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The most up-to-date collection of genuine Shindo Life Codes – Roblox Game by Rell World – In the new Shinobi Life 2, you can get some free spins (Only renamed, but still SL2)

Shindo Life Codes


SL2 Complete List of Shindo Life Codes

SL2 Codes That Work

You can gain a lot of spins and have your stats reset using these codes, but they expire quickly, so keep alert.

The following are all valid codes:

  • RuneKoncho!  – Code reward: RELL Coins & Spins (New)
  • VeryStrange!  – Code reward: RELL Coins & Spins (New)
  • BeastTitan3! – Code reward: Spins (New)
  • SeaARELL! – Code reward: Spins

We’ll keep the list up to current for you, adding new codes as they become available from the developers.

Shindo Life’s social media accounts include:

  • Twitter: Rell Games, info about Shinobi Life 2 or Naruto RPG Beyond and @RELLGames
  • Discord: Rell Games, info about Shinobi Life 2 or Naruto RPG Beyond
  • Youtube: Rell Games, info about Shinobi Life 2 or Naruto RPG Beyond

Expired Shindo Life Codes

We didn’t add the SL2 expired codes because there were so many, and it appears that codes in Shindo Life will likewise expire quickly.

GenThreeYesson! – Code reward: Spins
GenGen3Apol! – Code reward: Spins
ApoLspirT! – Code reward: Spins
farmsJins! – Code reward: Spins
Johnsuki! – Code reward: Spins
Erenshiki! – Code reward: Spins
J1nSHEEkeys! – Code reward: Spins
0aCbeHUHwhat! – Code reward: Spins
Dr1vingYEAGER! – Code reward: Spins
j1nG0kU! – Code reward: Spins
j1NyErGAr! – Code reward: Spins
OACBlols! – Code reward: Spins
ShUpDoodE! – Code reward: Spins
BiGGemups! – Code reward: Spins
RELLseesBEEs! – Code reward: Spins
rellCoyn! – Code reward: RC
Gen3When! – Code reward: 200 Spins
SoUwUndKen! – Code reward: Spins & RC
k3Ns0uND! – Code reward: Spins & RC
BigOleSOUND! – Code reward: Spins & RC
G0DHPg0dLife! – Code reward: Spins & RC
SanpieBanKai! – Code reward: Spins & RC
SPNarumaki! – Code reward: Spins & RC
SixPathMakiboi! – Code reward: Spins & RC
BigFELLArell! – Code reward: Spins & RC
exclusiveGameModeS00N! – Code reward: Spins & RC
VenGeance! – Code reward: Spins & RC
VenGeanc3! – Code reward: Spins & RC
BorumakE! – Code reward: Spins & RC
OGreNganGOKU! – Code reward: 200 Spins
BigBenTenGokU! – Code reward: 120 Spins 12k RC
G00DHPg00dLife! – Code reward: 60 Spins & 6k RC
SEnpieBenKai! – Code reward: 30 Spins & 3k RC
renGOkuuu! – Code reward: Spins
rENgunK0! – Code reward: Spins
BigRenGokuMon! – Code reward: Spins
drMorbiusmon! – Code reward: Spins
TenGOkuuu! – Code reward: Spins
TENgunK0! – Code reward: Spins
BigTenGokuMon! – Code reward: Spins
akumaSinferno! – Code reward: Spins
tomspidermon! – Code reward: Spins
OlePonymon! – Code reward: Spins
niceTwiceEXpd! – Code reward: 2x Exp for couple hours
penguins! – Code reward: 60 Spins & 6k RC
Er3NYEaRgear! – Code reward: 30 Spins & 3k RC
58xp! – Code reward: 5M Exp
BusBius! – Code reward: Spins
MorMor! – Code reward: Spins
MorbiTing! – Code reward: Spins
TensaSengoku! – Code reward: Spins
TenSen! – Code reward: Spins
NewBeginnings! – Code reward: 200 Spins
2022isHERE! – Code reward: 200 Spins
REELdivine! – Code reward: 5k RC
moreechpee! – Code reward: 5M Xp
BeenSomeTimeBoi! – Code reward: 6 Million Ryo
2YrsDev! – Code reward: 100 Spins
RELL2020Year! – Code reward: Spins & Rell Coins
RELLsup! – Code reward: Spins & Rell Coins
Spooderman! – Code reward: Points Reset
de2001! – Code reward: 500 Spins
de2002! – Code reward: 500 Spins
de2003! – Code reward: 500 Spins
de2004! – Code reward: 500 Spins
de2005! – Code reward: 74 Spins
deTingBigMon! – Code reward: 5k Rell Coins & 50 Spins
halfChikenMon! – Code reward: 90 Spins
fellaDeRELLa! – Code reward: 30 Spins
RunningfromDeMon! – Code reward: 200 Spins
checkmateMon! – Code reward: 30 Spins
bigBeardMon! – Code reward: 5M Exp
tingsMonTings! – Code reward: 1 hour x2 Exp
BigRELLmonCode! – Code reward: 5k Rell Coins & 50 Spins
useDeBrainMon! – Code reward: 90 Spins
RELLniceCode! – Code reward: 7k Rell Coins & 70 Spins
CleanAnimsMON! – Code reward: 30 Spins
RELLC01NZPATCHY! – Code reward: some Spins
PetdeDogMon! – Code reward: 90 Spins
FiredUpMon! – Code reward: 90 Spins
150kayRC! – Code reward: 15k Rell Coins
100OPDATESmon! – Code reward: 90 Spins
BenkeiEkuman! – Code reward: 90 Spins

How to Redeem Shindo Life Codes in SL2

Go to the character customization area or the edit area to redeem codes. Copy and paste one of the codes from our list into the box (top right > YOUTUBE CODE). However, if the code requires it, don’t forget to insert the exclamation mark “!”

In this video, you can see how youtuber Gaming Dan redeems these codes:

How do you play Shindo Life or Shindo Life 2? Rell World’s Roblox game confirmation=1

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What are some Shindo Life Codes?

Everything is operational. Codes for Shindo Life RuneKoncho! - Bonus spins VeryStrange! - Bonus spins BeastTitan3! - Bonus spins GenThreeYesson! - Bonus spins SeaARELL! - 2,000 RELLcoins and free spins

What are the codes for Shindo Life 2021?

Shindo life codes RuneKoncho! – (new!) VeryStrange! – (new!) BeastTitan3! – (new!) GenThreeYesson! GenGen3Apol! ApoLspirT! Erenshiki! Johnsuki!

What is Shindo code?

In-game codes can grant players free spins, stat resets, and 2x EXP. They can be redeemed by entering them into an in-game GUI. If a code doesn't work, please report it to our Discord server, which is regularly checked. Advertisement.

How to use codes on Shindo Life?

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