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Are you in need of making the Pay My Cincinnati Bell Bill? Or perhaps you are just beginning to discover Cincinnati and want to know more about the company’s services? Find out more about bill payments as well as your history of billing and other contact details.

Pay Online:  Cincinnati Bell allows customers to monitor the balance of their account and pay online through its Internet member platform at any time of the day or at night. 

The platform is able to schedule regular payments to either your credit or checking accounts (Direct debits) and also to pay one-time payments using a credit card from any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. 

You can also track and manage your monthly bill online. You can also set up periodic notifications to know your balance. Pay attention to the fact that transactions typically take between 2 and three business days to be posted into your bank account.

Select the green “Online Payment” button above. Once you’re on the site to pay, choose to have the payment taken from your debit or credit card, or from your bank account, and then enter the billing information you have provided; then hit to click the Proceed button. 

Pay My Cincinnati Bell Bill

Answer the questions that ask for the details of your card including the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV). It is located on the reverse of your debit or credit card. 

If you own an American Express-branded credit card, the CVV will contain four digits and will be displayed in the upper right corner of your card.

Verify the payment information and then click to click the “Confirm” button to complete your payment. A confirmation that your payment was accepted will be displayed in your account. Follow the link below to log in and start the process of paying.

After you have logged in with the Cincinnati Bell username and password You may wish to access the menu navigation and look around the various features of the app, such as notifications via push to your mobile coming from Cincinnati Bell regarding any account changes, reminders to pay your bill is due, special deals, and much more!

Making a one-time payment online: If you’ve forgotten to check your account or did not make direct debit or are still waiting for your auto-paying monthly installments to be established it is possible to make one-time payments online. 

It is possible to pay with a credit card or through an account for savings or checking. However, it could take two to three days to process your transaction before it is transferred to your credit card. 

Log in to your online account, then select the pay early link and choose the pay now link located on the right side of your page. Select from the choices Pay the balance in full or pay past due balance or pay ahead.

Pay by Phone: (513-565-2210)Cincinnati Bell operates an automated phone system that lets you pay at any time of the day or at night. 

Make sure you have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that is associated with the Cincinnati Bell account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, you must provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you’re planning to pay your bill using an account for savings or checking then you’ll need your account number as well as banking routing code. 

Contact 513-565-2210, and ask for ” Payments” and then ” Pay My Bill” and follow the prompts on your computer in order to make payment over the telephone.

Note: Payments made by telephone without the assistance of the representative will result in the payment of a $6.00 fee.

Pay by Mail:

Cincinnati Bell Billing Address:

Cincinnati Bell TelephoneP.O. BOX 748003
Cincinnati, OH 45274-8003

Customer Service: Cincinnati Bell customer service is accessible through your online account and by calling (888) 246-2355.

The Sales and Customer Service hours are on Saturdays and Sundays All hours of the day, all hours of the night.

Repair and Technical Services are Saturday and Sunday: 24/7

Call the Cincinnati Bell Service Representative at 513-566-5050 to report any mistakes you may have made in the bill. Cincinnati Bell bill.

For help via live chat:

To chat with an agent or send a personalized email, go to:

View past Bills: Cincinnati Bell online accounts allow you to look up your prior bills. After you log in to My Cincinnati Bell, you can find a summary of your bill on the right side of the page. Click on ‘View Details’ to see the specifics of the bill. 

You can also access this information in your My Bills section. If you want to print your bill, with all the information, simply select the Print This Bill button located at the top right-hand area on your View My Bills section of the page.

Contact Information: Locate the Cincinnati Bell service center online near your residence. In these centers, you can pay your bills, get assistance, upgrade or exchange the equipment you have in person.

Go to, enter your zip code, and find a store near you!

Set up Autopay: Set auto-recurring payments on My Cincinnati Bell so you don’t need to remember to make payments each month! Go to and see if this is the right feature for you!

Need to Make Payment Arrangements?

The payment arrangements can be made in the case of illness or any other circumstance that is beyond your control. If your payment is not made by when due or the date that was agreed to the disconnect notice will be issued. 

To prevent the disconnection from your services, it’s essential to pay the amount due as indicated on the notice of disconnect. Call 513-241-2899 for TDD/TTY Customers and 513-566-5050 for Business Customers.

Visit Cincinnati Bell on Facebook.

People Also Ask Pay My Cincinnati Bell Bill 

Q.1. Where can I pay my Cincinnati Bell bill?

Call 513-565-2210 to mention “Payments”, then “Pay My Bill”. Autopay – for more information about the most convenient method to pay, check out our FAQs on Autopay. In Person You can pay in-person at at one of our Paystations that are convenient such as Kroger or Walmart.

Q.2. How do I pay my Cincinnati Bell bill over the phone?

Call Cincinnati Bell Telephone anytime to review your account balance and pay over the phone at any time, all day or at evening. We accept payment with major credit cards or debit card as well as an electronic checks. Contact us at 513-65-2210 and mention “Payments”, then “Pay My Bill”.

Q.3. How do I find my Cincinnati Bell account number?

Where can locate my number of account on my bill? The Cincinnati Bell account number is your 10-digit telephone number and a 3-digit number that is located at the upper right corner of each page of your bill..

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