Is Opera GX safe? – how secure it is in 2022


Opera GX, the “gaming browser,” is an internet browser created by Opera and built on Chromium. It is attractive and functions well, but is Opera GX safe?

Opera GX is an offshoot of the Opera web browser. It includes a variety of gaming-related features, including GX Corner – a feature that includes features such as video game release schedules, gaming news, and deals on games as well as GX Control – a set of tools to restrict the number of resources that the browser uses.

This is a great feature for gamers (and users of their processors) who have numerous tabs open within their browser. Opera GX is a Chromium-based browser and is operated in conjunction with Opera Ltd. Opera itself is among the most ancient browsers available that date back to 1994.

Opera Ltd. The company that developed all versions of Opera, including the Opera browser and Opera GX Opera GX – went public in the year 2018.

The move was made shortly after Golden Brick, a consortium of Chinese companies, purchased Opera Ltd for $1.2 billion in the year 2016. Opera GX launched in 2019.

Since Golden Brick has taken the majority of the shares in the company, a lot of users have been wondering if Opera remains as safe as it was before.

This same question can be asked regarding Opera GX. Today we’ll attempt to answer the question that has been lingering for a while Is Opera GX secure?

Opera GX safety vs. other popular browsers

In terms of internet security, it is safe to affirm it is safe to use Opera GX is very safe. It is a Chromium-based browser. Furthermore, Chromium in itself can be described as being a very secure online system.

Numerous popular browsers, like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave are also based on Chromium. Opera GX incorporates many security-centric features of Chromium. The most important security features that are available on Opera GX include:

Google Safe browsing: It is a huge online database maintained and upgraded by Google that contains a variety of misleading websites as well as a number of files that are classified as threatening.

If you come across such a site or file the browser will alert you about the possible risks of visiting such websites or downloading harmful files.

The signs of visiting sites could include constant 100% CPU use and overheating of the CPU. If you observe something similar that is happening while your computer is running you should take action to stop it.

Private browsing: is a feature that allows you to conduct anonymous and secure browsing sessions that don’t keep track of the websites you visit.

When you end your Incognito browsing session the browser will remove any cache files that were created during the session. Be aware of the fact that your service providers will determine which websites you go to unless you’re using VPN. VPN.

A built-in advertising blocker: Opera GX Opera GX comes with a built-in ad blocker that functions very well. In our experience with the browser, we’ve discovered that it offers approximately the same amount of protection against ads on the internet as Ublock Origin.

That means there will be no ads on sites that you visit unless manually disable the blocker for a particular website. Ad-blocker built into Opera also blocks ads trackers.

There have been some reports of issues regarding Opera as well as Opera GX in relation to YouTube advertisements. However, although your mileage might differ We didn’t notice any ads when we watched YouTube videos.

We did however observe that at times it appears that the YouTube homepage has ads in the upper left corner, instead of an ad for a recommended video.

The interesting thing is that this issue could be present and gone. Sometimes, we’d get an ad to view, but in other instances, the ad won’t be seen.

A built-in VPN: is not a legitimate VPN, it’s best to label it a proxy as it doesn’t protect your entire internet activity, only the browser session.

Opera GX’s built-in VPN can be an acceptable first aid option for people who wish to conceal their online footprints. But, don’t utilize it if you little care about your privacy online.

Although it’s fairly secure While it’s not completely secure, although it’s fairly secure, the VPN does not, in actual fact utilize a tunneling protocol. That means that even though the Opera VPN uses extremely secure AES-256 encryption technology, it doesn’t guarantee your privacy as the full-featured VPN service would. The security level when using the Opera GX VPN is exactly the same that when you visit the secure HTTPS website. To top it off it is also true that the Opera GX VPN isn’t great with regard to privacy. We’ll discuss that further below.

Secure connection notifications: This feature shows the security badge of any website you go to (found right below the address bar) and informs you if the connection is safe. It also gives other vital information, such as whether you permit the site to display notifications, the status of the site’s certifications on the internet, and many more.

In addition to the security features built into Opera GX, Opera GX scores rather very well in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Cover Your Tracks test. This test reveals if your browser blocks ads as well as trackers and whether it has a distinct fingerprint. Although Opera GX keeps a unique fingerprint, this issue is prevalent on all popular browsers and needs to be more concerned in terms of privacy than security online. This can be fixed with the VPN but we wouldn’t recommend using the built-in version.

