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About Acuity Insurance Bill payment

Do you need to make an Acuity Insurance bill payment? Are you unfamiliar with Acuity and want to know more about the business and its services? Learn more about bill payment as well as your history of billing and other contact details.

Established in the year 1925. Acuity is a provider of insurance for property and liability to businesses and consumers across the United States. 

At Acuity safeguarding what is most to our clients is our top priority. To reach Acuity you can call 1.800.242.7666 Ext. 4357.

Click Here to Login or Make You  Payment

Acuity Insurance Bill payment

¬†Pay Online: To log in to the¬†Acuity Insurance bill payment portal, click here. Acuity Insurance bill payment portal clicks the green “Online Payment” button above.

Acuity Insurance bill payment lets its customers pay online through its Internet membership platform. 

This platform allows you to schedule regular payments through either your credit or checking accounts (Direct debits) and PayPal online check personal check money order, electronic money transfer from your checking account, and for one-time payments with a credit card on any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. 

You can also monitor and manage your monthly bill online, and create regular alerts to know the balance on your account. 

It’s simple to alter your policy as well!¬†Log into your policy at any time to remove or add vehicles or drivers alter addresses, pay bills, and more.

For online payment, it is necessary to follow the steps that ask you to enter the details of your card, including your three-digit card verification value (CVV). 

It is located on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you own an American Express-branded card the CVV will contain four digits and will be displayed on the front of your card. 

Review the details of your payment and then click the Confirm button in order to complete your payment.¬†The confirmation that your payment was accepted will be displayed in your account.¬†We will make your request for payment at midnight on your policy’s withdrawal date.¬†It may take up to 3 days for the payment to get to your bank.

If you need to register for a new Acuity account to start making payments, go to¬†¬†click “Log In” and then “Register for an Account”.¬†The first step is to enter the policy’s number and street address and zip code.

¬†Pay by Phone: Acuity runs an automated telephone system that allows customers to pay.¬†Make sure you have your billing accounts at hand or the number that is associated with your account at Acuity.¬†If you’re using a debit or credit card, you must supply the card’s number as well as the expiration date.

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I prefer to pay using an account for savings or checking it is necessary to provide the account number as well as the routing number of your bank. 

For payment over the telephone, contact billing at 800.242.7666 or ext. 5511. The working hours for HTML0 are Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

(CST) The company does not charge any additional charges for paying online or via telephone, however, the standard installment charges as that are outlined in your contract will apply.

You can talk about your payment options by calling billing at 800.242.7666 Ext. 5511.

 Pay by App: Acuity also accepts payments through its application. Go to and download the app or locate more information about this great feature! 

Control your insurance details or file a claim find roadside assistance, locate a repair service, then pay your bill. Follow the instructions in the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can pay your bill using a credit card debit card, credit card, checking account, and much more!¬†It also lets you manage claims, adds files and review your policies on this simple platform.

 Acuity Billing Address: Do you want to send in a check for payment or claim? Make sure to include your insurance number with the check in the form of a check payable to the name of your company that appears in the Payment Remittance part of your bill.

You can mail it to PO Box 718 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0718. If you have to send overnight mail, you can do so to 2800 South Taylor Drive Sheboygan WI 53181-8474.

 Locate an Acuity Agent Near You: Go to and either use your location, or enter your street address and zip code to find an agent near you.

 Acuity Customer Service: Acuity customer service is available through your online account at by calling 800.242.7666 ext 5511

PO Box 718
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0718

Want to Live Chat?

Go to: and a chat box feature is available for your convenience.

 Email your questions or concerns: For claims submission: Contact Claims: 1-800.242.7666. To email, concern, or question about billing, go to and enter your policy number, name, email, and contact information.

 View Bills from the past: Acuity online accounts permit users to look back at previous bills once they are logged into your account. 

Go to log in to your Acuity account, and there, you can view your billing history, policy details or make changes to your coverage. 

You can also view your billing activities in your account’s billing history by visiting the page for Customer Service.¬†

If you’re a private insurance policyholder, you can sign-up for notification via email when your bills or policy documents are made available for viewing.

