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Colton Public Utilities Login – Bill Pay: Are you looking to pay for your electricity or water bill using Colton Public utility bill pay? There are many options available, and we’re here to assist you in finding the most suitable one. 

Pick from the different payment options for bills that are available. To pay online or to manage your account, click the link below at this site to access the Colton Public utility bill pay login. 

There is also useful bill pay details like details about the Colton Public utility customer service number, the address for payment mailers, and billing telephone number.

What Do I Pay my Colton Public Utilities Bill?

Pay your Colton Public Utilities bill online via phone, through the mail, or in person.

Pay online: The City of Colton website provides an online service for managing your account as well as payment of bills. This service lets you review the electronic version of bills and check when your next bill is due, and transfer funds from your savings or checking account. To pay payments to your Colton Public Utilities bill payment online, click on the “Login Here” button below to log in, sign up to view your bill, and access your account on the internet.

Pay via Phone: Pay by Phone Colton Public utility billing phone number is 844-571-2896.

Pay by Post: Your monthly bill is accompanied by an envelope to return your payment. Make your payment by mail in this envelope. You can pay for your bill via mail with the ATM card, credit, or debit card (Visa, MasterCard). Fill out the authorization for card payments form located on the reverse of your bill’s payment stub. Make sure to include the Colton Public utility account number on your payment stub. The account number will be on your bill. To ensure that your Colton Public Utilities payment is made on time, it’s advised to mail the payment no less than five days before the due date indicated on your monthly statement of billing.

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Pay in person: There are a variety of places where it is possible to drop your payments off. These include Larsons Pharmacy (142 W. H Street, Colton CA 92324), City of Colton Gonzales Center (payment kiosk), and City Hall (payment kiosk, utility billing services desk evening drop boxes).

Start-Stop, Start Transfer Service

Colton Public Utilities Login – Bill Pay

To stop, start and/or transfer the utility you use, you must call customer service (see the next section). If your credit score is less than the minimum requirement of Colton Public Utilities, Colton Public Utilities will make a charge for a deposit when you sign up for new services. 

The amount of the amount amounts to 2.5 times the amount of the average monthly bill. There is a charge for connection fees to electric service and a connection fee of $11 on water and sewer services. They will be billed on the first bill you receive.

Rebates and Payment Assistance

Colton is a city in the state of Colton offers a variety of programs designed to help customers pay for their electricity and water bills:

  • Help for Low-Income People: Qualifying customers can get a yearly credit toward their electric bill as high as $150. You can apply using the online application, and then mail your application form to the City of Colton Electric Utility Low Income Program 65 N. La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 92324.
  • medical baseline billing Customers who require electricity to treat medical conditions may be eligible for additional electricity insurance. A medical necessity proof is necessary.

Rebate programs are offered to customers who make use of energy-efficient appliances and products. Additionally, the Residential Photovoltaic Rebate Program.

Call Colton Public Utilities

Customer Service: (909) 355-5555

Mailing Address: 650 N. La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 92324

Address: 150 S. 10th Street, Colton, CA 92324

Utility Billing Services (E-Mail):

about Colton Public Utilities

Colton Public Utilities was founded in 1887. It is the longest-running utility of public service located in San Bernardino County. The utility provides reliable electricity and top customer service to the business and residents of the city. 

The utility operates its own power facility along with four substations as well as the transmission lines for electricity. 

Colton Public Utilities serves roughly 16,000 customers and 2,500 commercial/industrial customers.

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People Also Ask Colton Public Utilities Login – Bill Pay

What county is Colton in?

Colton is located located in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The city is referred to as “Hub City” Colton is located inside the Inland Empire region of the state, which is located approximately 57 miles to the east Los Angeles.

Who founded Colton?

American settlement. The first owner of the land is George Cooley of Kent, England who had relocated from Kent to Colton in 1853. He bought 200 acres for $3.50 an acres on the Santa Ana River the next year. Cooley was the chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in San Bernardino County.

When was Colton founded?

On the 11th of August, 1875, the very first train to enter San Bernardino Valley entered Colton and for the next period of time or more, it was the point of departure for the line. In 1877 Colton was incorporated as the Colton Land & Water Company was established and took over the initial association. In 1887, Colton was incorporated as a city belonging to six classes.

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