Roblox promo codes list — free items & cosmetics


Roblox promo codes list

With our newly updated Roblox promo codes guide, you’ll be able to enjoy the top and most up-to-date freebies that Roblox offers!

Roblox promotional codes list can be described as codes you are able to use to access some amazing products for free on Roblox. 

There are no commitments! These items are available in order to create a appear distinct and stand out in the crowd. 

If you’re hoping to receive free Robux, you’ll have to be a bit inventive, but promo codes usually don’t come with Robux, but maybe in the future it will add Robux that is free? You can always hope!

However, whether you have the free Robux or it not, the site must be praised for its wealth of freebies in every game, which keeps our attention and entices us to have more fun on it.

keep on top of the various freebies you can avail yourself to make your avatar more attractive We’ve put together this complete, huge Roblox coupons guide for anyone who wants to have access to an array of Roblox codes that can result in a myriad of freebies. Amazing, no?

Roblox promo codes list

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Active Roblox promo codes

  • SPIDERCOLA — Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • TWEETROBLOX — The Bird Says Shoulder Pet
  • StrikeAPose — Hustle Hat (Must be used during the game)
  • TheStageSetting -The game is called Build it into a backpack (Must be used during the video game)
  • DIY — Kinetic Staff (Must be used in the game)
  • WorldAlive WorldAliveThe Crystalline Companion (Must be used in the game)
  • “GetMoving -the game that gives you Fast Shades (Must be redeemed within the game)
  • VictoryLap —- Cardio Cans (Must have to be redeemed during the match)

Active Island of Moves codes

  • StrikeAPose — Hustle Hat
  • SettingTheStage — Build it Backpack
  • DIY — Kinetic Staff
  • WorldAlive — Crystalline Companion
  • get moving — Speedy Shades
  • VictoryLap — Cardio Cans

Active Mansion of Wonder codes

  • GLIMMER – Head Slime Hat Accessory
  • ParticleWizard — Tomes of the Magus Shoulder Accessory
  • FXArtist — Artist Backpack Accessory
  • Boardwalk — Ring of Flames Waist Accessory

Active and free Roblox items

To use these products, you don’t require a code. Simply hit “get” on the Roblox catalog, and you’ll be able to use them right away!

  • International Fedora – Japan
  • International Fedora – Turkey
  • International Fedora – Russia
  • International Fedora – United Kingdom
  • International Fedora – Poland
  • International Fedora – Netherlands
  • International Fedora – Australia
  • International Fedora – Thailand
  • International Fedora – Indonesia
  • International Fedora – Ukraine
  • International Fedora – Philippines
  • International Fedora – Vietnam
  • International Fedora – Brazil
  • International Fedora – Mexico
  • International Fedora – Chile
  • ROBLOX ‘R’ Baseball Cap
  • International Fedora – Spain
  • Down to Earth Hair
  • Roblox Visor
  • International Fedora – France
  • International Fedora – Germany
  • International Fedora – Canada
  • The Encierro Cap
  • International Fedora – USA
  • International Fedora – Argentina
  • International Fedora – Peru
  • International Fedora – Colombia
  • International Fedora – South Korea
  • Pal Hair
  • Brown Hair
  • True Blue Hair
  • Lavender Updo
  • Colorful Braids
  • Cool Side Shave
  • Brown Charmer Hair
  • Black Ponytail
  • Straight Blonde Hair
  • Blonde Spiked Hair
  • Belle Of Belfast Long Red Hair
  • Black and Orange Beanie black Hair
  • Orange Shades
  • Stylish Aviators
  • Zara Larsson – Poster Girl Record
  • Koi Flag page
  • Curly Afro-Red
  • Braided Hair – Black
  • Wavy Middle Part – Blonde
  • Medium Middle Part – Red
  • Sideswept Dreads – Red
  • Sideswept Dreads – Blonde
  • Surfer – Brown
  • Top Knot – Black
  • Straight Bangs – Blonde
  • Top Knot – Brown
  • Medium Right Part – Red
  • Curly Afro-Black
  • Pony Tail – Blonde
  • Side Part – Red
  • Side Part – Black
  • Surfer – Red
  • Straight Bangs – Brown
  • Straight Bangs – Black
  • Pony Tail – Black
  • Surfer – Blonde
  • Medium Middle Part – Black
  • Straight Bangs – Red
  • Surfer – Black
  • Side Part – Blonde
  • Curly Afro – Cool Brown
  • Braided Hair – Blonde
  • Top Knot – Red
  • Braided Hair – Cool Brown
  • Curly Fade – Red
  • Short Curls – Blonde
  • Wavy Middle Part – Brown
  • Roblox Sneakers – Gray
  • Tie-Front Top – White
  • Knit Sweater – Beige
  • Knit Sweater – Gray
  • Knit Sweater – Black
  • Floral Swim Trunks – Blue
  • Floral Swim Trunks – White
  • Bermuda Shorts – Black
  • Long Ruffle Skirt – White
  • Short Curls – Black
  • Braided Hair – Red
  • Curly Fade – Brown
  • Short and Sleek – Blonde
  • Denim Jacket – Light Wash
  • Trench Coat – White
  • Business Coat – Gray
  • Zip Hoodie – Orange
  • Leather Jacket – Brown
  • Parka – Brown
  • Hooded Jacket – Gray
  • Business Coat – Salmon
  • Zip Hoodie – Black
  • Collared Leather Jacket – White
  • Business Coat – Striped Gray
  • Denim Jacket – White
  • Collared Leather Jacket – Brown
  • Zip Hoodie – Blue
  • Leather Jacket – Black
  • Cargo Pants – Brown
  • Casual Sweats – Black
  • Roblox T-Shirt – Black
  • Roblox T-Shirt – White
  • Striped T-Shirt – Black
  • Baseball Long Sleeve – B&W
  • Baseball Long Sleeve – Red
  • Wetsuit Pants – Black
  • Textured Leather Pants – White
  • Casual Sweats – Gray
  • Sunflower Wings
  • 24kGoldn Concert Lanyard
  • Sunflower Scythe – 24kGoldn
  • 24kGoldn Shades (Gold)
  • 24kGoldn Concert Award
  • 24kGoldn – Hair
  • Dessert Plate Hat
  • GRAMMY Chain
  • GRAMMY Glasses
  • Mastercard Aviator Glasses
  • Industry Baby Scrubs Top — Lil Nas X (LNX)
  • Golden Headphones — KSI
  • AOTP Hat — KSI
  • Futuristic Mech Sled Log in on Roblox Prime Gaming on the Roblox Prime Gaming page to receive your coupon
  • Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard
  • Industry Baby Scrubs Pants — Lil Nas X (LNX)
  • Holiday Snowman Backpack
  • Oakley — Avatar bundle set
  • Casey — Avatar bundle set
  • John — Avatar bundle set
  • Serena — Avatar bundle set
  • Lin — Avatar bundle set
  • Claire — Avatar bundle set
  • Bandito Army Jacket Roblox
  • AOTP Hat, Golden Headphones
  • Royal Blood Beanie
  • Fan Hand Sign – Why Don’t We
  • Happy New Year Ox
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Other promo items for free

