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About Valley Electric Association

Valley Electric Association Bill Pay: Are you a client of Valley Electric Association (VEA) and do you need to pay your charge? This guide will provide you with options for payment in-depth to allow you to pick the best payment method for your requirements. For payment of the Valley Electric Association Bill online Follow the link on this page for the VEA login.

How Can I Pay My Valley Electric Association Bill?

It is possible to pay the Valley Electric Association bill online or by phone, via mail, or in person.

Pay Your bill online: Valley Electric Association lets you monitor your account as well as pay bills online through Smart Hub. This service makes it fast and simple to stay up with your VEA payment and plan. Use the link below to log in or sign up to access online services. To pay payments to your VEA pay your bill online, click”Login Here” or click the “Login Here” button below to log in, sign up to view your bill, and control your account on the internet.

Pay via phone Pay by phone: the Valley Electric Association billing phone number is 7775-727-5312.

Pay by Post: Pay by Mail Valley Electric Association billing address is: Valley Electric Association, Inc. PO Box 237Pahrump in Nevada 890411-0237.

Automatic Pay Plan: With the Automatic Payment Plan you can get your electric bills paid for every month automatically, for no additional cost. You can make use of an account at a bank or credit card, or debit card. For more information on this option, go to the Valley Electric Association website and download the application forms.

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Balancing Payment Plan: With this type of plan, you pay the same amount every month. It is based on the calculation of your power consumption in the past 12 months, then formulating a fixed monthly sum. In order to be eligible for this plan, you must have resided at your current address for at least 12 months and had a good relationship with your electricity supplier(s) for a period of 24 months. To join this plan, contact customer service (see below for more details).

Opening and Closing Accounts

Create a new account: In order to sign up for a new electrical service with VEA it is necessary to make an application for membership. The application process for membership can be completed by contacting customer service or by going to 800 E Highway 372 in Pahrump. It is required at least one type of ID as well as the Social Security Number. According to your status, you might be required to pay a deposit. This is equal to twice the amount of your monthly bill or the estimated monthly charge.

Close/Transfer Account: To transfer or close your existing account call customer support.

Payment Support

Valley Electric Association Bill Pay

The Valley Electric Association’s Prepaid Metering Plan has been designed to assist customers who have difficulty paying for their energy using traditional payment options. With this plan, your power usage is measured and billed on daily basis.

Additionally, your power is cut off if your credit balance is depleted (no charges for disconnects or reconnects). There is no deposit required under this plan, however, you have to make a payment prior to the power you use.

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Valley Electric Association Contact

Customer Service: 775-727-5312. Customer service is accessible Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5 PM.
Call for Emergency (24 24 hours): 775-727-5312
Access to Toll-Free Nevada: (800) 742-3330

Physical Address: Valley Electric Association, Inc. 800 East. Hwy 372, Pahrump, Nevada 89048

You can also reach Valley Electric Association by email. Check out their “contact us” page on the VEA website.

About Valley Electric Association

Valley Electric Association is a non-profit utility cooperative that is located in Nevada. It covers more than 6800 sq miles of land, the company mostly serves clients along the Nevada-California border, and across Sandy Valley to Fish Lake Valley in the south. 

VEA was established as a cooperative in 1963 and continues to hold the same values and structure. For more details, go to this website. Valley Electric Association website.

Check out Valley Electric Association on Facebook and Twitter.

People Also Ask Valley Electric Association Bill Pay

How do you become a member?

Consumers who wish to avail of electric service via VEA must first be a VEA member. Contact the main office on (775) 727-5120 or visit 800 E Highway 372 at Pahrump to begin. You’ll need to submit at least one piece of identification as well as the social security numbers. After you have completed the application form submit it along with all other documents required to the main office of VEA.

What is the ‘main breaker’ and how does it affect my service?

A main disconnect (main circuit breakers) is a device that disconnects service at base of your meter. It’s a safety device that is used by the electric company you use, or emergency employees (fire department, police, etc.)) to cut off electricity service from the meters and your home. If the meter is turning upside down or there isn’t a meters, contact your main number toll-free at (775) 727-5120..

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Who is responsible for the meter base and trenching?

The consumer, or their contractor/developer, is responsible for providing the appropriate meter base (wall mount, overhead pole mount, or pedestal) and any and all trenching as may be required. Trenches should be inspected to be approved by VEA employees prior to any electrical wire being installed in the trench. There must be enough trench openings at both ends to allow VEA personnel to carry out the proper connection for installation.

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