Lilly Card Activation [Activate Lilly Card]

By | May 9, 2018

Lilly Card is savings Card. This Card is mainly used by a patient or caregiver. If you are facing any trouble in activating Lilly Card then you are advised to read the whole post carefully. In this post, you will get detailed information about Lilly Card Activation in simple and easiest way. Users can activate the Card very quickly.

You can face many difficulties for activating Lilly Savings Card. By reading this post, you can activate the card easily. You will get answers to few questions which arises in your mind during the activation of Lilly Card which is listed below.

About Lilly Savings Card Activation

  • Which are the documents required for activating the Lilly Savings Card?
  • What are the possible ways of activating the Lilly Savings Card?
  • What is the eligibility for activating the Lilly Savings Card?
  • How can I contact the Lilly Savings Card customer service?

Your all possible confusions will be cleared. Just continue reading the whole post.

Requirements to Activate Lilly Savings Card

  • You should have Lilly Savings Card in your hand while performing activation process because you are required to enter details mentioned on your card.
  • You should be a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • You should be 18 years of age or older.

Lilly Savings Card can only be activated online. If you are having Lilly Card in your hands while activating then you can activate it in less than 2 minutes. You just have to follow the simple steps which are mentioned in this post.

Lilly Card Activation | How to activate Lilly Card?

  1.  Go to official Activation website of Lilly Savings Card by clicking here.
  2.  On opening the site, you will see three questions which are to be answered.
  3.  In all the three questions, tick “yes” option.
  4.  Enter the RxGroup number printed on the front of your card which is 9 digits long.
  5.  Enter the RxID number printed on the front of your card which is 12 digits long.
  6.  After entering all the details, click “Submit”.
  7.  After clicking “Submit”, enter any other details if asked.
  8.  Then your Lilly Card will be activated in no time.
  9.  You will be notified by Lilly regarding your successful activation.

Note: If you face any difficulties during activation of Lilly card then you can contact Customer Service by calling at the number listed on your Savings Card. The Lilly card activation phone number is 1-866-923-1953 where users are allowed to activate the card through phone services.

Final Tips:

  • If you have not done any attempt to activate Lilly Card then immediately contact Customer Service by calling at the number mentioned on your card.
  • Never share the RxGroup number and the RxID number printed on the front of your card through phone, SMS or e-mail.
  • Hopefully, this post was helpful for you in the Lilly Card Activation. For more information regarding the activation of any restaurant, store or the credit card activation, you can visit website

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