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To pay the State Farm Insurance Bill payment? Perhaps you are not familiar with State Farm and would like to know more about the business and its services? Find out more about bill payments as well as your history of billing and other contact details.

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Pay Online: To pay the payment for your State Farm Insurance Bill payment online click the green “Online Payment” button above.

State Farm allows its customers to make online payments through the Internet member portal. You can pay for your bill in one go or split it into two installments monthly. There’s no charge when you pay in full, however, installment payments incur a cost. 

State Farm Insurance Bill payment

The platform is able to create regularly scheduled payments through your credit or checking account, or debit card (Direct Debits) and PayPal personal check online, online check or money order, as well as electronic funds transfer from your bank account and to make one-time payments using a credit card on any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or even your mobile phone. 

You can also monitor and manage your monthly bills online, and schedule regular alerts to know the balance on your account. 

It’s simple to alter your policy as well! Log in to your policy at any time to add or remove cars or drivers and change addresses, pay bills, and more.

For online payment, You must follow the steps that ask you to enter the card information, which includes 3 digits of the Card Verification Value (CVV). 

This is on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you are using an American Express-branded card the CVV will contain four digits, and appear in the upper right corner of your card. 

Review the details of your payment and then click on the confirm button to make your payment. The confirmation that your payment was accepted will be displayed in your account.

If you’d prefer to manage all your online accounts from one place, visit where you can pay bills online, receive 24/7/365 service and support, view your bills and manage payments, or request payment documents.

Pay by Phone: ( 800-440-0998) State Farm operates an automated telephone system that lets you pay your bills. Be sure to have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that is associated with the State Farm account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, be sure to provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you’re planning to pay by the savings or checking account then you’ll need your account number as well as banking routing code. 

Contact 1-800-440-0998 24 hours a day and a State Farm insurance representative will help you. You can also dial 1-800-State-Farm to speak with an agent.

Pay by App: State Farm also offers payment through the app. Text MOBILE to 78836 and receive a link to download the application. 

Go to to locate more information about this great feature! 

Manage your bank and insurance accounts, upload your documents or get assistance on the road and file a claim as well as pay the bill. 

Follow the steps for paying your bills quickly and easily. Once you’ve downloaded the app installed, you will be able to pay your bill using debit or credit cards, checking accounts, and much more!

Quick pay Online: If you’ve neglected to verify your account, did not make a direct debit, or are waiting on your auto-paying monthly installments to be established You can pay an online payment once. 

It is possible to pay with a credit card, or by using an account for savings or checking. However, it could take two to three weeks for the payment process to complete before it is transferred to your account.

Go to and enter either your phone number, policy number, payment plan account number, or key code (located on your bill). 

You’ll also have to input your birth date. Now you are ready to make your easy payment online State Farm payment!

State Farm Billing Address: Are you looking to mail in a request for payment? Include your Policy number as well as a money order or check. Send your payment details to:

State Farm Insurance Companies
Insurance Support Center – East
P.O. Box 588002
North Metro, GA 30029

State Farm Customer Service: State Farm customer service is accessible via your online account, or via phone at 1-888-559-1922 or 1-800-State-Farm.

With the State Farm Payment Plan, you have the option to pay your monthly bills and create automatic payments or switch to completely paperless.

The customer service and sales hours are available 24/7! You are able to report an incident or make a claim and pay the bill, request policy modifications or request a quote, purchase a new policy or ask for assistance on the road.

Auto/Home/Property claim 800-SF-CLAIM (800-732-5246)

Auto Glass Only claims -Contact us at 1-888-624-4410

Health claims -Health claims – Health claims —

Life insurance -Contact us at 787-292-0398

View bills from the past: State Farm online accounts allow you to look back at your previous statements. Go to log in to your State Farm account, and there, you can view your billing history.

Contact Information

Contact a Local Agent: Find the State Farm service center online close to where you live! Go to search by the zip code or state in which you live, choose your city, and you will be provided with a list of State Farm agents including their address and phone numbers. 

Click the link, then hit “Agent” at the top of the page. Enter your zip code, and then select “Find an Agent.” After you’ve found an agent near you, you can pay your bill by going to (or by calling) your State Farm agent. You can pay with either a credit card or a money order or a check made payable for State Farm.

Pay by AutoPay: The process of paying your insurance bill made it easier and easier! State Farm can automatically withdraw the amount from your credit or debit card every month to pay your bill. Go to to set up AutoPay. 