 Make a one-time Payment: Yes! Acuity has a variety of options for you to make a payment. You can go to 

Just enter your policy number and ZIP Code as well as your Agency Code to make a one-time payment without signing into.

 Pay by AutoPay: The process of paying your insurance bill became easier and more convenient! Acuity will automatically take the amount you pay from your credit or debit card each month to cover your bill if you set it up to auto Pay. 

In addition to the payment options, you can initiate an electronic funds transfer (automatic payments).¬†If you are paying with a checking account, you’ll need three things: the account number, the name of the account as well as the account number, and your routing numbers.¬†

Install AutoPay and pay and the funds will be paid out each month automatically! You can also mix multiple Acuity policies into one bill. 

If you are a new customer of Acuity, you can go to and save money by using AutoPay and going paperless!

Additional Acuity Information

Acuity has been operating since 1925. They are an insurance firm with its headquarters at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and raised the tallest flagpole in the United States on July 2, 2005. 

They are the sole regional commercial insurer that is classified as Aplus by A.M. Best as well as Standard and Poor’s, creating Acuity as an emblem of the strength of their business¬†*¬†and consistently recognized by the top-performing insurance firms in the United States by independent bench-marking agencies.¬†

ACUITY can provide swift, prompt, and fair claims service. ACUITY also offers affordable rates and coverage that is willing for listening and responding, fast and precise policy processing, friendly and competent staff with financial strength, and a variety of billing options flexible.

Acuity ranks 56th as the biggest insurance company in the country and has more than $4 billion of assets. They have operations in 27 states, and generate more than $1.5 billion in revenue through their independent agencies, and manage more than $4 billion in assets and employ around 1,300 employees.

Acuity says that their skilled employees are the key to success in their business. They have employees who are committed to providing their customers with the best service and take the time to know the unique requirements of each customer. 

They claim that they want the process of filing claims to be an easy one.¬†Acuity provides the customer with a single point of contact that will help you concentrate on the things you require to do in order to submit a claim.¬†If you have a claim you’ll know that your agent is always there to help you.

Acuity provides protection to families, individuals as well as businesses with unique insurance products that are backed by world-class customer service.

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Acuity offers insurance for property and casualty for 450,000 plus businesses and consumers across the United States. 

At Acuity they ensure that you are protected by what is the most for you, your loved ones are the top aim. In the 27 states that they serve Acuity has been a preferred choice for customers looking for a motorcycle, auto boats, yachts RV, camper ATV, snowmobile and snowmobile insurance, and homeowners condo rental personal property, identity theft. 

Acuity states, “We’ve been trusted to care for the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people.” With more than 95¬†percent of customers’ satisfaction ratings visit Acuity and decide whether they are the best business best suited for your needs!

Learn more about HTML0!

Check out these videos about the services provided by Acuity Insurance! These videos will aid you in understanding the business. 

Take a look at these playlists for some tips for choosing the right coverage, as well as the most recent market trends, and learn how the unique Acuity culture distinguishes them from other insurance providers.

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FAQ About Acuity Insurance Bill payment

Q.1. What is Acuity Insurance?

 Company profile. Acuity offers insurance for property and casualty for businesses and individuals across the United States. At Acuity our goal is to protect what is for you, your family and friends is the primary goal.

Q.2. Is acuity in Texas?

¬†Acuity has joined forces with CorVel to provide Texas¬†companies the option of a workers’ compensation Health care Network (HCN) option via CorCare(r) Network. Texas CorCare(r) Network.¬†The network is covered across almost every Texas county as well as all major populations.¬†To find out more about the HCN you can read the following information.

Q.3. Is acuity a good insurance company?

¬†While Acuity doesn’t appear in the reviewer J.D.¬†Power’s annual study on claims satisfaction It boasts high ratings of satisfaction from its customers.¬†According to Acuity the study, 95% of customers are happy with their claims.¬†Acuity also has more than 700 ratings on Trustpilot with 87 percent of them¬†customers rated the business “Great” or “Excellent.”

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