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Among Us map

Among Us, map As with every fantastic social deduction game “Among Us” requires a high degree of self-awareness, confidence, and self-confidence along with a deep understanding of the rules. 

But the true understanding in Among Us can only come from a deep knowledge of maps used in the game and that includes a thorough knowledge of vent locations and knowing where the hidden places, as well as security cameras, can be found.

The two groups, Crew and Impostors need to be aware of the details of each map. Us Map. If you’re Crew an error could result in an attack from the back.

For Impostors knowing the key places can mean the difference between a simple victory or being in a fight for life in the next meeting. 

This Among Us map guide will assist you in navigating all four of the maps in the game whether you’re a killer with a cold-blooded streak looking for an easy escape route, or a fellow Crew member who has a sneaky suspicion that they’re being watched by a deadly alien parasite.

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Among Us map

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“The Among Us maps

1. The Skeld

Skeld Skeld is a compact map with a straightforward layout, which makes it a fantastic intro for those who are new Among Us. 

Like any map communication and an organized route are essential to the survival of the crew. If you’ve not done so learned the various rooms’ names as well as the tasks carried out within them. 

This will help you to sketch out the best route to accomplish your goals to carry them out in a relatively efficient manner. An easy way to accomplish this is to navigate the map clockwise or counterclockwise, working on tasks while you move.

It is always advisable to have at least one person present every time to testify for your innocence in the event that anything goes wrong.

 You should ensure that your fellow Crew members are able to see any tasks you’ve completed so they can tell that you’re not a fake or an impostor trying to get a job. 

The earlier you can prove your innocence, the better since this can help you gain traction when it comes to meetings.

The Skeld is the default map in Among Us and where new players are able to be able to strip their teeth. 

This makes it easy to spot impostors (look for players who wander around the map on their own or who jump through vents with no use of discretion). 

It also means that a skilled Impostor who is knowledgeable about the map will do well even if their manipulation game isn’t the best.

As the map above shows, The Skeld’s 14 vents are organized by rough triangles. The general rule to follow for the Impostor game is to refrain from vents unless it is absolutely necessary for an escape in a hurry or to prevent being caught in potentially dangerous circumstances.

If you’re quick enough, you could use the vents to make an argument for your innocence. Consider, for instance, it’s your turn to be in Navigation with an entire crew of Crew and you’re looking to get rid of someone who’s alone in the Admin. 

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You’ll need to stay within Navigation for a few minutes to make sure that everyone can spot you, and then go to the vent in the hallway outside of Shields to get into Admin and then strike.


MIRA HQ is a less and more intimate Map than The Skeld and is best played in small up to mid-sized parties. 

When larger groups are present it becomes very difficult for an Impostor to move without being spotted by a fellow Crew member. 

The lack of paths and alternate routes makes it difficult to stay clear of getting into the path of other players.

The most crucial area for Crew and Impostors is the Communication room. In this room, players are able to view the location logs of each player. 

The team can make use of this data to identify suspicious players, and even imposters can take just an instant look to determine if they are potential players.

To compensate for the basic layout of the hallway and the absence of multiple routes The vents at MIRA headquarters are interconnected, which allows Impostors to move quickly across rooms. 

They have more freedom to move around in comparison to Crew or Crew members, and if ever left alone in a space the Impostor will appear in a flash to put a knife on your back.

The tighter quarters can make it extremely difficult for Impostors to identify their targets, making traveling in groups more efficient this way than on any other map. 

If you’re an Impostor and you’re a fraud, you could utilize the small area of play for your benefit. It’s likely that you’ll be seen when you stay in one spot for too long and if you’re able to time your venting properly You can always get witnesses to prove your innocence.

The Decontamination corridor, which is the long yellow and blue strip that connects the Reactor with the Locker Room is a popular spot for murders. 

It’s because everyone who walks through the corridor must go through an unintentional decontamination procedure before being allowed to move on to the next part of the area. 

Be aware of anyone who’s following you in the vicinity of the decontamination area, and do not enter the room unless it’s with someone who you are certain is Crew. 

If it’s early in the round and you’re not certain who is Crew Always be sure to go in with at minimum three other people to ensure there’s an impostor.

The tight spaces and simple routes of MIRA headquarters can feel stifling for many gamers, so allow yourself some time to become accustomed to the various names of areas and venting areas.

