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About Massillon Cable TV Bill payment

If you’ve just signed up for your account at Pay My Massillon Cable TV Bill payment, also called MCTV you’re probably wondering what I should do to be able to pay for the Pay My Massillon Cable TV Bill payment for the first time? Find out the payment options available, who you can contact should you have any questions, and learn more about the business.

➤ Payment Online: Select the “green “Online payment” button above to navigate directly to the Pay My Massillon Cable TV Bill payment page. After you’ve registered to pay electronically, you are able to pay your credit card and electronic transfer payments through your bank account. 

You can also sign auto-payments which enable you to set up automated bill payments on the exact day every month through your account with a checking account, or your credit card. 

You’ll need to sign up to take advantage of this option by filling out the credit card/check free payment Authorization form, which is found on the reverse of your monthly statement.

You must return it along with the first instalment. The address to mail will appear on the reverse of your statement of the bill.

Pay My Massillon Cable TV Bill payment

➤ Pay by phone: Simply call 330-833-4134 or 330-345-8114 for online payment. You can make a payment using a credit card, checking account card, or credit card. 

Accepted cards include Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. If you pay with a credit card over the telephone the $2.50 processing fee is charged.

➤ Pay by Mail: You can pay via check, and write the account number of your customer on the reverse of the check. Send your payment at MCTV, P.O. Box 1000, Massillon, OH 44648-1000.

➤ Pay in person: You can pay using credit and debit cards only at MCTV’s offices However, you are able to pay in cash or by check at any other retailer which accepts MCTV bill payment. 

It is essential to carry the remittance portion of your bill and be prepared to allow up to five business days to pay at retail outlets, prior to the payment being processed onto your credit card. 

Paying at MCTV’s office will be credited to your account earlier. Accepted credit cards are Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Account Closure and Opening

You can open an account by visiting the website at or at an MCTV office (use the website to locate the nearest office to you). 

If you want to stop your service when you are away from home You can contact the numbers 330-833-4134 and 330-345-8114 for assistance in the suspension. 

You can also talk to an advisor at these numbers, should you have to shut down your account due to moving out of the area of service.

➤ Contact Info: Use the web-based links to participate in live chats with representatives, request a callback, and send an email. You can also call the above numbers to talk to a customer service representative directly.

MCTV Information

Company Information

Massillon Cable TV has been in existence since. The company offers digital TV as well as high-speed Internet and telephone services to over 47,000 companies as well as residential customers throughout Holmes, Wayne, Summit, and Tuscarawas counties. 

MCTV has a workforce of 160 local workers and is one of the 60 biggest cable TV companies across the US.

Check out MCTV right here and visit us on Facebook.

FAQ About Massillon Cable TV Bill payment

Q.1. What is Mctv?

→ MCTV is an abbreviation that is used to refer to these TV stations … Multi-Choice TV (Barbados) Cable television service offered by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. MCTV 26, a cable television station operated and owned by Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, New Jersey, United States.

Q.2. How do I cancel Mctv?

→ You can call or remove your service at anytime. But, you are still responsible for paying for delivered services until a disconnection notice is issued. Please allow us up to an additional 48 hours to complete the request and to stop the billing. The equipment remains the property of MCTV and is due to be returned to us promptly.

Q.3. How can I change my Mctv WIFI password?

→ Please visit to change your password. The site is not accessible if you aren’t connected to the MCTV network. If you have any questions, call the Customer Care Center for assistance via 330-833-4134 or via chat with one of our agents.

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