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Pay My Banker’s Life Insurance Bill: Are you looking to make your Banker’s Life Insurance Bill payment? Are you new to Banker’s Life Insurance? Would you like to find out more about Banker’s Life Insurance? Learn about billing payment, how to view your billing history and contact information.

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Online Payment:

Click the “Online Payment” button to log in, register, view, and manage your Banker’s Life Insurance account online.

Enter information about your card details including the three-digit Card Validation Value (CVV). This information is found on the backside of your debit or credit card. The CVV of American Express cards will have four digits.

It will also appear on the card’s front. To confirm your payment, review the details and click on the Confirm button. On your screen, confirmation that your payment was submitted will be displayed.

To register for a Banker’s Life Insurance account and start making payments, click. Follow the prompts to get going.

Banker’s Life offers its customers the ability to pay online through its Internet member platform. You can use this platform to set up scheduled payments from your credit card or checking account (Direct Debits), as well as PayPal and personal check.

Additionally, you can make one-off payments via your credit card from any device, including your smartphone, laptop, home PC, or desktop computer.

Online, you can check your monthly bills and set up alerts to see your account balance. It’s very easy to modify your policy! To change your address, pay bills or make other changes to your policy, you can log in 24/7.

Go Paperless!

Sign up for paperless payments on your Banker’s Life bills by going to and clicking “request documents” to download the needed forms to set up your account for direct deposit.

Pay by phone: (800) 623-3724)

Banker’s Life Insurance offers a telephone system that allows you to make payments. To make payments over the phone, contact Customer Contact (800) 621-3724 for general inquiries or to make a payment. Keep your bank account number and home phone number handy.

You will need to provide your card number and expiration dates if you use a debit or credit card. If you wish to pay with a savings or checking account, your account number and bank routing number will be required.


Pay My Banker’s Life Insurance Bill

If you would like to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account the day they’re due, go to and log in to locate information on processing billing through autopay.

Quick Pay:

You can make a Banker’s Life quick payment without having to log in. Go to to access the Payment Center and click “Make a Payment.”

Banker’s Life Insurance Address:

You would like to mail a claim or payment? Send your payment or claim to us by sending a check to:

Corporate office

Bankers Life Administrative Office
111 E. Wacker Drive
Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60601

Find a Banker’s Life insurance agent near you!

Go to click on the menu bar to locate “Find a Nearby Branch.” Select your state, press GO and you will be directed to an agent near you.

Banker’s Life Insurance Service for Customers:

Contact us for general questions about any topic:

1 (800) 621-3724

Call 866.251.2267 for Banker’s Life customer support

Claim inquiries:

1 (800) 773-4760
Non-claim inquiries:

1 (800) 654-3072
Questions about life insurance

1 (800) 283-8011
Annuity inquiries:

1 (800) 787-1431

Email your questions or concerns:

Go to click on the menu, click contact us, and then “send us a message.” Choose the subject of your inquiry and provide a way in which you can be contacted.

View past bills:

Online accounts of Banker’s Life Insurance allow you to see your past history from any time you’re logged in. Visit to get started by logging in with your email and password.

To view and make payments, view benefits, view claims, manage your benefits, or order ID cards, you can always access your account.

Find out more about Banker’s life insurance

Banker’s Life, Chicago, Illinois, was founded on January 17, 1879. Banker’s Life, one of the first insurance companies to offer Medicare Supplement Insurance, entered the senior market shortly after President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Medicare bill.

Bankers Life, one of the many nationwide subsidiaries of CNO Financial Group, Inc., helps to meet the insurance needs of middle-income retirees.

These companies offer a wide range of life and medical insurance, specifically for people nearing retirement. Bankers Life and Casualty Company President and CEO Edward M.

Berube sells policies through an extensive network of over 55,000 agents located in more than 320 locations across the USA.

They offer a wide range of insurance products, including life insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities.

Banker’s Life states their main goal is to be the largest provider of financial security products for retirees and their families. Banker’s Life is a National Sponsor of the Alzheimer’s Association.

This is the largest voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s support, care, and research. Bankers have donated $230,000 to Meals on Wheels Chicago since 2004 for programs, services, and fundraising initiatives.

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Is Bankers Life still in business?

Bankers Life is part CNO Financial Group. The company was established in Chicago, Illinois in 1879. It offers life insurance, long-term insurance, and Medicare Supplement insurance.

Is Bankerslife legit?

Bankers Life, despite negative reviews from disgruntled employees, is a legitimate business. Bankers Life provides insurance products to thousands of people each we

Is Bankers Life and Bankers Fidelity the same?

This company, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantic American Corporation. It is worth noting, Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company also serves as a subsidiary to Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company.

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