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Electric Insurance Bill Payment: Are you looking to make your Electric Insurance Bill payment? Are you new to Electric Insurance? Learn about how to pay your bill, view your billing history, and get general contact information.

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Online Payment:

Make your Electric Insurance bill payment online by clicking the green “Online Payment” link above. You can log in, register, view, and manage your account online, or log in with your User ID and password. Follow the prompts to learn how to manage your online payments. 

Enter information about your card details including the three-digit Card Validation Value (CVV) This information is found on the backside of your debit or credit card. 

The CVV of American Express cards will have four digits. It will also appear on the card’s front. To confirm your payment, review the details and click on the Confirm button. On your screen, confirmation that your payment was submitted will be displayed.

Electric Insurance offers its customers the ability to pay online through its member platform. You can use this platform to set up scheduled payments from your credit card or checking account (Direct Debits), as well as PayPal, personal check, and money orders. Also, you can make one-off payments via your credit card from any device, including your smartphone, laptop, home PC, or desktop computer. Online, you can check your monthly bills and set up alerts to see your account balance. 

It’s very easy to modify your policy! To change your address, pay bills or make other changes to your policy, you can log in 24/7.

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To register for an Electric Insurance account and start making payments, click then follow these prompts.

Phone Payment: ( +978-921-2080

Electric Insurance offers a telephone system that allows you to make payments. To make a payment over the phone, call Customer Contact at 800-227-2757 and ask for Customer Contact. Be sure to have your billing account number and home phone number, or the number associated with Electric Insurance. 

You will need to provide your card number and expiration dates if you use a debit or credit card. If you wish to pay with a savings or checking account, your account number and bank routing number will be required. 

Fax to 978-236-5700. Customer Service Hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. ET – Call 978-921-2080 from outside the U.S.

Pay by App:

Electric Insurance Bill Payment

The Electric App is easy to use. You can make payments, access policy information, and locate roadside assistance.

Electric Billing Address:

You can mail a claim or payment. Send payment or claim to Electric Insurance Company by mail.

Electric Insurance Customers Service:

For general inquiries, call 800-342-5342.

Email your questions or concerns:


View past bills:

Once you log in to your Electric Insurance online account, you can view your past history. Visit https://eic.electricinsurance.com/to click on “Login” to get started. 

Log in using your User ID. To view and make payments, view benefits information, manage your benefits, see claims, view eligibility, place orders, and much more, you can log in to your account.

Find out more about insurance

Electric Insurance was established in 1966. It is headquartered in Beverly MA. Electric Insurance Company is a licensed property/casualty insurance company in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It provides reliable auto, home, and excess liability coverage to help families recover from losses.

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This insurance company was awarded an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau in 2019. Electric Insurance is committed and responsible, as well as integrity and customer focus. Electric Insurance believes that caring is important.

They hire people who are compassionate and care. A recent survey found that 99% of Electric Insurance customers would renew their policy if they had a claim. This is a result of their customer-focused approach. 

This insurance company is responsible for living up to its promises. Electric Insurance believes each employee is responsible for maintaining unyielding integrity as well as the highest ethical business conduct.

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People Also Ask about Electric Insurance Bill Payment

Should I report the accident to the Electric Insurance Company?

Your auto policy stipulates that you must inform us immediately of any accident or loss, such as theft, that affects your vehicle. Failure to report a loss promptly could affect your coverage.

What I have a loan or lease on my vehicle?

If you lease or loan your vehicle, you must also protect the insurable interests of the loan/lease company. Therefore, all settlement checks for vehicle damage must both be issued jointly to the lien/leaseholder and to you.

What should I do about the loan and/or insurance payments if my vehicle is a total loss?

It is in your best interests to make your vehicle’s insurance or loan payments on time. Policies and loans can be retroactively adjusted based on the date of the loss once the claim process has been completed. Late payments can lead to penalties and you don’t want them.

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