Opera Ltd. also has an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand Privacy Statement that is easy to read and understand. It does mention that the company does collect the data of users and makes use of it for various purposes. However, overall, it supports assertions about the fact that Opera GX is safe when it comes to security online. Furthermore, you aren’t required to utilize certain features, such as the Opera account, which is one of the ways that Opera collects, and perhaps sells private data.

Opera GX privacy issues

Although Opera GX is an extremely secure browser with regards to security online it also has plenty of problems with regard to privacy on the internet.

We’ve mentioned it before although it’s fairly transparent Opera’s Privacy Statement mentions data collection and third-party sharing. Opera Ltd. (Opera Limited.)

has a deal with Google and Yandex which has placed Google along with Yandex Search as the default search provider throughout the globe (Google) as well as Russia (Yandex).

This means that unless you choose to manually switch to a different search service, your users will always be making use of Google or Yandex Search. You may also be aware, that both companies are well-known for storing and using tons of user information.

Opera does share data with third-party services and organizations like Facebook and other online analytics firms, Google ads, Yandex Mobile advertisements, and more.

This means that even though the data that is collected by Opera is generally anonymous, however, third-party platforms and applications can collect your personal data in the event that you use or access these services or platforms.

It’s also useful to have, some functions inside Opera GX aren’t privacy-friendly. Let’s begin with GX Corner, a “gaming” specific feature within the Opera GX sidebar.

GX Corner includes stuff such as an announcement calendar for video games and news about gaming. This is a nice feature to have in case you need easy access to the latest and most talked-about gaming news.

It is important to note that Opera tracks which stories you visit to give you the news that is tailored to your interests. Also, Opera tracks your reading habits.

This isn’t too bad considering we’re talking about data that is anonymous however, it’s not exactly secure.

Opera GX vs Google Chrome Which do you prefer?

Opera GX also allows users to integrate different messaging applications they use within the browser. This means they have to sign up for these services.

You’re probably aware of what this means. If you log into the app, say, Messenger, do not think for a moment that Meta does not track your data when you use Messenger.

Additionally, we do not like the fact that login credentials and private conversations are simple to access within the browser. It’s good to know that this feature isn’t required. It is the same regarding the Player feature that allows Spotify integration.

Opera’s built-in VPN is a weakness in the area of online privacy. For example, your browsing information is tracked and utilized by Opera regardless of whether the VPN is turned off.

This is the cost you pay when you use an unpaid VPN solution. These data are permanently linked to your web browser. It’s not necessary to sign up for an account in order to make use of the service.

There’s also the issue of laws in the country, and unclear ownership structures as well as Norway’s participation in the Nine Eyes Alliance. First, Opera Ltd. is based in Norway and operates under Norwegian laws.

This is wonderful and all but it is also the case that if one member of the Nine Eyes Alliance members states seeks private information of Opera users, such as those who use Opera GX Opera Ltd. must hand these over.

Then, even though Opera Ltd. operates located in Norway in Norway, the Terms and Services document, which is compatible with every Opera web browser, Opera GX included – includes Opera Unite Pte. Ltd.

If you type the name into Google Search, you’ll find out that Opera Unite Pte. Ltd. is located in Singapore. This is certainly not helpful to people who are concerned about privacy and would like to know what laws each country’s Opera as a business is obliged to adhere to.

Is Opera GX safe?

To summarize our findings. Our search to determine the extent to which Opera GX is safe has definitely been an interesting and informative one.

In the first place with regards to security measures and methods for online use, Opera GX is a very secure web browser. If your primary concern is staying safe when browsing the internet, Opera GX is an ideal option.

It is built on Chromium which is a highly secure platform that includes a variety of features to enhance security online. Furthermore, Opera GX comes with additional features, such as the built-in adblocker that enhance security beyond the capabilities of browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

But with regard to privacy, the situation is far from completely secure. If you’re someone who is concerned about privacy, we suggest not to use Opera GX (or all Opera browsers generally) as your main driver.

Opera as a business relies on third-party services to collect data from users. It’s highly recommended that the company sells your personal information.

In addition, Opera GX comes with certain features, like GX Corner, that further interfere with your privacy online.

 Opera GX is a company that shares data with third-party companies and also offers additional features, like an Opera account, which can gather more information should you decide to utilize the features.

Opera GX comes with a built-in VPN which is a weak aspect in terms of the privacy of users. Overall, even though Opera GX is an extremely secure browser, it does not guarantee your privacy.

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