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About Aflac Insurance Bill payment

Are you in need of making an Aflac Insurance Bill payment? Are you not familiar with Aflac and want to know more about the business and its offerings? Learn the details about billing payment and accessing your bill history, and other contact information.

Aflac was developed specifically for those like you. It’s the online tool you can use to manage and understand all aspects of your insurance policy. If you have the correct information you can accomplish the task swiftly and efficiently.

Click Here to Login or Make Your Payment Now

➤ Pay Online: To log in to Aflac’s payment portal, click here. Aflac payment portal simply clicks on the blue “Online Payment” button above. 

Aflac Insurance Bill payment

Aflac lets its customers pay online through their Internet members’ platform. This platform allows you to schedule regular transactions from either your credit or checking accounts (Direct debits) in addition to PayPal online check personal check or money order, as well as electronic money transfers from your bank account as well as to pay one-time transactions through credit card on any device: your laptop, the computer at home, or even your mobile phone. 

You can also monitor and manage your monthly bill online, and create regular alerts to know the balance on your account. 

Yes, it’s possible to modify your policy as well! You can log to your policy any time to add or remove cars or drivers and change addresses, pay for bills, and much more.

For online payment, You must follow the form that prompts you to provide your credit card information, which includes 3 digits of the Card Verification Value (CVV). 

This is on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you own an American Express-branded credit card, the CVV will be four digits and appear in the upper right corner of your card. 

Review the details of your payment and then click the Confirm button to confirm your payment. A confirmation that your payment was received will appear in your account. We will send the payment request after midnight on the policy’s withdrawal date. It may take up to 3 days for the payment to get to your bank.

If you need to register for a new Aflac account to start making payments, go to and then look for “Register Now”. The first step is to enter the policy’s number. 

If you’ve forgotten your policy’s number select “Forgot my policy number” and type in your name, birth date and the date of birth, Social Security as well as Address.

➤ Pay by Phone: Aflac has an automated phone system that allows you to make payments. Be sure to have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that is associated with the Aflac account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, you must provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you would like to pay using the savings or checking account it is necessary to provide the account number as well as your routing number for your bank. 

If you want to pay by telephone, you can speak to a billing representative at 1-800-992-3522. The hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

➤ Pay by App: Aflac also accepts payments through an application. Go to to download the app or locate more information about this great feature! 

Control your policy information review and pay claims and pay your bills. Follow the instructions in the app. Once you’ve downloaded the application you are able to pay your bill using a debit or credit bank account, credit card, and much more! You can also upload your documents and review your claims through this user-friendly platform.

➤ Aflac Billing Address: Are you planning to mail in a claim or claim? Incorporate the number of your policy on the check pay it to the name of your company as indicated in the section for Payment Remittance of your bill. Then send it to:

1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999

Find an Aflac Agent Near You!

Go to and enter your zip code to find an agent near you.

➤ Aflac Customer Service: Aflac customer service is available through your online account at https://awww.aflc.ccontacm/t-aflaco/contact-customer-service.aspx. 

You can submit your queries and questions using to use the “Live Chat” feature. Customers can also reach customer support by calling 800-992-3522

1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999

Claims: 877-442-3522 (fax)

Policy Services: 800-448-8922 (fax)

Aflac Group Claims: 866-849-2970 (fax)

Aflac New York Claims: 877-844-0201 (fax)

Aflac New York Policy Services: 888-694-1265 (fax)

➤ Email your questions or concerns: Aflac Contact Claims: To email, concern, or question about billing, go to and enter your member ID, name, email, and contact information. Contact directly the Claims Department at 800-992-3522 or fax it to 877-442-3522.

➤ AFLAC Insurance Fast and Easy Bill Payment: Electronic and online bill-payment technology have made it simpler for consumers. 

Because paying bills has become easy, consumers can choose from a variety of payment methods that appeal to customers to pay more. 

They can choose from the bill payment online method as well as traditional mail services and even phone service.

➤ Pay Bills through Mailing Service: Traditional methods of making payments to bill collectors through the mail have been around for a long time but it’s the most accepted method for many who prefer traditional methods of communication. This address is the address where they’ll send the bill payment:

PO Box 40736Fayetteville, NC 28309

➤ Medicare Supplement Policyholders: If the Medicare Supplement Policy was issued at or after 10/01/2012, contact our number at 855-207-2078. In the event that your Medicare Supplement Policy had been issued before 10/01/2012, contact us at 800-992-3522.

