLINE The service is available for both desktop and mobile devices. For managing your credit card and ensuring you are in control of your spending, the best solution to choose from is to use the account online services offered by PartnersFirst. 

The service is accessible to everyone who has a card, and it allows you to monitor the balance on your credit card and your most recent transactions. The card offers rewards that can be managed as well as redeemed using this online service. 

To complete the Sister Hazel credit card payment online, click”Pay Online” or click the “Pay online” option below. You can then log in or sign up.

Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment

Pay by check: -The traditional option of paying by check can be used by you however, Partners First does not advertise this option on its website. 

You should check your bill statements or make contact with customer support at 1-866-450-1402.

Pay by phone The companyPartnersFirst provides automated phone access to all cardholders and the service is able to pay for your bills. Call 1-866-450-1402. This service is accessible round all hours of the day.

Sister Hazel Credit Card

It is the Sister Hazel Rewards Visa Credit Card is specifically designed to cater to Sister Hazel fans. 

If you’re a huge lover of the band and wish to show your support for them, this card is an excellent method to show it! In collaboration with the affinity card company Partners First and PartnersFirst, the Sister Hazel Credit Card is loaded with many advantages and rewards, meaning that when you make purchases with this card, you’ll not only show your support for the band but also earn rewards and make money in the process.

Bonuses and Perks

All affinity cards issued by PartnersFirst have an incentive program. If you compare it with other rewards programs provided by major banks as well as credit card companies This program doesn’t look too bad. 

Although there is no opportunity of earning points this program is straightforward and has very few restrictions. 

Earn points on every purchase, and you are able to use these points towards cashback, travel on airlines (no time limits for blackouts) tickets to shows (you can use points to attend your coming Sister Hazel concert! ) products like gift cards, merchandise, and so on. 

Points never expire and are simple to manage them using our online accounts service.

Interest Rates and Fees

With rates ranging from 12.24 percent to 22.24 percent, This card is ideal for those with good or outstanding credit scores. The card offers a promotional introductory rate of credit of 0% on balance transfers for six months. 

Cash advances have a rate of 24.99 percent. There is an APR penalty of 27.99 percent, which could apply when you fail to make a payment. This is a significant penalty, so be sure to keep track of your payments in time. The due date is at least 25 days following the end of the billing cycle prior to.

Sister Hazel Credit Card Payment

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