SODEXO CARD ACTIVATION | Sodexo Meal Pass Card Activation

Sodexo stands for French Food Services and Facilities Management Ltd., and it offers the Sodexo Meal Pass Card facility to provide flexibility to its customers. What’s more, meal passes, restaurant vouchers, mobility passes, leisure passes, book cards, and training vouchers—all these services are available at Sodexo. 

If you are looking for help with Sodexo Card activation, then go through this post very carefully and become aware of the Sodexo Card activation procedure.


Sodexo allows their customers to use their card facility to get ease and flexibility in payment options. By using the Sodexo Meal Card services, customers find a variety of payment options and more convenience.

The card facility offers satisfaction, and on some occasions, it allows its customers to get prizes, discounts, bonuses, and cashback schemes. To activate Sodexo Meal Pass, customers need to share personal identification information and card details.

Sodexo Card Activation

How to activate the Sodexo Card. Well, there are two methods to activate the Sodexo Meal Pass Card.

  1. There is an online method available to activate a Sodexo card.
  2. Send SMS by using your registered mobile number to activate your Sodexo card.

How To Activate Sodexo Meal Pass Card

Online Method:

  1. Use the Sodexo Card Activation official gateway,, to activate your Sodexo card by online method.
  2. Where you need to fill up a registered email address or mobile number, a 12-digit reference number, enter a Captcha image, and then press “Get Activation Code,”.
  3. Then you will find an activation code on your email address or phone. Share this activation code and complete the activation task successfully.

If you face any inconvenience in activating Sodexo Card by using the online method for any reason like a server down problem, a timeout problem, or an internet connection failure problem, then you can use another method to activate Sodexo Card by using the phone. It is a simple method; you just need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number.

By using the phone method:

In comparison to the online method, the phone-using method will make it easier to activate the Sodexo Meal Pass Card. You just need your registered mobile number to send an SMS to activate the Sodexo Card. Follow the following steps to activate the card by SMS:

  • Get your registered mobile number in your hand.
  • Type SMS as per the following format: CARD <space> ACT <space> 12-digit Card Reference Number The last four digits of your card number.
  • Send this SMS from your registered mobile number to 9225660070.
  • Your steps for activating the Sodexo Card are finished here. Shortly, you will receive a notification about completing the activation process successfully.

Quick Tips | Conclusion

It will make your lifestyle easier with Sodexo Card Activation, which allows a different payment option. Now, you will find an important change in your lifestyle by using the Sodexo Card. You can use this card to buy food, and it allows easy payment options. If you have any problems using the card or are facing any trouble, then kindly contact us at

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