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Are you looking to pay your Kinetic Pay My Windstream Bill account? Or perhaps you are unfamiliar with Windstream and want to know more about the company’s offerings? Learn more about how to pay your bill, view your history of billing, and general contact details.

➤ Pay Online: Windstream lets customers make online payments through the Internet members’ platform. Just hit the “Green “Online Payment” button above. 

This Windstream payment platform allows you to schedule regular payments from the account of your bank or credit card (Direct Debits) and also to pay one-time payments using a credit card from any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. 

It is also possible to check and pay your monthly bills online. You can also schedule periodic alerts to know your balance.

Make the switch to paperless receipts payments and make your payment online. You can also request assistance from this site to help you sign up! If you’ve already signed up and had an account follow the link below to pay!

Pay My Windstream Bill

MyWIN Registration Steps:

If you are not yet registered for online payment, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Then at the bottom of the login screen, click “New User? Start Here”
  3. Enter your Account Number exactly as it appears in your Welcome Email or bill, or your Last Name and Email address and the Billing Zip Code
  4. Click “Register”
  5. It will send you the Activation email to establish an account and username. Once you have completed this, you will need to fill in your User Information and the Sign-In Information.

Make sure to install the MyWIN mobile application to make sure you’re equipped with these amazing features at your fingertips and play whenever you want!

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After you’ve completed your registration and have found your account Click to click the Next button. Choose to have the payment debited from your debit or credit card or bank account. Enter your billing details; then press to click the Proceed button. 

Answer the questions that ask you to provide your card information which includes the three-digit card Verification Value (CVV). 

This is on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you own an American Express-branded card the CVV will be four digits and be displayed at the top of your card. 

Verify the payment information and then click on the “Confirm” button to complete your payment. The confirmation that your payment was completed will appear at the top of your display.

➤ Pay by Phone: Windstream runs an automated telephone system that allows users to make payments. Be sure to have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that is associated with the Windstream account. 

If you’re using a debit or credit card, it is necessary to provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you plan to pay using savings or checking accounts it is necessary to provide your account number and routing number for your bank.

Contact us at (800) 347-1991 to make a payment. The transaction is made through our automated telephone system without additional cost. Be aware that a processing fee could be charged if a representative takes care of the payment.

➤ Windstream Auto Draft Payment: You have to make your monthly payment and would like to take it in a timely manner?

➤Visit Auto Draft – link below Follow the steps to set up your payments.

Windstream Billing Address:

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You may send a payment or check via mail, however, you must receive it before the due date.

P.O. Box 9001908
Louisville, KY 40290-1908

Windstream Customer Service:

Direct assistance

(800) 347-1991

Sales Team
(866) 445-8084
7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET)

Online Order Status
(800) 481-5441
9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET)

For online support, go to Categories on this page include: Internet, phone, email, installation, account payments, security packages, Cable TV, IPTV, DISH

To place an order for services over the phone, dial (866) 445-8084.

For any cancellation/disconnect service requests, please call (800) 347-1991

Windstream offers a virtual representative to assist you when you’re on the internet! Follow the link below Click on “support” and then “Wendy,” the virtual agent, will assist you with any queries you have regarding your bill.

Do you need to write an Email and/or call Windstream?

Go to

➤ Windstream Store Information: Are you looking to pay online? Locate a Windstream customer service centre online, and then locate the nearest payment centre.

Visit Windstream on Facebook.

Also, Ask Pay My Windstream Bill

Q.1. How do I pay my Windstream bill over the phone?

→ By Phone. You can pay by telephone through Windstream Customer Service at (800) 347-1991. Payments can be processed by using our automated system at no additional cost. Processing fees may be charged in the event that a representative process the payment on your behalf.

Q.2. How do I log into Windstream?

→ Go to and click Email on the top right of the menu bar. go to to go directly to the email login screen. Log into MyWin and then select More and then Email Login, and then Email Login.

Q.3. How can I get my Windstream account number?

→ Check the Windstream bill. In the top-right corner is a nine-digit code that will be your Windstream account’s number. For access to online features using your account, you’ll also require a personal identification code or PIN. This can be found in the left-hand corner of your initial paper bill.

Can I pay my Windstream bill with a credit card?

Windstream’s Auto Pay is an easy secure, easy and convenient way payment method for the Windstream bill. Auto Pay electronically transfers funds from your credit or checking card account to pay for your Windstream bill.

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