Best PSUs for RTX 3070, RTX 3080 & RTX 3090 in 2022

AMD GPUs from Nvidia are out and are available in three different flavors. Ampere’s architecture isn’t particularly energy efficient, at the very least in gaming models. Although the RTX 3070 has roughly similar TDP to its immediate predecessor that is that of the RTX 2070 Super is also a good choice. Both models RTX 3080 as well as the RTX 3090 are above and over the specifications of the last generation’s flagship model RTX 2080 Ti. RTX 2080 Ti.

Combine a GPU that is power-hungry with a CPU that is power-hungry like those of Core i9-10900K or the Ryzen 9 3950X and you’ll get gaming systems that require nearly 550W in certain situations. This kind of power consumption demands not only a high-powered PSU however, but also a dependable one that is able to give the power stated on the label all the time as well as go beyond specifications in short power surges.

Today, we’ll present the best power sources that you are able to (and ought to) buy to power the RTX 3070 as well as the 3080, 3080, and 3090. Although the majority of the list is comprised of ATX Power Supplies, we’ve also reserved only a tiny portion of the content for the SFF power supply. It’s at the end of this text. In terms of cost, yes PSUs remain priced too high and it is possible that this may be the norm in PSU prices. If you’re looking to hold off for power supply prices to return to pre-pandemic costs, you could have to wait an extended period of time. Anyway, let’s begin.


The best power supplies for RTX 3070

The RTX 3070 sports a TDP of 220W. That’s only 5W higher than the RTX 2070 Super. Because Nvidia promises the RTX 2080 Ti’s performance to be comparable, 220W isn’t a lot. The power requirement that is listed on the Nvidia website stipulates the minimum requirement is 700W, however, the truth is that you’ll be perfectly content using a lower-powered PSU.

1. be quiet! Pure Power 11 CMC: the most budget-friendly 500W Power Supply for the RTX 3070

The minimum power required for the RTX 3070 should be around 500W. This is assuming you’re using a 65-75W CPU. The whole system should be able to reach 350-370W. That means a 450W power supply could be adequate. However, to be sure it is recommended to have at least 500W. If you own a more powerful processor or perhaps a high-end processor, such as an R5 3600 for instance, you’ll want to get a 550W PSU to be sure.

We have a few recommendations for affordable, non-modular designs like that of the EVGA 500 GD. It’s a great PSU however if you’re looking for something that is modular, look into the Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 500W CM. It is equipped with the same 80Plus Gold certification, similar to it is the EVGA one, however, it also has a semi-modular layout that will simplify the process of installing it.

2. A Corsair CX550M is the most economical 550W PSU to use for the RTX 3070

One that is a bit more costly, however, with greater power and better quality can be the Corsair CX550. It’s Bronze certified, but the CX series in general is quite good. CX550M, which is an upgraded version of the base model CX550M which is an upgrade of the basic CX version, can be a good choice. There’s also another model, the Cooler Master MWE550 as well, which is a decent PSU for the price.

3. Corsair the RM550x The best mid-priced 550W power supply for the RTX3070

If you’re looking for the highest quality, then you should consider a Corsair the RM550x, and the SuperNOVA 550 GA from EVGA. They are both top-quality 80Plus Gold PSUs that feature a fully modular design and quiet operation. We offer two options from Seasonic.

4. The Seasonic Focus PX-550 is The most powerful 550W power supply for RTX 3070

The Focus GX-550, as well as Focus PX-550 Focus PX-550, are part of the newly refreshed Focus range of PSUs. These are premium power supplies that feature a modular design. The first is Gold certified, while the second has an 80Plus Platinum power supply that is sold at a premium cost.

5. A Corsair CX650M is the most cost-effective 650W PSU to use with the RTX 3070

If you’re looking to purchase a PSU with power enough to support future builds or in the event that you have one of the overclocked 9900K, 10600Kor 3900X You should look to get a 700-650W power supply.

An affordable option is the EVGA 600 BQ that is which is a Bronze-certified PSU that has an unmodular design. Another option that is budget-friendly can be one of the EVGA 600BQ is a semi-modular power supply. A cooler master watt model like the Cooler Master Master Watt, 650W is a great semi-modular choice for budget. If you are looking for the top semi-modular PSU, you should consider it with the Corsair CX650M.

6. Seasonic The Focus GX-650 is the best mid-priced 650W power supply for the RTX 3070

Moving up a level, there are models like the Seasonic Focus Model GM-650 and the EVGA 650 B5. They are both modular PSUs and the Seasonic is certified with been awarded the 80Plus Gold certification and the EVGA with an 80Plus Bronze certification. Also, the EVGA SuperNOVA 700 GA is another top 805Plus Gold PSU. It’s also possible to get similar models to that of the Corsair the RM650X as well as an RM650 or R650. This Seasonic Focus GX-650 is a middle-tier PSU that is of excellent quality and has a fully modular design.

7. Seasonic Focus PX 650 is the most expensive 650W power supply for the RTX 3070

For high-end models, there is the EVGA SuperNOVA 700 P2 or the quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 650W. This Seasonic Focus PX-650 is another top-of-the-line option that is priced higher. cost.

8. The Seasonic Prime TX-650 is the best 650W premium power supply for the RTX 3070

In terms of top-quality options, you can choose an option like the Seasonic Prime TX-650 and the 80Plus titanium PSU for those who do not mind spending lots of money on a PSU. If you’re looking for an extremely expensive power supply, but don’t like the fan noise look into the Seasonic SSR-600TL it is a fanless premium power supply by Seasonic.

9. Seasonal SSR 600TL The best passive PSU 600W for the RTX 3070

10. The Corsair CX750M is The most affordable 750W power supply for the RTX3070

The RTX 3070 requires lower than a 750W power supply even when paired with a model similar to a 5.1Ghz 10900K. If you’re able to afford it and are prepared to spend the money for an overkill PSU purchase one with 750W power. It’s enough for the event that you purchase an even more powerful graphics card, perhaps similar to the RTX 3090. It is compatible with every consumer-grade processor.

If you’re looking for affordable options, you can choose an affordable model like the Corsair CX750M which is a great semi-modular power supply that is ideal for people with a limited budget. A strange but reliable RGB option could be The Thermaltake SmartBX1 RGB 775W. Thermaltake Toughpower G1 750 isn’t an affordable PSU but it comes with an extremely modular design, along with the 80Plus Gold certificate. The Cooler Master Master Watt is a similar budget-friendly option with a semi-modular design.

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