Starbucks Card Activation [Activate Starbucks Cards]


Starbucks Card Activation

How To Activate Starbucks Card are you finding the answer to that question. or if having any trouble with Starbucks Card Activation or if facing any issue with Activate Starbucks Cards then, I will suggest users check out this post. Because this post is going to help you to complete your process. Starbucks users have several of question about Starbucks Gift Card Activation, Starbucks text gift card, Activate Starbucks Gold Card, Starbucks reloaded, Starbucks Gift Card discount. Don’t worry about that because this post is going show you simple and easiest way to activate your Starbucks cards.

If you recently get a new Starbucks Card then you will get lot’s of advantage in your lifestyle because of Starbucks Cards you get great offers, you get a Starbucks gift card, Starbucks gift card discount etc. If users want to activate the Starbucks Cards then, I suggest users check this post very carefully. Starbucks Cards Activation or Activate Starbucks Cards are the same processors there are three different type of levels to activate your Starbucks Card detailed information is given in the post. if you want to activate then, You just have to do is follow steps that shown below. Users can activate Starbucks Cards in no time with us.

Starbucks Card Activation

Starbucks Card Activation

Starbucks Cards is different than the other cards because Starbucks has no expiry date Starbucks Card has no value un-till is activated. So if users want to activate the Starbucks Card then you have to carefully read this post. Starbucks Cards provide customers easy payments, easy purchasing etc. If you are a new user to Starbucks then you will definitely register for Starbucks Card. There is a different processor to register to Starbucks Cards. Detailed information is given below.

Registration For Starbucks Cards

  • There is a different card registration processor than the other cards. Because here the user has to pay for the registration there is load Fee to registration. Starbucks cards register load fee is Rs.200 and after all, reload done then, initial load are to be made in multiples of Rs.100. Starbucks calls it Activation Fee or Usage Fee. But Starbucks Cards Activation is faster and immediate.

There are three levels of Starbucks Cards Programme

  • Welcome.
  • Green.
  • Gold.

WELCOME Level: When users register to Starbucks account then, this means is Starbucks Welcome programme on the customer. In the Welcome level programme, users get an advantage as shown below.

  • Users get free tall size birthday drink.
  • Users get a beverage size upgrade on any handcrafted beverage upon registration.

GREEN Level: When users have earned 5 Stars in 12 months. In the Green Level programme, users get an advantage as shown below.

  • The users get free tall size birthday drink.
  • free customization on any handcrafted beverage. [That expires in 3 months from the date you reach Green]
  • The users get free tall size beverage on the buying of 250g Whole Bean coffee.
  • free size upgrade on one featured beverage.

GOLD Level: When users have earned 25 Stars in 12 months then, users will qualify for the Gold level. In the GOLD Level programme, users get an advantage as shown below.

  • The users get a free tall size birthday drink.
  • The users get Two free customizations on any handcrafted beverage.
  • The users get free tall size beverage on the buying of 250g Whole Bean coffee.
  • The users get a free size upgrade on the individual featured beverage.
  • The users get free big size drink after every 10 additional Stars earned.

Note:- So, as shown above, users have to do for registration and after registration.

How To Register Starbucks Card Online

  1. First, the user has to visit the official site here.
  2. The first load time takes Rs.200 required to register for a physical card.
  3. After that enter your card’s 14-digit number and your CSC (card-security-code) 4-digit number that located under the scratch-off coating on the back of your card.
  4. Follow the simple steps to register your Starbucks Card.
  5. Then, The Starbucks notify you that your card has been activated.

Note:- If you didn’t attempt to activate your Starbucks card then, immediately contact the Starbucks via customer care number that shown below.

How To Activate Starbucks Card Through Phone Number

  1. Dial the Starbucks Cards Activation Number 1860-2660-010.
  2. Now, provide the username and your card details.
  3. Listen carefully to the instructor and follow the instructions.
  4. Provide your CSC (card-security-number).
  5. Then, The Starbucks notify you that your card has been activated.

Note:- If you didn’t attempt to activate your Starbucks card then, immediately contact the Starbucks via customer care number that shown below.

Now, this post is going to show you detailed information about Starbucks Gift Cards Discount, Balance inquiry, Starbucks Reloaded.

Above you see the processor of Starbucks Cards Activation process, Starbuck registration process, Starbucks card activation all levels now you see detailed information about Starbucks Gift Cards Discount, Starbucks Reloaded.

Starbuck Balance Inquiry

  • The users can balance inquiry in stores or by contacting the Starbucks Card Customer Care. Starbucks balance inquiry is in real time. So, if users want to know about balance then users can visit the nearest store or user can call on the customer care number for any information.

Starbuck Reloaded

  • Starbucks Reloaded means users have to reload the Starbucks account with paying Rs.100. Users can Reload their Starbucks Account between in a purchase. The users can check the balance and load additional funds in the same transaction. so there is lot’s of advantage to have a Starbucks Card.

Final Tips:

  • In order to activate your Starbuck Card, we show you the best possible steps to activate your Starbucks card. If users have troubles with Starbucks Card Activation or facing any issue in Activate Starbucks Card then please let us know by the commenting below. For More Information visit our site and now. Users can activate any card with such quick and easy steps with us at

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