To redeem the items you want to redeem, you could be required to complete a specific job in a particular game to earn these items. We’ve provided the steps to use them:

  • Cinnamoroll Backpack by playing the My Hello Kitty Cafe game, and serving up to 1000 customers.
  • Cheese Frosted Tips, Spoon Shades, Foil Fanny Pack, Pepper Choker, Doodle Bandana via Chipotle Burrito Builder.
  • Arsenal Bundle through the Roblox Prime Gaming to claim your coupon.
  • vans black White Checkboard Umbrella, Vans Pigeon Shoulder Pet through vans world.
  • Beats, and Kerwin Frost’s “Cosmophones” Find Kerwin Frost, the Kerwin Frost NPC within the game, and complete his quest.
  • Mardi Gras Steampunk Mask for free if you have incredible prime
  • The Green Emerald Gold Rush Puff Jacket after completing the quest in Alo Sanctuary Game
  • Nike Cloud Board back accessory that you can get by purchasing a Jump Jump Juggernaut Badge within the Nikeland experience
  • LeBron James Crown by completing tasks from the Nikeland Roblox Experience.
  • Gucci Classic Orchestra Rose x Achille Lauro front accessory is free by going to the brand’s newly launched Achille Lauro Superstar with Gucci Roblox experience.
  • Two helmets for your avatar. You can access your McLaren F1 Racing Experience through interaction with the helmets which are included on the screen.
  • District Trucker Hat and many more when you complete specific tasks within Alo Sanctuary. Alo Sanctuary game.
  • Los Angeles Rams Melon Head, Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey Backpack as well as The Super Bowl LVI Cap by going into the NFL Tycoon and taking part in The Destruction house event.
  • UFO hovering If you’re a member of Amazon Prime! Visit Roblox Prime Gaming on the Roblox Prime Gaming page.
  • Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football by gathering all the Wilson footballs which can be found throughout at the NFL Tycoon game.
  • Brits Statue, Helmet, Backpack, Pendant, and Sign to celebrate 2022’s British Awards by heading into the Brits VIP Party Game.
  • Titanium Jet Pack once you have completed the lobby of The David Guetta DJ Party experience,
  • Music Note the Speechbubble hat when you complete the lobby of the David Guetta DJ Party experience.
  • The New Year Tiger brand new product in the Hat to commemorate 2022! It’s an Apple iOS exclusive item, however, there are ways around it.
  • Flurry Belt -Play your Holiday Rumble 2021 game on Roblox
  • Nike Cookie Earmuffs -Go to Nikeland where you can speak to Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • The Upside Down Elf Hat (or)Earn 1,500 points for 100 Robux Gift Card through Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Rewards promotion
  • Ice Brain Hat — Get ready for Roblox’s Holiday 2021 adventure in Roblox
  • BFC Gold Opera Glasses -Complete the quests The Fashion Awards 2021
  • NFL Helmet -Join Roblox’s NFL Shop Roblox experience.
  • Nike Pro Cap, Nike Elemental Backpack Examining the mannequin in the Nickel and
  • Shady Circle Glasses Tai Verdes — go to Tai Verdes Concert Experience Press the to add items to your cart and then press now
  • Sunshine Backpack – Tai Verdes — go towards Tai Verdes Concert Experience Press on the shopping cart, then press
  • Tie-Dye Visor Tie-Dye Visor Tai Verdes — go to Tai Verdes Concert Experience Press on the shopping cart and now
  • Chipotle HatChipotle Hat HTML0Join Chipotle Boorito Maze Chipotle Boorito Maze game and finish the maze
  • Neon Devil Headphones • Take part in this LuoBu Transformation Night game
  • Owl Mask -Go to the Insomniac World Party game and play with Pasquale Rotella
  • Pro Gamer backpack You’re Verizon Up, subscriber
  • The Chinese traditional white pants Female — find them by playing the Luobu Zhua Da Game of Poker game
  • The Chinese traditional white pants Male Get them by playing the Luobu Zhua Tu Da PK game.
