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➤ Are you looking to complete payments with your UMB Bank credit card payment or want to log in to view your account’s statement as well as manage your bank account on the internet? This guide will provide you with an understanding of your options for payment rates, benefits, and much more. 

➤ There’s also the UMB Bank login link below to make your life easier. To pay online or to manage your account, use the link below on this page for the UMB Bank credit card login.UMB Bank Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service 

➤ There are also useful bill pay details like your credit card’s customer support number the payment address for mailing, as well as the billing telephone number.

UMB Bank Credit Card Payment

➤ UMB Bank credit cards are issued by the bank itself.

➤ Cardholders are able to manage the essential aspect of their bank accounts through the online payment services offered through UMB Bank. 

➤ If you need assistance in accessing online, you can call customer support by calling 800-699-8702.

Pay Online: This online payment service allows users to pay bills easily and swiftly without issues. Users can review their account information, change personal information, access e-statements, and more. 

Users have access 24/7 to their bank account. To pay the UMB Bank credit card payment online, click”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay online” link below. You can sign in to register, access your account statement, and manage your accounts online.

Use Your credit card payment online

Pay via phone: The UMB Bank credit card payment number is 800-821-5184.

Pay by Post: The UMB Bank credit card payment address for mailing can be found at Card Services Center P.O. Box 219736, Kansas City, MO 64121-9736. Please write the UMB Bank account number on your check. 

The account number is in your account statement. To ensure that your UMB Bank payment is received in time, it is suggested to mail your check within five business days before the due date indicated on your monthly bill statement.

Pay in-store: Yes. You can make payments using your UMB Bank credit card in the local branch.

UMB Bank Credit Card Customer Service: The UMB Bank credit card customer service number is 800-821-5184.

UMB Bank Introduction

➤ Based in Kansas City, Missouri, UMB Financial Corporation (UMBF) offers services in banking and payment solutions as well as private wealth management, and many more. 

➤ UMB has wealth and banking management centers within Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Arizona. In addition, UMB also has a loan production center located in Texas.

UMB Bank Credit Card

➤ UMB Bank offers the VISA Platinum Simply Rewards credit card.

➤ Cardholders are eligible for the lowest interest rate, a flexible APR, and much more.

➤ It is the VISA Platinum Simply Rewards card issued by UMB Bank that has an APR of between 11.99 percent to 15.99 percent for purchases. 

➤ The initial APR of zero percent is available for balance transfers during twelve billing cycles, for transfers made within sixty calendar days of the date of account opening.

➤ After that, the APR can range between 11.99 percent to 15.99 percent, based upon your creditworthiness. It is estimated that the APR on cash advances ranges from 24.99 percent.

➤ The annual membership fee is not applicable, unlike many credit cards that charge the same amount. 

➤ The period for payment is 21 days from the date of the end of the previous cycle of billing, which gives plenty of time to pay the balance due. 

➤ The minimum amount of interest charged is $0.50.There there is no over-limit charge or late or returned payment fees are up to $35 per month.

➤ In addition, you can create your own credit card and earn rewards when you shop. You will earn 2 points per dollar spent on fuel, groceries, and in low-cost shops. 

➤ Members also receive 1 point for every dollar they spend elsewhere. You are also eligible to get 1,000 points on the first purchase you make within 60 days of opening your account. 

➤ Points can be exchanged via UMB Rewards Catalog online. UMB Rewards Catalog on the internet.

➤ If you’re in search of a credit card that offers flexible rates of interest, rewards, and a low annual percentage rate then the UMB credit card is a good choice to meet your needs.

Account features

➤ $0 liability protection on unauthorized purchases8

➤ Visa benefits like travel assistance services, auto rental insurance, and more9

➤ Online banking credit card management secure access to Apple Pay,® Samsung Pay,

➤ Garmin Pay™ and Fitbit Pay.™10

➤You can now tap to pay for fast, easy, and secure checkout.

COMPARE our credit cards

➤ Earn points for rewards on every purchase. Below is a table that provides a two-way comparison to assist you in deciding which credit card is best for you.

Value EarningsEarn 3 points for every dollar spent on gas station supermarkets and discount stores, restaurants, and fast-food establishments. Earn one point for every dollar spent on autres purchase. 1Earn 3 points for every dollar spent on flights, hotels resorts, cruise ship rental cars as well as tour busses. Earn 1 point per dollar spent on autres items. 3Earn 1.5 points for every dollar you spend on all purchases made online. Pay your cashback into a UMB Savings or Checking account and you will earn 10 percent fewer points you redeem for an account credit on your statement. 2
Easy to LearnThere are no promotions to take effect. There is no limit to the number of points you earn.
Introduction Offers15,000 Bonus Points if you spend $1500 within your first 30 days following the account’s opening. 4

APR 0% for your first purchase for 12 months. After that, an adjustable APR of 11.99 percent to 19.99 percent, depending on the creditworthiness of your customer. 5

A 0% introductory balance transfer APR for 12 months on accounts that have balances transferred within the first 60 days after the account opening, and then an adjustable APR of 11.99 percent to 19.99 percent depending on the creditworthiness of your account. 5

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UMB Bank Credit Card FAQ

How can I check my UMB card balance?

➤ You can look up your balances on your account or loan information, as well as switch funds among accounts, or make checks. For the Kansas City metro area, phone 816.860. 4862.

What is UMB account number?

➤ If you have a UMB check the routing number that appears as the first 9 digits of the left-hand side. The UMB account number will be the sequence of numbers immediately after that routing code and contains the number on the check and the check number as well.

How do I order a new UMB debit card?

➤ Contact our service Center via 800.821. 5184 (available all hours of the day) to get immediate assistance or to contact your branch in person during office hours. If you contact us about the loss or theft of your card, we’ll work to ensure that the card is shut down to stop fraudulent activity from taking place.

How do I find out my UMB account number?

UMB’s routing code is 101000695. Your account number could be located in a few locations. If you’ve got checks associated with your bank account that number at the bottom of a check is your account’s number.

How do I open a UMB account?

➤ Fill out the form for opening a new account. Two passport-sized photographs of each person signing the form. Identification proof of each person signing (valid identification document such as a national passport driver’s license, driver’s license, voter’s identification card, or national ID). Address proof for either an individual or an organization (Utility Bill, Tenancy Agreement, and directions to the location).

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