3. Polus

If you’ve spent most of your time playing in the tiny games that are The Skeld and MIRA HQ You’ll be amazed by Polus the size of a tiger. 

Polus is the second-largest game map Among Us and requires players to explore both the interior and exterior of an outpost for research in space. 

Being the largest map in the game the players on Polus can explore inside and outside an outpost in the arctic.

For the Crew, that kind of traveling between different locations can be terrifying. If you’re not playing with the largest group of people and you’ll be spending the majority of your time in Polus in a solitary manner. 

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It’s also not a good idea the fact that Polus has you spending all day in decontamination chambers that have to be walked through prior to getting into any one of the world’s structures.

Polus is home to 12 vents (represented as holes in the earth here). Like in The Skeld, the vents are connected in triangular patterns, allowing fast traveling within the localized areas within the maps. 

There aren’t any vents that connect to the corners at the bottom left or right in the maps. In the event that you’re an Impostor then you’ll need to be cautious not to get in the wrong place performing a kill in these areas since there’s no way to escape.

Because of the vents’ placement Due to the vents’ placement, the southern parts on the maps are typically more secure for Crew than those in the north. 

Crew members will want to spend the least amount of time getting between buildings because of the long decontamination process. 

Vents let Impostors swiftly jump into and out of buildings to avoid decontamination. If you see someone going into or out of a building on your own, there could be an armed killer at the opposite end inside the room.

For Impostors, utilize vents to gather information on the locations of players on the map. One room that you’ll want to be sure to check is the Admin area since there’s always at the very least one person in the room watching the cameras. 

If you are able to make an uninvolved kill and not be recorded and the lengthy decontamination process ensures that you’ll escape from the crime scene prior to anyone finding the body.

4. The Airship

The Airship is the most expansive map available in the game, featuring several stories and over 12 rooms. 

Due to its sheer dimensions, it is best played in groups of at least 10 players. Players can move between various levels via the Gap Room, which houses the floating platform as well as ladders.

Due to the size, it is Impostors have plenty of room to move around without being noticed. If you’re a Crew it is essential to be focused. A mistake or a wrong turn could end in you being isolated from help.

Crew members must make the most of the Security terminal on board that allows the players to monitor their movements between rooms. 

An inconsiderate Impostor could be detected by cameras. When feasible it is recommended to have an officer in the Cockpit looking over the ship’s massive screen, which shows the exact location of any live players.

Like in The Skeld, the vents are separated into three-point triangular clusters. If you’re an impostor, you’ll be able to cover the largest area by using the huge vent system located that runs to the west of the map. You can hop across three areas:

the Vault, Cockpit, and Viewing Deck. Crew members hanging in the Cockpit could be spotted when you are timing your movements right.

Imposters should also make use of the Records-Cargo Bay-Showers ventilation triangle located on the east side of the vessel to catch people who are spotted in the vicinity of the Lounge. 

For example, if you see a player coming towards the Lounge from Records then you can make use of the vent to leap into Cargo Bay, where you’ll be waiting for the opportunity to hit.

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Electrical is a deadly trap for the unlucky crew members because of its maze-like paths. Intruders love to cut corners in this area, separating them from their friends to take the chance to kill them.

Because there is no exit route into Security, Impostors can monitor the terminal’s Security from the Terminal and kill anyone who is distracted by cameras before running off to the Electrical. 

It is important for the impostor to be cautious not to shoot anyone on the balcony located just to the south of Security. There’s no escape route from this point and you could easily get a grip by your Crewmates.

It’s evident the amount of effort and care was taken in the design of each Among Us map, and these tips are just the beginning of the iceberg, when it is about mastering the nuances that come with Among Us gameplay. 

To aid in getting an understanding of the different maps, you can keep these maps of vent pathways in an additional screen or tab for quick reference when playing. Don’t be rushed and enjoy the process of learning!

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Among Us map FAQs

Is Among Us getting a new map?

An additional map in Among Us has been confirmed however there is no information about this as of yet. It will be the fifth map to be released in Among Us after The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus and The Airship. It is likely to take several months before the next map’s release due to the fact that The Airship also took a long time to launch when it was first announced.

Is Mira HQ on Earth?

MIRA Headquarters is the 2nd map of Among Us, set high in the earth’s atmosphere. It is operated by MIRA and serves as the corporate headquarters for MIRA. MIRA.

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