UOB CARD ACTIVATION [ UOB Credit Card Activation

United Overseas Bank offers credit card facility to their customers. Their customers can use credit services by enabling UOB Credit Card Activation or Activate UOB Credit Card. If you are looking for UOB Card Activation then go through this post very carefully to get knowledgeable to Activate UOB Credit Card.uob credit card statement

This post will take you through its important process which allows their customer to Activate UOB credit/debit card via online, by hotline 1800 386 8188, by visiting ATM or Branch, and by UOB MIghty App

         Here, you will find important Procedure to Activate UOB Credit Card in simple words. Well, Customers are expected to have UOB bank account and should be requested for the UOB Credit Card in order to Activate UOB Credit Card or Uob Credit Card Login.

Credit Card Activation Guide:

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There is a sort of advantages that customer will receive by using UOB Credit Card. Benefits such as safety and security in transactions, quick payments, attractive offers by paying through credit card etc. UOB Credit Card Activation Improves their customer’s banking services and also increase their customer’s living standards by making simple and quick transactions in daily life.

UOB Card Activation – Activate UOB Credit Card | UOB Credit Card Activation

UOB primary cardholder needs to pay attention here to Activate UOB Credit Card or UOB Credit Card Activation. UOB Credit Card Activation allows their customers to obtain benefits like Bonus, Discount, Cash Back, Gifts on various shopping or purchase methods. To get Activate Uob Card to follow the following quick steps.

There are several options available to Activate UOB Credit Card or UOB Credit Card Activation.

  • Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card through Online at UOB Website.
  • UOB Credit/Debit Card Activation through a hotline  1800 386 8188.
  • Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card through nearby ATM or UOB Branch.
  • Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card through UOB Mighty App.

Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card Via Online UOB Website

UOB Credit/Debit Card Activation through online requires the customer to visit its official site. Moreover, its require UOB bank Account and credit/debit card on the hand to activate UOB Card. Now, follow the below steps to Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card online.

  1. First, customer need to visit its official site www.uob.com.sg
  2. if you find it suitable way then press Activate Now.
  3. On the next page, you need to share 15 or 16 digits credit card number or debit card number as well as the verification code. You will get your One Time Password on your registered mobile number. if don’t have a registered mobile number then there is a provision to update your mobile number. You just need to follow the offered link on the same page.
  4. You will shortly notify about getting successfully completed UOB Credit/Debit Card Activation.

if you find it not suitable for you then you can go through other available options which are as follow.

Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card Through Automated Hotline 1800 386 8188

Follow the simple steps in order to Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card.

  1. Firstly, customer needs to get ready with keeping in hand credit/debit card details, before making a phone call to Activate UOB Card.
  2. Now, the customer needs to dial this number 1800 386 8188.
  3. Customer needs to share their 15 or 16 digit Credit/Debit Card number on the phone and verification code.
  4. After that, you will get a notification about successfully completing the activation process.

UOB Card Activation Via Nearby ATM or UOB Branch

The customer can Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card by visiting nearest ATM or UOB Branch. Follow the following quick moves to activate UOB credit/debit card.

  1. First, customer needs to visit nearest UOB ATM or UOB Branch in order to activate UOB Card.
  2. Where customer requires UOB credit/debit card, Original NRIC or Passport of the cardholder at the UOB branch. At the ATM customer needs credit/debit card and its PIN number. The PIN will be sent to customers registered Mailing Address. customer need to check that the mail address is registered and updated on UOB. The customer can use this PIN in future to replace or renewal of UOB card.
  3. At the branch, a customer representative will help you to complete the card activation process. At the ATM Customer need to follow the steps on ATM machine personally.

After completing the card activation process successfully you will automatically get a notification on your registered mobile number.Check Card Activation Guide also:

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Activate UOB Credit/Debit Card Via UOB Mighty App

Customer Required to download UOB Mighty App in order to Activate UOB Credit Card or Activate UOB Debit Card via App. The customer can Activate UOB Card By using their Smart Phone. They can Activate UOB Card from anywhere by using their mobile. Go through it step by step and complete the activation process on UOB Mighty App.


UOB Card Activation allows their customer to use credit facility and debit facility offered by United Overseas Bank. Which will make their customers money transactions smoother and safe. UOB Credit Card Activation or Activate UOB Credit Card allows the customer to experience the benefits of credit services. While UOB Debit Card Activation offers debit services to their customers which makes flexible transactions on various occasions. If you are looking for UOB Card Activation or If you will face any problems in future then you can contact us anytime at CARDSACTIVATION.

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