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Are you looking to complete your Pay My T-Mobile Bill? Are just beginning to learn about T-Mobile and want to know more about the company and its services? Learn regarding bill payments, accessing your bill history, and other general information about T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Payment: The T-Mobile website is compatible with American Express (r) and Discover (r), Mastercard (r) as well as Visa (r) credit or debit cards.  

Alternative options to providing the payment through your credit card in the event that your bank has a partnership in the payment using bank feature to log in to your bank’s online account and then retrieve your bank account details in order to reduce time. 

It is also possible to make use of the Masterpass digital wallet, in case you do not have your Mastercard on hand.

Pay My T-Mobile Bill

To Pay Online:  T-Mobile lets customers pay online through its Internet member portal.

→ Sign in to T-Mobile

→ Just click Pay My Bill.

→ Select your account in the dropdown menu, if there are multiple accounts. The bill will show the current charges.

→ Choose from the list below options:

→ Make an installment payment

→ Review your bill on paper. You can view PDFs of your most recent 18 bills.

→ It is a T-Mobile online platform that allows you to schedule regular payment through your checking account as well as credit cards (Direct debits) and also to pay one-time payments using a credit card on any device: your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. 

→ You can also monitor and manage your monthly bill on the internet. You can also schedule periodic alerts to know the balance on your account.

→ Note When you have created AutoPay you will not have to make payments manually every month. The payment will be taken automatically directly from the account. You can also set up paper-free bill payments for receiving your bill by email.

 Pay by Phone: T-Mobile offers an automated phone system that allows customers to pay. Be sure to have your billing account’s number and the number that is associated with your account with T-Mobile available for the phone call. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, be sure to provide the card’s number as well as its expiration date. If you plan to pay using savings or checking accounts then you’ll need your account number as well as account routing numbers.

Call *PAY (*729) or 1-800-375-1126 to pay via our automated telephone system.

→ To make a transaction on a different bank account, you must make sure you say “Start over”. Follow the prompts, and then say “Switch accounts” to provide the payment and account details.

→ The system will give you the most suitable payment plan that you’re entitled to. You will not be able to change the number of payments, date or even the amounts.

→ It is possible to make a payment via a representative on dialing 611and there will be an $8 fee for payment support which will be reflected on the next bill you receive in connection with this payment service.

Pay by Text: You can pay through a T-Mobile customer service representative by calling 611. there is a payment of $8 support charge that will be reflected on the next bill you receive to cover this option.

T-Mobile Billing Address: To locate the correct address to mail a payment to a store near you, go to then enter your zip code.

Have questions & comments? (These addresses do not accept payments.)

T-Mobile Customer RelationsPO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Legal correspondence address for mailing

T-Mobile Wireless
Legal Department
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue, WA 98006-1350

Pay in Person: Find a TMobile service center online near you, if you require personal assistance. In these centers, you can pay for bills, upgrade or exchange equipment. 

Go to you will be asked to enter your zip code. Once you have entered your zip code, T-Mobile will provide you with a list of stores located in the area you live in.

Need to Speak to Someone?

→ Technical Support and Customer Care are is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

→ Wireless Postpaid TEX Support is available 7 a.m 9 p.m. Local time

→ From a T-Mobile number 611

→ From another number: 1-877-746-0909

→ Speech and hearing impairment: +1-877-296-1018 (3 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day)

→ When roaming around the world: +1-505-998-3793

Prepaid Support

→ You can activate your account by calling 1-877-778-2107.

→ Control your accounts: 1-877-778-2106

→ You can refill your account by calling 1-877-720-5195

Authorized Payment Locations: Pay by cash or check at one of the numerous convenient payment points. Visit and find a payment location near you!

Pay by AutoPay: The most convenient method to pay your bill is to sign for AutoPay. It allows you to pay your bill using your savings or checking account or from your credit or debit card and not have to follow the steps every month. Go to to find out more about this great feature

Need to Work out an Arrangement on Payments?

Are you unable to pay for the due date of your bill? It’s possible to negotiate a payment arrangement to ensure your service doesn’t get cut off.

→ Go to Make a payment arrangement site

→ Your payment options available to you will be displayed.

→ Enter the information for the payment as well as the date, and choose Continue.

→ Check the payment information and then enter the credit/debit card details, then click Submit.

→ Take note of the confirmation number.

Additional T-Mobile Information

Potential Fees for Late Pay:

→ There is a possibility of being assessed a late fee in the event that the date of payment is longer than 10 days after the due date.

→ A $20 restoration fee per line and taxes will be added in the installment(s) when the account has been in suspension (including suspended in part) because of non-payment.

Need Immediate Customer Service?

Members of the T-Mobile account can access ” My Community ” where users can send messages directly from their devices.

Go to to find out more about how to send a message to discuss the issue you wish to have to be resolved.

Another option offered by T-Mobile offers ” Schedule a Callback” to help you when you can’t stand in line long enough for a call from someone. Go to and leave information for someone to return your call.

Visit T-Mobile on Facebook and Instagram.

People Also Ask Pay My T-Mobile Bill

Q.1. Can I pay my T-Mobile bill with a credit card?

AutoPay is a no-cost service that will automatically debit payments from your checking or credit card account to pay for your T-Mobile bill. You can also receive monthly credit for your bill as many as eight lines of an eligible Postpaid Magenta or ONE Plan Taxes included plan, if AutoPay is in use for the entire duration of your billing.

Q.2. How do I get my T-Mobile bill?

Open the T-Mobile app or log in to My T-Mobile. Click Bill. Scroll to the bottom and tap Benefits statement.

Q.3. How do I pay my last T-Mobile bill online?

Final payment can be made via: Online at (you’ll need your account number – located at the top right corner of your bill) T-Mobile store. Mail (Address information is located on the Pay Your account page for your T-Mobile bill)

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