Turner Furniture Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service


Turner Furniture Credit Card Payment Login Address Customer Service

Are you looking to complete the Turner Furniture credit card payment or are you looking to log in to see your account statements or to manage your accounts online? This guide will provide information about all your payment options available to you through the credit card. 

Take a look below. An overview of financing and credit through Turner Fine Furniture is provided to assist prospective customers to become aware of it. 

To pay online or to manage your account, click the link on this page for the Turner Fine Furniture credit card login. 

Turner Furniture Credit Card Payment

There is also useful information on bill pay, like the Customer Service number the payment delivery address as well as billing telephone number.

Turner Furniture Credit Card Payment

The Turner’s Fine Furniture Credit Card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Payments can be made via postal mail, phone, or through Wells Fargo Online. 

After you have completed the application, you will receive your billing statements by mail; These will include additional information about the payment options available to you.

Pay online: With Wells Fargo Online you are able to manage your account from any location with access to the internet. 

The service provides full management capabilities for your account and at any moment you can view your current balance and history of spending with online statements. It is possible to make one-time payments or set up automatic monthly payments. 

To pay payments with your Turner Furniture credit card payment online, click”Pay online” or click the “Pay Online” button below to log in, sign up and view your statement, and manage your account on the internet.

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Pay via phone: The Turner Furniture credit card payment telephone number is 1 8777-805-7744.

Pay by Post: The Turner Furniture credit card payment address is Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, PO Box 660431, Dallas, TX 75266-0431. 

Please write the Turner Furniture account number on your payee’s check. The number for your account is within your bill. 

To ensure that your Turner Furniture payment is received in time, it is suggested to mail the payment no less than five days before the due date on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay at Store No. You are currently unable to pay with your Turner Furniture credit card in stores.

Turner Furniture Credit Card Customer Service: The Turner Furniture credit card customer service number is 1877-805-7744.

Turner Furniture Credit Card

Turner’s Fine Furniture is a family-owned furniture retailer which has been providing services to Georgia as well as North Florida as well as southeast Alabama for several generations. 

It is the biggest independently owned furniture store within South Georgia, and they have consistently low prices on a wide range of furniture and furniture ranges.

Turner’s Fine Furniture now offers a credit card option for customers who are members of Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. 

This card gives you an easy and quick credit line for all your purchases at the retailer and comes with a revolving credit limit and the same interest rate as the other cards you can get.

The most significant benefit of owning this card is that you are able to delay the cost of immediate purchases and spread the costs over time. The rate of interest on all purchases of general value is 27.99 percent. 

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Advances in cash are offered on this card. If you are a cardholder, you will be granted an exclusive customer status that means you can avail of various promotions throughout the year which isn’t available to non-cardholders.

There’s no mention of any promotional financing with low interest offers on the credit card however certain stores might offer these deals when you apply for this card. Through these deals, you may get rid of the average cost of the interest.

The application online is available to the Turners Fine Furniture Credit Card, which is accessible on the Turner Furniture website. Terms and conditions are provided to help you understand the fees associated with the card.

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