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Karastan credit card Information

Pay for payment with your Karastan credit card payments, as well as view an explanation of your card in order to help prospective customers better understand the card. If you wish to pay online, click the link that is provided to access the Karastan Furniture Credit Card login.

Karastan credit card payment options

Synchrony Financial offers cardholders a range of ways to manage their Karastan Credit Card and to pay their bills.Karastan Credit Card Payment

Pay Online: An easy, efficient method to manage your credit card is offered by Synchrony Financial Online. 

This service allows you to keep track of your spending, track when your next payment is due, and even make payments on your bills. 

To pay your Karastan credit card payment online, simply click on the “Pay online” option below. Click to log in or sign up.

Pay by mail: The Karastan Credit Card payment address is Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. Make sure you allow enough time for your money to clear.

Pay by phone: You can also pay bills with the phone payment service. Contact 1-866-419-4096. Charges could apply.

Karastan Credit Card

Karastan is a rug and carpet brand that dates back to the 1920s. The brand played a significant role in introducing families in America to the oriental-style machine-made rug, and now it stands for the ideals of high-quality and affordable.

In conjunction in partnership with Synchrony Financial, Karastan now provides its customers the Karastan Credit Card. 

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This card allows you to free up other credit lines and increases the purchasing power of your card occasions when you aren’t able to pay for cash or don’t have the desire to invest it.

There are a variety of benefits included with this card, which can enable you to make Karastan purchases cheaper and manageable.

Subject to the approval of credit and credit approval, you can avail of promotional financing as well as access to exclusive sales and special sales events. With an impressive number of benefits, the card is better than your standard private brand credit card.

Karastan Credit Card Karastan Credit Card will be accessible at participating merchants who are selling Karastan products. It is possible to apply online for the card In most cases, it is possible to get a quick decision. 

You can also apply by visiting your local Karastan merchant – we recommend doing this as it allows you to see what types of low-interest/no-interest financing offers you can make use of.

Fees and Interest Rates

Karastan Credit Card Karastan Credit Card has an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 29.99 percent. This rate is applicable to all purchases not for promotion as well as the default rate which applies to promotional loans if you don’t maintain good standing. 

To ensure you make your payments in time, avail of banks Bill Pay service or enroll for monthly autopay using Synchrony Financial Online. The minimum monthly amount is the amount that is greater than 3.5 percent of your current balance or $25. No annual charge. Returned payment or late payment costs are $35.

You may make an application for Optional Card Security using this card, which will cancel your minimum monthly payment or the total account balance (up to $10,000) in the event that some qualifying event occurs, such as disability, unemployment, or death.

Check out Karastan and follow them on Facebook and the site on Pinterest. Karastan credit card login, address and service hours simplify the billing process and are simple to follow.

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Karastan Credit Card FAQ

Is Karastan going out of business?

It was the End of the Wonder Rug. It was the first to sell the Oriental rug to the middle class. However, after more than 100 years, the Karastan factory will soon close.

Are Karastan rugs good quality?

They are of good quality Yes, but it’s not a collectible rug. Karastan rugs are treated with an acidic rinse to soften color, similar to the majority of hand-knotted Oriental rugs. … Karastan rugs are constructed with high-quality New Zealand wool and colorfast dyes. Cleansing issues are extremely limited.

Where are Karastan rugs from?

The Karastan mill was first established within Eden, North Carolina in 1926. the first Karastan rug was made to be sold by April 1928. In the present, Karastan is still making rugs from Eden, NC, and is the biggest manufacturer of rugs made from worsted wool within the United States.

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Is Karastan carpet going out of business?

Eden The Eden plant Mohawk Industries announced earlier this week that it would cease local Karastan rug production in the month of October to facilitate the consolidation of rug production. The change will change the Eden manufacturing facility’s attention entirely on producing premium commercial, aviation, and residential carpet.

Does Mohawk make Karastan carpet?

Karastan is famous for its gorgeous area rugs, but it also produces premium wall-to-wall carpets. Mohawk purchased the brand approximately 25 years ago but has been largely ignoring it. … Karastan is the sole carpet manufacturer that produces both wool and synthetic yarns. The distribution of Karastan is extremely limited.

When did Mohawk buy Karastan?

The company was acquired in 1993, Mohawk Industries acquired Karastan. “Karastan is well-known for its artistic and innovative design and has established the industry standard in quality and durability,” said Brian Carson the director of Mohawk Flooring North America, who was a guest speaker at the 90th-anniversary celebration held of Mohawk’s Eden manufacturing facility during August.

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