MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card Payment Address


MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service

Making your Mini Platinum Visa credit card payment? The MINI Platinum Visa Card has many attractive features and offers for Mini owners who are currently or intend to purchase one. This guide will help you better understand the card and make a decision.

It also includes the most important information about fees and interest rates. Are you already a cardholder? The guide will show you how to pay.

Mini Credit Card Payment

Mini Platinum Credit Card bills can be paid by phone, mail, or online. For customer service, call 1-866-469 6464 to pay your bills or redeem points. Mini Card Services, PO BO Box 30146 Tampa, FL 33631-3046.

Online account management allows you to manage your Mini card and pay your bills. You can also monitor your spending, see your points, and view your balance. Login or Register to make your Mini Platinum Visa credit-card payment.

MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card

You can personalize this credit card with a photo of your Mini to impress your family and friends. You can have the exact model of your car printed on your card, even if it is custom-built with specific parts. You get more than just the obvious benefits.

There are many real benefits to the Mini Motoring Points program. This gives you one point for every dollar spent on general purchases and two points for Mini purchases and gasoline, tolls, car wash, and other motoring purchases.

MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card Payment Address

You can redeem these points for Mini Dealership parts and new leases. They also allow you to repair your Mini. This card is a great option if you want a low-cost replacement. You can also get up to $5,000 off Mini purchases, leases, and financing with this card.

The card offers additional assistance for large purchases, with 0% APR for purchases for six months. This is a short introduction period so it depends on your goals and how much you have.

MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card Disclosures

The credit card is open to people with excellent or good credit ratings. Balance transfers and purchases have an APR of 11.24% to 22.24. Cash advance APR is higher at 22.24 percent. If you fail to make a payment, or have your payment returned, your normal ARP could change to penalty APR of 27.24%.

You have a grace period of at least 22 days after the end of your last billing cycle. Pay off your balance by this date to avoid interest. The minimum interest rate is 0.50 There is no annual fee and late or returned payments can be subject to charges up to $35.

MINI Platinum Visa Credit Card FAQs

What is a Visa Mini card?

Visa Mini Card, a Visa Inc. credit/debit/cheque card that is smaller than the usual credit card size. The card has a small hole in it and it is meant to be held on a keyring.

Where is the billing address on a Visa card?

When you apply for a credit card online, for example, the address you include on your application will become your billing address. A billing address looks just like a street address. It has a street number and name followed by a city, state and ZIP code.

Where is the billing zip code on a Visa card?

The ZIP code for a Visa credit card is usually just the ZIP code from the cardholder’s current mailing address. ZIP codes are not printed on Visa credit cards, but you can double check a Visa card’s ZIP code by looking at digital and mailed billing statements from the credit card company.

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