Email Reminders: Do you already have signed up for a State Farm Payment Plan? Join our email list to be informed when a due date is approaching, is late, or if you have problems with the automated payment.

For one of the payment choices, you could begin an electronic funds transfer (automatic payments). If you pay with a checking account, you’ll need three things: the account number, the name of the account as well as the account number, and your routing numbers. 

Create AutoPay and pay and the funds will be paid every month on autopilot! You can also mix multiple State Farm policies on a single bill.

You can also choose the date of your payment between the 1st and the 28 days and pay monthly in smaller amounts instead of a larger one-time or twice-per-year.

Go Paperless: Instead of the paper bills, State Farm can send you an email every month, when they prepare your bill. 

The cost will be lower and one less item in your mail as well as one less item to keep on track of. If you are a member of the Monthly State Farm Payment Plan, bill-paying electronically will make your life more simple. Instead of paper bills, we’ll mail you an email each month, when we generate your bill.

Paperless billing is simple to set up as well! Go to

There are many benefits of filing papers! You can view your bills online at any time and from any location with Internet access. 

You’ll be able to pay online with no fees and speedy payment, and there is no postage needed! Making payments without paper could lead to an increase in your installment cost! 

You’ll receive prompt email alerts when your bill is made. Overall you’ll have greater security than bills printed on paper.

Additional State Farm Insurance Information

State Farm is a mutual company with its primary policyholders its primary focus. State Farm employs more than 58,000 people and over 19,000 independent contractor employees manage more than 83 million accounts and policies across the U.S.

State Farm ranked No. 36 on the Fortune 500 list and strives to be recognized for their dedication to inclusion and diversity.

State Farm has won some remarkable awards over the many years! Here are some of them!

2019 Military-Friendly Employer

2018 Top Company for Women Technologists

2018 Top Companies for Executive Women

2018 Best Companies for Diversity

2017 LATINA Style’s 50 Best Companies for Latinas to Work

2017 Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) – Corporate Inclusion Index

2016 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Currently, Michael Tipsord is State Farm’s Chairman, President, and CEO. State Farm’s Board of Directors State Farm Board of Directors is composed of a wide range of community and business decision-makers.

State Farm strives to uphold the principles of its founder G.J. Mecherle declared in 1922 “Honesty isn’t the best policy — it is the only policy.”

The words still hold even today, as State Farm remains committed to the highest standards of honesty. G.J. Mecherle was the first person to sell his auto insurance policy at the age of 1922 to $11.17. Inspired by his belief in fairness and doing the right thing for the client, G.J. Mecherle purchased his very first automobile insurance policy and State Farm was formed. 

State Farm’s purpose is to help people navigate the dangers of life, overcome unplanned events, and fulfill their goals. 

State Farm is consistently recognized as one of the top employers within the U.S., a leader in the community as well as a green business partner.

People are beginning to notice. State Farm provides vehicle, life, and property insurance, as well as health disability, small-business insurance, liability, in addition to identity and protection insurance.

There are numerous options to reduce your expenses using State Farm!

If you’re buying a brand new vehicle, State Farm Bank includes Payoff Protector (r) with each loan to a vehicle. If your car is totaled or stolen, you are able to avoid paying for a vehicle that you don’t own anymore. 

State Farms offers several discounts on insurance for cars. Consult your agent to determine which discounts are applicable to you. (Discount names, as well as percentages and availability, can vary from state to state.) 

If you want to save even more, check out where you can get a discount of up to 30% on your auto insurance. 

With Drive Safe, you can get a discount when you enroll your eligible vehicle that is OnStar-enabled with Drive Safe & Save or by texting SAVE to 78836 in order to get the Drive Safe & Save app and to sign up. Take care to drive safely and save money!

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FAQ About State Farm Insurance Bill payment

Q.1. Can you pay State Farm insurance late?

It is true that State Farm has an grace time of 10 days for payment and specific payment times differing based on state laws. In the grace period, policyholders are able to pay their overdue premium to prevent a loss of insurance coverage.

Q.2. Does State Farm bill monthly?

With the State Farm Payment Plan, you can pay your monthly bills or make automatic payments, or even go completely paperless.

Q.3. Where do I find my State Farm Bill Code?

The Homeowner’s Fire, Life and Health bills: Look for your bill’s 10-digit code number in the upper-right corner of your bill right above the area that says “See reverse for important information.”

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