Dodge Ram Credit Card Payment


Ram MasterCard Credit Card

Are you looking to make an Dodge Ram (Ram MasterCard) credit card transaction or sign in to view your account’s statement and manage your online account? Learn about your options using this simple guide to paying.

 Below, you will find the payment options available to you. For online payment Follow the link to login to the Dodge Ram Credit Card login. Customers who are new to the card can find out more about this card through our information guide.

 For online payment or to manage your account, go to the link listed below to access login to the Ram MasterCard account login. There are also useful details about bill pay like the Customer Service number the payment address for mailing, as well as the billing number.Dodge Ram Credit Card Payment

Ram MasterCard Credit Card Payment

Ram MasterCard Ram MasterCard is issued and administered through First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha. If you require assistance regarding online services, or any other issues connected to your account, contact customer service for credit cards.

Pay Online: First Bankcard provides an online, free account management service to every Dodge Ram Credit Card owners. The service includes the kind of features you’d expect – you can access your statement online, update your personal information, view your balance, and pay balances. 

Same-day payment is available in the event that you pay prior to 5pm CT. Features like Account Alerts will help you stay on track of your monthly expenses. To pay payments with your Dodge Ram credit card payment online, simply click”Pay online” or click the “Pay on the Internet” link below. You can sign in to register, access your statement , or control accounts online.

Dodge Ram Credit Card Payment

Pay via phone: The Dodge Ram credit card payment telephone number is 1-888-295-5540.

Pay by Post: The Ram MasterCard payment address is Bankcard Payment Processing PO Box 2557 Omaha, NE 68103-2557. Be sure to allow enough time for the payment to be posted to your account prior to when the date is due. Payments for urgent overnight needs can be made to: Bankcard Payment Processing, Attention: Express Payments 1620 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68170-2210.

Dodge Ram Credit Card Customer Support: The Ram MasterCard credit card customer service number is 1-888-295-5540.

Dodge Ram Credit Card

If you own a Dodge Ram and would like to find a reduce the cost of repairs repair or replacement, or you eyeing a New Chrysler or Dodge and want to get this Dodge Ram MasterCard Credit Card will assist you in saving money, earn rewards and demonstrate your commitment.

The card is a part of it’s Chrysler Group Maximum Rewards program that gives three points for every dollar you spend with Chrysler Group, 2 points per dollar spent on travel, and 1 point per dollar you spend anywhere else where MasterCard accepts. If you’re careful about spending, you have ample chances to earn good returns.

There are no limitations to the amount of points can be earned. The options for redemption are numerous and include cash back, items, travel discount or gift cards, or even money off of your Chrysler Group parts and services.

Fees, Interest Rates and Penalties

One thing to be particularly cautious about will be the penal program. This program is a way to impose an APR penalty which can reach 29.99 percent, and cancels your rewards program , and also removes any points you haven’t redeemed in the event that you do not maintain good standing – for example, by paying a bill late and/or exceeding the credit limit, if your credit card isn’t one that is a World MasterCard.

The typical APR for balance transfers and purchases is 16.99 percent, which is variable. There is an initial 0 percent discount on purchases during the first six billing cycles. Its APR of cash advances for the first 6 months is 25.24 percent. 

This card has no annual cost and there is no monthly fees. Charges are applicable to cash advances, balance transfers or foreign transaction.

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Dodge Ram Credit Card FAQ

Do I have the ability to activate my credit card on the internet?

Yes you can activate you credit card through the internet. Sign up or log into your account on the internet and choose Activate Card.

What is the time it will take me to get my card?

Our credit department examines and approves any requests for additional cards. Once the request is approved, the new card will be issued. The time for delivery will differ dependent on the location you live in. But, the majority of cards will be delivered between 10 and 14 business days from the initial request.

Can I have my credit card mailed to a different address?

If you want your card delivered to an address other than the current address that is listed at the bottom of your card, Contact Us.

What happens when I lock my card?

  • You will receive an email confirmation once the card is secured or not locked.
  • We will send you an email notice if a transaction is declined. This is the result of locking the credit card.
  • The lock will stop that it is used to make new purchase, ATM withdrawals, cash advances, as well as online transactions with merchants who hold the card in their database.
  • To prevent interruptions in service by locking your card, it does not stop recurring transactions (such as gym memberships) which the merchant classifies as regular transactions. It is important to note that we don’t have any control over how merchants designate these transactions. Incoming balance transfers will be processed.
  • If you’ve linked to your Mastercard (r)credit cards to your digital wallet, locking your card will stop the card from ever being utilized to make digital wallet purchases at shops, merchant apps and on the internet.
  • When you are using our lock/unlock feature Please connect with other users of your account because the changes to your settings that you make will affect all cards sharing the same account number.

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