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Are you looking to pay the Pay My CenturyLink Bill? Perhaps you are not familiar with Century Link and would like to know more about the company and its services? Learn the details about billing payment and examine your bill history and other contact details.

Pay Online: CenturyLink customers can pay online using their Internet Member Platform. The platform is able to schedule regular transactions from the account you have on your check or card (Direct debits) and to make one-time payments with a credit card on any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. 

You can also monitor and pay your monthly bills online. You can also create regular reminders to check the balance on your account. Go to and log in with your account or billing phone number.

Pay My CenturyLink Bill

Pay by Phone: Century Link operates an automated telephone system that lets you pay for your services. Be sure to have your billing account’s for your home number or the number that is associated with the CenturyLink account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, you must provide your card’s number and expiration date. If you plan to pay using an account for savings or checking you’ll need your account number as well as the routing number of your bank. 

Go to and press the green phone. On the next page, you’ll be asked to input your zip code. You are directed to the contact number you’re required to call.

CenturyLink AutoPay: If you’re looking to reduce time or improve your security for yourself, AutoPay might be exactly the solution you’re looking for. Go to this website and sign up! You will still receive a bill in paper form unless you decide to opt-out.

Quick Bill Pay! Fastest way to make your payment!

When you pay, you’ll require your account number as well as other information regarding the account in order to confirm that it’s really you.

You don’t have to sign in to My CenturyLink. You decide the amount to be paid and the payment method. Your payment is deemed as accepted in the event of a settlement the account will be in good condition the next day. Fast and efficient!

Pay in Person: To do this, you’ll need to bring with you the CenturyLink bill. Because it holds your account details and other information, it can accelerate the process of paying for you. 

To locate a place that accepts credit card payments close to you, visit one of the following websites and type in your ZIP code.

CenturyLink Billing Address: and enter your zip code. 

You’ll receive an address for sending the money to you. If you’ve lost the envelope that was with your bill, follow these things:

→ Note your bank account’s account numbers on your cheque or cash order.

→ Find a brand new plain envelope.

→ Place both your remittance form (if there is one) and the payment into the envelope.

→ Stamp, address, and send the envelope.

CenturyLink Customer Service/Contact Information: Century Link customer service is accessible via your online account or by searching for the nearest branch in your area. Go to and enter your zip code to request service.

To Make Payment Arrangements: “Payment arrangement” is an option to consider if require additional time to pay for your bill. 

These are planned payments that are automatically processed at the time you choose using a specific payment method.  the 

account could be eligible to receive a single payment in total, or split payment. When the first split payment’s minimum amount is 50 percent of the amount currently due, you are able to make greater than 50 percent, if you choose. The second payment has to be made within the next 30 calendar days.

If you are looking to set up payment arrangements to be:

View past Bills: CenturyLink online accounts let customers review their bills and previous statements. Log into your account and then click Billing & Payments.

Scroll down to your Past Bills section on that page. Bills are entitled “Billed (Date)”. Click on the title of the bill you’d like to look at.

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People Also Ask Pay My CenturyLink Bill 

Q.1. How do I pay My CenturyLink bill over the phone?

To pay for your bill via phone, dial 800-603-6000 and follow the prompts to complete your payment. If you’re already on the line you can make use of the automated system, or have an agent take care of your payment.

Q.2. Where can I pay My CenturyLink bill?

CenturyLink doesn’t have physical locations to pay your bill, however we do collaborate with CheckFreePay agents as well as Western Union agents in some of our cities therefore you are able to work with these partners to complete in-person payments.

Q.3. How do I contact CenturyLink customer service?

Contact at 866-642-0444 from 7 am to 9 at night (ET) Monday-Friday to get in touch with an agent. Do you need help finding service providers near you? Movearoo will help you locate additional telephone, Internet and TV service providers in your region.

Q.4. Where do I find My CenturyLink account number?

You will find your account number at the front of each section of your bill — whether it’s the paper bill delivered to you , or your online bill from My CenturyLink.

Q.5. How do I log into my CenturyLink router?

Visit the CenturyLink router’s login address: on the internet browser window. The login username for the administrator and the username on a sticker that is attached to the modem. Enter the username and password for your router. Select Advanced Setup to modify the password.

Q.6. Does CenturyLink have retail stores?

(NYSE: CTL) today announced the opening of CTL, NYSE: CTL) today announced the opening of a brand new CenturyLink retail location located at 14222 E. … Small and medium-sized business owners as well as residents are able to test out new products and services that are available that include broadband speeds of that can reach 1 gigabits every second (Gbps), CenturyLink Cloud and business solutions, such as Managed Office.

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