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About City of Tallahassee Utilities Login 

City of Tallahassee Utilities Login – Bill Pay: Do you need the payment for the City of Tallahassee utility bill? Take a look at the options for payment below and make sure you pay your bill in time. 

Do you need a speedy method to pay? Click here to access your City of Tallahassee Your Own Utilities bill online login. 

To make a payment on the internet or to manage your account click the link below on this page to access the City of Tallahassee utility bill pay login. 

You can also find helpful bill pay details like numbers for customer support, postal address, and the billing telephone number.

How Do I Pay My City of Tallahassee Utilities Bill?

It is possible to pay the City of Tallahassee utility bill online, over the phone via mail, or in person in the manner shown below.

Pay Online: E+ Online is a no-cost online bill payment service that is available to those who have a Talgov account. The service functions as an account management tool as well as a bill payment option. Pay through your savings or checking account. There is no cost to you.

Pay online (Credit Debit, Credit, ACH): You can pay online with debit, credit, or through the third-party payment processor Western Union. There is a fee for service. To pay the payment on your City of Tallahassee utility bill payment online, click”Login Here,” or the “Login Here” button below to sign in, register to view your bill, and access your online account.

Pay by phone: Pay by phone is offered by Western Union. This is a telephone service offered via Western Union under contract with the City of Tallahassee. Call 877-765-8189.

Pay via Mail: It is still an option that is popular to pay your bill through the mail! It is the City of Tallahassee utility billing addresses are: City of Tallahassee, 435 N. Macomb St. Relay Box, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Checks should be made with the memo “City of Tallahassee“. Make sure to include the City of Tallahassee utility account number on your check. Your account number can be found within your account statement. To ensure that your City of Tallahassee utility payment is made on time, it is suggested that you send your payment no less than five business days before the due date indicated on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay with SmartBill: SmartBill is an electronic payment system that allows you to plan and pay utility bills directly through your SmartBill. With this service, the monthly utility bill is delivered to your inbox email. Payments for bills are free if you pay by bank transfer ACH. Payments made with credit or debit cards incur charges.

Pay in person: You can pay your bill at the City of Tallahassee Utilities walk-in center (435 N. Macomb St., Tallahassee, FL 32301), or any authorized payment facility in the city. These authorized locations for payment are FSU Credit Union, Friendly Food Mart, King Food Store, Quick N Save, and Tal-Leon Federal CU. The locations and directions are accessible on the internet.

Financial Assistance

City of Tallahassee Utilities Login – Bill Pay

The City of Tallahassee Utilities offers a number of payment assistance services and programs that assist those who are in financial hardship. 

The services include budget billing as well as residential energy programs and the Good Neighbor Program Payment assistance for seniors as well as the winter relief program, and Project Share. Further details about these programs can be found on the City of Tallahassee Utilities website.

City of Tallahassee Utilities Contact

Customer Support (for inquiries, feedback, and suggestions): 850-891-4968

Emergencies (to report outages/repairs/faults/downed lines): 850-891-4968

Customer Walk-In Center: Frenchtown Renaissance Center, 435 N. Macomb St., Tallahassee, FL 32301

Written Inquiries: Utility Customer Services, 300 South Adams St. Box A-2, Tallahassee, FL 32301

About City of Tallahassee Utilities

The city of Tallahassee Utilities is municipal utility that provides utilities to the residents as well as businesses in Tallahassee. The services offered include electricity, water natural gas, and solid waste. On the web, the City of Tallahassee portal offers an education center that helps customers gain knowledge about energy conservation recycling, storm safety, and much more.

The Visit City of Tallahassee Utilities on Facebook and Twitter.

People Also Ask City of Tallahassee Utilities Login – Bill Pay

How do I contact the City of Tallahassee?

If you are a customer of City of Tallahassee Utilities services Contact the City of Tallahassee at (850) 891-4968 for details on recycling and waste materials.

How do I find my Tallahassee Utilities account number?

The number for your utility account is found on in the upper right corner of the bill. If you don’t have a copy, you can call the number 850-891-4968 to get assistance.

How long does it take to transfer lights?

In the majority of cases it will take three business days to process the standard order for service. If you are transferring services, they are able to request that service start at the exact same time. This is known as Same Day Turn-On. There is an additional cost.

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