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Plains Commerce Bank Credit Card Payment and Login

Do you need to pay using your Plains Commerce bank credit card? If so, Plains Commerce Bank offers a variety of credit cards with appealing benefits, set interest rates, and the kind of attentive care you’d expect from a local South Dakota bank.

Plains Commerce Bank Credit Card Payment

How Can I Pay My Plains Commerce Bank Credit Card?

paying online The third-party service provides access to credit card online administration. By logging in, you may access the service at any time to make payments, keep an eye on your spending, and make sure everything is up to date.

To pay the Plains Commerce Bank credit card payment online, click below the “Login Here” button below to log in or sign up.

Pay via phone Pay by Phone: Pay by Phone: Plains Commerce Bank credit card payment number is 800-342-4661.

With the help of an operator, this service is $5. To pay with other options, you must check your bill statements on paper or contact customer service.

Pay by Post: You can contact Plains Commerce Bank customer service by calling 1-866-604-0380 to get assistance.

Plains Commerce Bank Credit Cards

The primary benefits of the Plains Commerce Credit Card are the low fixed rates of interest and the lower charges for transfers and charges making these cards ideal for those looking for a basic credit card without any unpleasant surprise charges. 

If you’re looking for a buy-based reward card you’ll need to search for a different card.

Unfortunately, the Visa Gold and the Visa/MasterCard Classic credit card can only be used by current Plains Commercial Bank customers. 

If you’re already a customer you will be able to enjoy some of the most affordable rates available.

Plains Commerce Bank Credit Card Disclosures

Each credit card offered by Plains Commerce bank has identical rates of interest as well as the same charges. 

Each card has an affordable fixed interest rate of 12.00 percent for purchases. 

Although these cards have no balance transfer option the biggest advantage is the low interest you pay for cash advances. This is exactly the same as when you purchase. 

This makes them the best choice if you frequently cash out using your card. The grace period should be at least 25 calendar days after the end of the last billing cycle. 

If you settle your balance in the grace time frame, you will not be charged interest.

The cards are free of annual fees, and also the fee is low, at 1.1% for foreign transactions, and 2.2% for cash advances. The late payment fee and the returned fee for payment can reach $20.

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People Also Ask Plains Commerce Bank Credit Card Payment

What can I do to determine what is my Commerce Bank loan balance?

Contact 800-453-2265 24 hours a day to:
  1. Check account activity includes automatic payments, deposits and cleared checks. Debit Card purchases, as well as ATM withdrawals.
  2. Move funds from deposit accounts as well as from the Home Equity Line of Credit to an account for deposits.
  3. Make payments through the Commerce account.

How can I verify what is my Commerce Bank loan balance?

who do you think is Plains Commerce Bank?

Plains Commerce Bank is has branches across Eastern South Dakota and is currently expanding into North Dakota market. Plains Commerce Bank offers a diverse range of banking services that range from traditional checking and savings accounts, to home and agricultural loans, CDs, and IRAs.

 What do you think is Plains Commerce Bank?

What is a ready reserve?

An account with a Ready Reserve an approved credit line that is linked to your bank account. If you exceed the limit of your checking account Ready Reserve will automatically transfer the funds to your account in increments of $100 to make up the difference up to the credit limit you have set.

What is a ready reserve?

How can I access the rewards of my Commerce Bank Rewards?

Log into your online account , then go towards “Account Summary.” Specifics will differ depending on the issuer, however the rewards you earn will be displayed on your main page of your account. Select “Rewards Account Balance.” Its specifics of the wording can differ based upon the particular issuer. Choose the method you’d like to use your reward. Use your rewards.

What is the number that you want to be chiming?

Are there minimum balances in Commerce Bank?

You must keep the minimum balance of $500 each day of the month or a minimum of $1,000 daily balance for the month cycle or make at least one electronic payment of at least $25 during the month to earn interest and avoid having to pay a service fee that month.


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