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National Ski Patrol Credit Card Information

The card was discontinued. You are making payments on your National Ski Patrol credit card payment? Choose an option available to cover your cost. 

Do you want to pay via the internet? Use the link below to log in to the National Ski Patrol Credit Card login. If you’re in the market for the best credit card for you it’s recommended to mix your credit and life to make the most benefit from your purchases, and also earn the most rewarding rewards. 

It is the National Ski Patrol Rewards Visa Credit Card is now available. If you’re a snowboarding or skiing fanatic or part of the National Ski Patrol (NSP) the card is worth a look.National Ski Patrol Credit Card Payment

This guide will explain everything you should learn about this credit card, which includes the most important interest rates as well as different terms and terms. 

If you have this credit card and would like to understand your card’s payment options, there’s an instruction on paying for the card included.

National Ski Patrol Credit Card Payment

Pay Online: The credit card is issued by PartnersFirst and they provide an online account service that allows you to control your account and to manage and redeem points for rewards. To pay payments with your National Ski Patrol credit card payment online, click on”Pay online” below or the “Pay Online” button below to log in or sign up. Another online payment option is to pay using any bill pay online service.

Pay by Phone: Cardholders can learn more about customer support by calling 1-866-450-1402, or through examining their statements of credit card usage.

Pay by Post: To make your payment by post, please check your bill for the correct mailing address.

National Ski Patrol Rewards Credit Card

The National Ski Patrol serves the community of outdoor recreation and skiing through education and training in emergency and safety as well as transportation for service providers in the field of safety. 

As an educational institution, it is important to increase awareness about the activities of the NSP, and this card National Ski Patrol Credit Card lets you do that by using two images of your choice to choose as the front of your card.

This card gives you 6 months no rate of interest on balance transfers, which is a great card for those with a low to moderate amount of balance a different credit card you wish to cut costs on. 

When you use Visa Rewards, you earn points on every purchase that you make with the card. Once you’ve earned the required points, you are able to use them to redeem a variety of rewards, including money back on purchases, trips hotels gifts, gift cards, products, or donations (for an NSP or any other charity of your choice).

Card benefits include emergency replacement for cards, cash disbursement, lost report of card Zero liability for fraudulent purchases, and personal collision damage to your vehicle rental waivers.

National Ski Patrol Rewards Visa Credit Card

The average rate of interest on purchases and balance transfers can range from 12.24 percent to 22.24%, contingent upon the creditworthiness of your rating. Cash advances are charged at 24.99 percent.

If you pay a late fee or fail to maintain excellent standing, in whatever manner there are penalties APR of 27.99 percent could be imposed. Grace period: at least 25 days. The minimum interest cost is $1.50. It is not an annual charge. 

Fees for cash advances as well as balance transfer charges are 4 percent while foreign transaction charges are 3percent. Late payment fees can amount to up to $15, and returned fee for payment is up to $25.

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National Ski Patrol Credit Card FAQ


Verify that the shipping address that you entered is correctly located within the United States and Canada. If you’re sure your address is accurate, contact [email protected] and include the following details:

  • Name
  • Member ID
  • Email Address
  • Order Summary:
    • Order Number
    • Products included in Cart


It is now possible to shop online at the NSP Online Store no longer requires an additional login. Members in good standing must only sign in to the NSP Member Account at

If you cannot log in to your NSP Member Account on, please email [email protected] to request support.

Once you’ve successfully signed in to the NSP Member Account at Find the “Online Store “Online Store” icon on the Member homepage. Simply click on the Online Store icon and you will be directed automatically to NSP Online Store. NSP Online Store.

To verify whether you’ve been able to log in successfully to check if you’ve successfully logged in, search for products. If you can browse products that you can view, then you’ve logged successfully.


The reason for this error is usually due to the fact that the billing address used at checkout doesn’t correspond to the address of the credit card that is being used. It is because the NSP Online Store defaults to using the same shipping address and billing address. If you’ve recently relocated or you have a different address for shipping to, or from, an address, you may need to enter a different billing address. You should try again and confirm your billing information is in line with the credit card’s address.



NSP Online Store NSP Online Store is available to you, your friends as well as your entire family.

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