  • The Chinese traditional white blouse Female — Get you by playing the Luobu Zhua Tu Zi Da PK game
  • Chinese Traditional White Top Male — Get these from the Luobu Zhua Tu Da game. game
  • Mr. Moon with his Bunny Hat playing games in the Luobu Zihua Tu Zi Da Game for PK.
  • Roblox The Classic Cap Roblox Classic Cap Set your artwork on display, go to the games area, and take photos of Roblox Community Space. Roblox Community Space and experience
  • Roblox Monkey Safari Hat — If you own an Amazon device
  • Head Blooming Flower taking part in game Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game on Roblox.
  • Forest Elf Bundle using Roblox’s Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game on Roblox.
  • Nova The Galaxy Scientist Bundle – participating in the game Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game on Roblox.
  • Nerf Dart Cap -made using Nerf Hub’s Claw Machine in the Nerf Hub
  • Nerf Dart Glasses by playing a game at the practice range of the Nerf Hub
  • Dustin’s Hat -Load to load game Stranger Things Starcourt Mall game
  • Bloxy awards 2021 prizes through the completion of several fairly simple tasks within the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game
  • Shield of the Sentinel Answer the questions in the correct manner and Beat the Scammers
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Expired Roblox promo codes

Unfortunately, these codes don’t are any more valid. They’re used for historical reasons therefore, you shouldn’t spend the time trying to use codes that have been proven not to work anymore.

  • BIHOOD2020
  • SPIRIT2020
  • ThingsGoBoom
  • ParticleWizard
  • FXArtist
  • Boardwalk
  • Glimmer
  • KEEPIT100
  • 75KSWOOP
  • SXSW2015
  • 200kTWITCH
  • TARGET2018

What are Roblox promo coupons?

Roblox promotional codes can be a great opportunity to buy some beauty products and accessories for your avatars. If you’re looking to make an impression.

be distinctive and have a unique feel and unique, do not miss these Roblox promo codes that can give you the right amount of oomph to look your best! Make sure you are unique and can personalize your virtual self to suit the way you’d like!

How can I redeem Roblox promo codes?

The process of redeeming the Roblox promo codes Roblox Promo codes are easy:

      1. Go to the redemption page for codes on the Roblox official Roblox site.
      2. Log in, enter your code and then click on”Redeem” in the middle.
      3. Take advantage of the freebies!

Beware of sites that try to take your account and use it for fraud, therefore, always ensure you’re using the legitimate Roblox website.

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 Don’t divulge your login details to any person who promises to give you complimentary items if you choose to do.

That’s it, Robloxians! We’ve told you about promo codes for Roblox. In case you’re looking for a more comprehensive Roblox games codes guide, make sure to read our list and grab amazing freebies!

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Roblox promo codes FAQs

What is the code for Robux?

Coupons and codes for the Roblox ClaimsRbx (Working) Bag redeem this coupon to earn 1 Robux in reward. Leaf: Use this code to earn 1 Robux in reward. It’s scary: Use this code to receive 1 Robux as reward.

Can you get Robux for free?

A lot of players believe that there’s a free method to make Robux and that’s through the use of a Robux Generator. But, they don’t exist, and they can cause more harm than positive. They claim to give you free Robux However, in actual, they are just fraud

How do you send Robux to a friend?

You can forward the link to your friend or recipient, or ask them to locate it on the games section of your account. Within the settings of your Roblox account, look to find”Game Pass,” or “Game Pass” or use your “friend/recipient’s sale URL.” Purchase the “Game Pass.” The Robux donation is now completed.

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