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The Goedeker Credit Card Information

➤ Are you looking to complete your Goedeker’s credit card payment, or to log in to see your account statement as well as manage your online account? We’ve got your back. 

➤ Below, you’ll find information about each of your primary payment options, as well as a link to Goedeker’s credit card login for making payments online. 

➤ If you want to pay your bill through the web or control your credit card, use the link at this site to go to account login for your Goedeker credit card.Goedeker’s Credit Card Payment 

➤ Additionally, you will find important information on bill pay, like the Customer Service number the payment mailing address, and the billing number.

The Goedeker Credit Card Payment Options

➤ It is Goedeker’s Credit Card issued by Synchrony Financial. Synchrony Financial offers a number of simple payment options.

Pay Your Bill Online: Through the account administration online service, you are able to make extremely fast single payments make a payment in the future, schedule a payment, and sign up for monthly automatic payments.

You can also oversee all the crucial elements of your accounts. To make your Goedeker credit card payments online, click”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay on the Internet” link below.

You can then sign in and register, check your account statement, as well as manage your accounts online.

Make Your Credit Card Payment Online Here

pay my bill by Telephone: The Goedeker’s credit card payment number is 1-866-419-4096. You can also dial the number that appears on your statement for payment over the phone.

Payment My Bill Through Post: The Goedeker’s credit card payment address is Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. 

It is recommended that you allow 7 days for your payment to be credited into your bank account. Make sure to include your Goedeker account number on your cheque. 

The account number will be within your bill. To ensure that your Goedeker’s bill is made on time, it is suggested that you send your payment no less than 5 business days in advance of the due date that appears on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay at Store: No. You are currently unable to make payments to your Goedeker’s credit cards in-store.

Goedeker’s Customer Service for Credit Cards: Goedeker’s credit card customer service number is 1866-419-4096.

Goedeker’s Credit Card

➤ Through the Goedeker’s Credit Card you can get new purchases to your doorstep and make them easier to manage. 

➤ In the end, it’s an ordinary store card that has average rates and features. However, there’s one advantage of this card that can make it an attractive choice (and maybe even an excellent alternative to other credit lines) which is promotional financing.

➤ This card is equipped with several different financing choices. 

➤ When you finance, you can utilize the Goedeker’s credit Card to purchase new purchases and then pay it over time using low monthly installments. 

➤ So long as you adhere to the conditions of the repayment plan the purchase will not be required to pay interest at all for the purchase. 

➤ Promotive financing can be a very popular feature on Synchrony Financial consumer credit cards although Goedeker’s does not offer any deferred interest finance options, there’s an excellent possibility that they offer these opportunities periodically.

Fees and Interest Rates

➤ The primary aspect that can influence your choice to choose this particular card is the rate of interest. 

➤ At 29.99 percent, this rate is definitely higher than the majority of the cards provided by major issuers of credit cards as well as banks, but it’s nevertheless quite standard in comparison to other credit cards that are used for store purchases. 

➤ Monthly minimum payments are larger than $25, or 3.5 per cent of the current balance that appears on your monthly statements. Return payment and late charges for payments are anywhere between $35 and $25 based on the state of your account. 

➤ The minimum interest cost is $2. The interest rate is not a per-year cost.


➤ If you are able to plan your purchases and remain shrewd with the high rate of interest that is charged to purchases of any kind and other purchases, the Goedeker’s Credit Card can assist you in acquiring the items you require to furnish your home. 

➤ Goedeker’s has been an established brand in furniture and appliances for homes for more than 60 years and now, with this credit card, anyone with an established credit score will benefit immediately from Goedeker’s services and products.

➤Go to Goedeker’s social media pages on FacebookPinterest, and Google+. Goedeker’s payment card account, address, and customer service accessibility make the process of billing simple and simple to follow.

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The Goedeker Credit Card FAQ

Is Boedeker’s legit?

Goedeker’s is a reputable brick-and-mortar store and the largest online store for appliances. Its showroom is located in St. Louis, and it provides free installation and delivery services throughout the United States. There are some customers who complain about the speed of delivery however, many are happy with the service provided by the company and the prices.

What happened to Goedeker’s Superstore?

Its name publically trades under the name 1847 Goedeker Inc. (NYSE: GOD) It announced late Wednesday that it had closed on the acquisition, as well as a 205 million public offering to help to finance the acquisition. Goedeker’s in October of 2020, announced its intention to acquire Appliances Connection through a $210 million deal.

Who bought goedeker’s?

The company was purchased by the company in April of 2019 at $6.2 million by the New York-based 1847 Holdings and was spun off during an August 2020 IPO.

Is Goedeker’s still in business?

Goedeker’s business is an independently-owned retail store within the United States of major appliances and furniture, homewares plumbing items, as well as lighting. Their only showroom is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2008, they’ve also offered their goods on their website.

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