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➤ Paying the Tivol credit card payment, or trying to log in to view your statements or to manage your credit card online? Don’t look any further. 

➤ All of your payment options are listed below. To pay online or to manage your account, use the link on this page for the Tivol Credit Card login. Tivol Credit Card Payment

➤ Additionally, you will find important bill pay details like the contact number for customer support, the payment address, and the billing telephone number.

Tivol Credit Card Payment Options 

➤ Tivol credit card Tivol credit card was issued by Synchrony Financial Retail Finance. The issuer provides a range of payment methods that will suit the needs of different customers.

Pay on the Internet: The online service offered through Synchrony Financial is safe and simple to use. After you have signed up to use it, you are able to use it to make one-time payments or schedule payments to be transferred to the future time. 

You can ensure that you don’t pay a bill late by registering for Autopay. To pay your Tivol credit card payment online, simply click on”Pay online” or click the “Pay online” link below.

You can then log in to register, access your account statement, as well as manage your accounts online.

Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

Pay by phone: To pay your bill over the phone, dial 1-866-419-4096. There is also a number across the back of your card that you can contact in order to make a payment, or for inquiries about your account.

Pay by Post: The Tivol credit card payment address is Synchrony Financial PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. To ensure that your payment will be received on time, please leave a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of your payment. 

Be sure to write the Tivol Account number with the check. The number for your account is within your bill. 

To ensure that your Tivol payment is made in time, it is suggested to send your payment at least five days before the due date that appears on your monthly bill statement.

Pay in Store: Not available. You are currently unable to use the balance of your Tivol credit card at stores.

Tivol Credit Card Customer Service Customer Service Number: The Tivol credit card customer service number is 1-866-419-4096.

Tivol credit Card

➤ Tivol is a retailer of jewellery that has been in operation for more than 100 years. 

➤ It continues to follow its tradition of offering exquisitely designed jewellery at various price ranges.

➤ They also offer jewellery for special occasions like weddings and engagements, timepieces, and an assortment of precious stones and precious metals.

➤ Credit card stores are a common choice for jewellery stores since they know premium quality jewellery isn’t inexpensive. 

➤ With credit options, you can enhance your purchasing capacity and make the cost of your purchases more manageable, and now it is possible through Tivol through the introduction of the Tivol Credit Card with Synchrony Financial. collaboration and Synchrony Financial.

Card Overview

➤ It is a store-brand credit card. Tivol Credit Card It is brand-named for stores and is only available on Tivol items and products. 

➤ It is very similar to other retail cards provided by Synchrony Financial. It doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards or other bonuses, although these cards usually come with financing deals and exclusive savings options. 

➤ The benefits offered are not widely mentioned on this card, therefore it is beneficial to visit the Tivol jewellery store to find out what benefits are that are offered.

The Interest Rates as well as Fees

➤ The rate of interest is very high at 29.99 per cent. This is definitely an extremely high-interest rate however, it also means that you stand a high chance of success if trying to apply for a credit card so long you have a good credit background. 

➤ The minimum amount of interest for balances that are active is $2. The deadline for payment is a minimum of 23 days following the end of the last billing cycle. 

➤ The late payment and returned fee for payment are limited to $35. The online form is for this card. In the majority of cases, an instant decision is made.

➤ Visit Tivol on Facebook and Pinterest. Tivol credit card login, address, and service accessibility simplify the process of billing and are simple to follow.

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