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WG&R Furniture Credit Card Payment Login Address Customer Service

WG&R Furniture Credit Card payment: you need to make a payment to wgr furniture credit card payment  WG&R Furniture or would you like to log in to view your account statement and manage your accounts online? Find out more below about the payment options you have. 

Are you a customer of WG&R and contemplating applying for a credit card? Find out more information about it in our guide to credit cards. To pay online or to manage your account, click the link on this page for the credit card login for WG&R Furniture. 

WG&R Furniture Credit Card Payment

Additionally, you will find helpful information on bill pay, such as the Customer Service Number for your credit card, the payment delivery address as well as billing telephone number.

The WG&R Furniture credit card payment

With the variety of payment options, it’s simple to manage your monthly bills by using the WG&R furniture credit card. 

You can make payments either by phone or via mail, however, the most efficient alternative is to make payments through Wells Fargo Online, which is accessible to any retail cardholder.

Pay online: Wells Fargo online is a great tool to manage your credit-related spending. You can at any time log in to the service to monitor your spending, update your personal information, and make important requests. 

It’s easy to pay in one payment but you can also enroll for automated payments to enjoy total ease. To make a payment with your WG&R Furniture credit card online, click on”Pay Online” below. C

lick the “Pay online” link below. You can log in and register, check your account statement or access your accounts online.

Pay by phone: The WG&R Furniture credit card payment telephone number is 1 8777-805-7744.

Pay by mail: The WG&R Furniture credit card payment address is Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, PO Box 660431, Dallas, TX 75266-0431. Payments by mail take between 7-10 business days. 

If you need to pay urgently, we suggest calling us or using the online payment, although you can send an emergency overnight mail address: Regulus Group, Attn: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank 1500 Dragon Street, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75207. Make sure to include the WG&R Furniture account number on your payment. 

The number for your account is within your account statement. To ensure that your WG&R Furniture payment is made on time, it is suggested that you make your payment in writing at least five business days before the due date on your monthly statement of billing.

Payment in store: No. At the moment, you are unable to use your WG&R Furniture credit card at stores.

The WG&R Credit Card Customer Service for Furniture: The WG&R Furniture credit card customer service number is 1877-805-7744.

WG&R Furniture Credit Card

WG&R Furniture is the largest furniture and mattress retailer in Wisconsin. The company was founded around 1946, in Green Bay, and experienced expansion and growth throughout the decades that followed. 

The company is now operating through three channels of retail – Furniture, Sleep Shop, and Clearance Center – to offer customers more convenience.

In order to finance purchases and give customers rewards In order to help customers pay for purchases and reward them, WG&R has collaborated together with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank to offer customers with qualifying credit scores the credit card referred to as the WG&R Card. The card offers an open line of credit that can cover all purchases made at the WG&R.

A typical retail credit card, the one has a few relatively predictable positives and negatives. This card gives you access to exclusive savings and promotions opportunities. Minimum payments are low and acceptance rates are high for those who have a good credit score. 

There are low-interest financing options available. It is possible to get the WG&R Furniture Credit card. does have a very high APR of 27.99 percent – and you can only use it to purchase items at the WG&R.

Cash advances are offered through this card at an APR being 27.99 percent. The due date for each month must be at least calendar days after the close of the last billing cycle. 

No annual cost. The minimum interest cost is $1. Returned payment and late charges for payment are up to $35. The minimum amount of payment is the higher amount of 35 or 3.5 percent.

You can apply for the Credit Card through the retail store, or by applying online. Important terms and conditions are included in the application process. visit the WG&R website to find more details.

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