Sheetz Credit Card Payment


Sheetz Credit Card Information

Are you looking to complete payments on your Sheetz online credit card transaction? Or require logging in to see your statement and manage your accounts online? Choose an option for payment available below to pay your payment for the balance. 

If you want to make a payment on the internet and manage your account use the link below on this page for the Sheetz Credit card log-in. There are also useful details about bill pay including the client service phone number delivery address as well as billing telephone number.

Sheetz Credit Card Payment

Sheetz Credit Card Payment

Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa Card Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa Card is issued by First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha. Credit card customer service is accessible at 1-888-295-5540.

Online payments: First Bankcard offers a simple and user-friendly online service to every cardholder that is able to be used to make payments and view your account statements. By using First Bankcard Mobile you can manage your account and pay anywhere, anytime. 

We suggest that you sign up to receive email alerts about your account. To pay for your Sheetz credit card payment online, simply click on”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay Online” button below to log in, sign up to view your statement, and control your credit card online.

Sheetz Credit Card Payment

Pay via phone: The Sheetz credit card payment telephone number is 1-888-295-5540.

Pay by Mail: This Sheetz Credit Card payment address is Bankcard Payment Processing PO Box 2557 Omaha, NE 68103-2557. Check your due date before mailing your payment.

Pay in Store: No. At the moment, you are unable to use your Sheetz credit card at stores.

Sheetz Credit Card Customer Service: The Sheetz credit card customer service number is 1-888-295-5540.

Sheetz Credit Card

If you’re looking to get the most on your rewards to Sheetz and other retailers, you must consider Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa Card. Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa Card. The card gives you points and discounts on gas for Sheetz convenience purchases.

Additionally, when combined along with your Sheetz card, you can earn more savings. If you’re the card in good condition (read below for more details) you have a fantastic opportunity to save money and earn rewards using this card.

Benefits and Perks

It is a Sheetz Platinum Edition Visa Card is available at all Sheetz stores, as well as any other place where Visa can be used. You earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at Sheetz stores and 5 cents off per gallon of gasoline and 1 point for every dollar in other places you make use of the card. 

If you utilize this card together alongside your loyalty credit card,, you will receive up to 8 cents off each gallon.

The card includes a maximum rewards program. It allows you to redeem points for a wide range of rewards like the purchase of branded and travel products gift cards, gift cards, and cash back credit on your statement. 

You can find out details about rewards that are available on the Maximum Rewards website. In the event that your existing account remains good and in excellent standing, then you may select to create your own design for your card.

Interest Rates and Fees

Rates of interest for this Sheetz Credit Card are competitive with others rewards Visa cards issued by the big credit card issuers. Based on your creditworthiness, you could earn rates of 15.99 percent, 17.99%, or 19.99 percent on purchases and balance transfers.  

It is estimated that the APR of cash advance loans is 25.24 percent. The cash advance has no annual charge. The foreign transaction fee is at 3%. Returned payment and late charges for payments can be as high as $35.

You must be cautious not to skip payments or go over the limit of your credit with Sheetz Credit Card. Sheetz Credit Card, because there are severe penalties to be incurred. 

A penalty APR as high as 29.99 percent will be charged and you could lose your rights to reward and the savings on gas. You may even lose the points you have currently.

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Sheetz Credit Card FAQ

Does Sheetz take credit cards?

Working with Wright Express, who initiated the fleet card test, Sheetz leveraged its existing RFID payment platform, which accepts contactless credit cards such as MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave and American Express Express Pay inside and at the pump, to test a near-field-communication (NFC) payment option.

Can I pay my credit card bill online?

The majority of credit card companies allow you to pay over the phone, via the use of an internet-based account or mobile app, or via mail. It’s possible to pay in person. This article will explain the process of paying credit card charges and why it’s crucial.

Can a Sheetz credit card be used anywhere?

Yes, you’ll be able to utilize your Sheetz VISA in stores, restaurants, and more. In reality, you can utilize it virtually everywhere VISA accepts and you’ll receive 1 point for every $1 you spend on purchases, except for purchases for fuel.

What benefits from Sheetz credit card?


  • Volume discounts as much as 6C the purchase of gasoline at Sheetz.
  • Tracking and reporting of expenses for fleets online.
  • Flexible payment options Pay in the full amount or carry an unpaid balance (optional)
  • National acceptance (optional)
  • Additional security is provided by the Driver ID record (optional)

How do I make credit card payments?

Sheetz’s brand new NFC mobile-based payment method lets drivers purchase mobile phones in the store as well as at the pump.

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