Filing a Claim: We take the stress from filing claims as well as checking the status of a claim. At Aflac, we’re ready to assist all the processes. The greatest part? We pay claims promptly.

Additional Resources: We offer the tools and products that you require to customize your insurance to your needs. It’s Aflac Your way.

Giving Back: Every person has the ability to be a positive influence. At Aflac, we donate to the cause that we are most committed to the fight against childhood cancer. Join us.

➤ View bills from the past: Aflac online accounts permit users to look back at their information once they have your account. 

Visit to get started. You can view the activity of your bill from your account, control your benefits, review the status of your claims, verify for eligibility, buy ID cards, and much more.

➤ Pay by Direct Deposit: Paying your Aflac bill has never been simpler and easier! Go to, your Policy Services page, and sign up for Aflac’s direct deposit. 

Be aware that it could take two days for Aflac to complete your request. If you opt to sign up for direct payment on the same date that you submit your claim and your benefits are paid using the method of payment you initially used. 

Aflac can withdraw your money from your credit or debit card each month to settle your bill, if you have you have set Direct Deposit. 

If you pay with a checking account, you’ll require three details to verify: the account’s name, the account as well as the account number, and your routing numbers.

Additional Aflac Information

Aflac is a Fortune 500 company, providing financial security to more than 50 million people around the world. Since it was founded with the founding of 1955, in Columbus, Georgia with 60 agents, Aflac has focused on providing its customers with the best insurance experience.

That is why they’ve become an industry leader in supplemental insurance helping thousands of people to get back to their feet. 

Aflac allows its customers to concentrate on their recovery and not worry about what they’ll do to pay for the bill. 

Aflac gives an additional level of financial security in the case of an accident or health issue. It’s an insurance that is voluntary or an alternative insurance policy that provides financial protection in the event of a dental accident, accident and vision insurance, and disability insurance, as well as critical illness, cancer, life, and hospital insurance.

A greater number of Americans than ever before are looking for additional financial security for medical emergencies since medical costs are rising and guidance is required on how to deal with difficult medical scenarios.

Aflac is a small-business insurance company that supports entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers who have taken the risk to create something that is their passion and that employs workers all over the world and want to assist these companies in supporting their employees.

Aflac offers expert benefit consultants and provides an ingenious “One Day Pay” which provides a quick response whenever you need your claim to be processed quickly. If a person is injured or sick, Aflac pays cash benefits quickly – on the same day.

Sixty years later, Aflac continues to give back and grow. Here are some recent noteworthy quotes that highlight what makes Aflac different from the others!

➤ The year 1999 was the first time Aflac Japan joined the Children’s Cancer Association of Japan to construct its initial Aflac Parents House.

➤ In the decade of 2000, Aflac was included multiple times in the 2000s on Fortune magazine’s top list of Top Companies to work for, and also on its list of the Top Admired Companies as well as Ethisphere publication’s ranking of top 10 most ethical Companies, to mention some.

➤ The year 2005 was the first time Aflac committed $1 million for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial located at West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.

➤ In 2011 Aflac became the very first business to give over $1,000,000 to Red Cross for Tsunami relief in Japan.

➤ The first time it was in the year 2012. Aflac offered a cancer sufferer from the Aflac Cancer Center to create the cult Aflac holiday duck. Each year, thousands of plush ducks are sold at Macy’s stores across the nation and on the internet, with net earnings from the sale of the duck benefitting children’s cancer programs in the areas where the duck was sold.

➤ In 2013, Aflac President Dan Amos accepted the “Salute to Greatness” award from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta.

➤ In 2016 Aflac became the very first business to make a donation of $1 million to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture as part of its diversity programs.

Visit Aflac on Facebook and Instagram.

FAQ About Aflac Insurance Bill payment

Q.1. How can I view my Aflac policy online?

➡️ Register in to Click on ‘Policy Summary/Forms/History’ for the policy on which you would like to make changes.

Q.2. How do I look up my Aflac policy number?

➡️ Are you unsure of your policy (or certificate) number? This information is available inside your Welcome email and in the policies booklet we gave you when you joined our insurance.

Q.3. Does Aflac have an app?

➡️ Log into your Aflac account from anywhere through MyAflac(r). Sign up for MyAflac to gain access to details about your coverage whenever you want. Download the MyAflac application today.

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