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Burbank water power login bill pay: Are you looking to pay your Burbank Water and power bill payment? Or to log in to check your bill or manage accounts online? This guide provides a quick overview of the payment options available to you. 

The payment options are all listed together with important information regarding accounts as well as the utility overall. 

For online payment options and manage your accounts, click the link in this article to access the Burbank Water & Power bill pay login. 

You can also find helpful information about bill pay, such as numbers for customer services, address for mailing, and billing telephone numbers.

How can I pay my Burbank Water & Power Bill?

Pay your Burbank Water and Electric bill on the internet, via phone, by mail, or in person.

Pay online: The BWP Online Account feature allows you to view the monthly bill, modify your personal information, know the date when you’ll have to pay your bill, and also make secure payments. There aren’t any fees to pay unless you make the payment with a credit card. It is necessary to sign up to use this service, however, you can pay online, without registration, using the One-Time-Pay service. This service is offered by EZ-Pay. There is an additional $3.95 cost. To pay your Burbank Water and Power bill payment online, click on the “Login Here” button below to sign in, register to view your statement, as well as manage your account via the web.

Pay by phone: The Burbank Water & Power billing number is 1 877 787 4133. Pay your bill via phone using a debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). The service is available 24/7. Payments made with credit cards before 3 PM will be posted the next business day. After 3 PM, payments will be posted in 2 working days.

Pay by Post: The Burbank Water & Power bill payment address is Burbank Water and Electric, P.O. Box 631 Burbank, CA 91503-0631. Pay your check or money order with the bill the payment. Include the Burbank Water & Power account number on your payment. The account number will be on your bill. To ensure that your Burbank Water & Power payment is received in time, it is suggested that you make your payment in writing at least five business days before the due date on your monthly statement of billing.

Pay in person: Visit the BWP office at 164 West Magnolia Boulevard (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM). There are a variety of payment containers where it is possible to drop your money such as 2 located at BWP, City Hall (275 East Olive Avenue), Tuttle Center (1731 North Ontario Street), Police Building (311 East Orange Grove Avenue), Izay Park rear parking lot (1111 West Olive Avenue), Joslyn Adult Center (1301 West Olive Avenue).

Direct Debit Payment: With Flash Pay (direct debit program) you can pay for your bills on a regular basis by transferring funds of funds from your banking account. Visit the Burbank Water and Power website, fill out the form and mail the form to Burbank Water and Power in Attention Flash Pay Program P.O. Box 631 Burbank, CA 91503-0631.

Start Service Stop Service

Burbank Water & Power Login – Bill Pay

Water and Power services can be stopped and re-started on the Request Service page. Check this page out for more information. 

Transferring the service, send an attempt to disconnect, and then make an application for a new connection, as well as other things. Instead, you can contact customer service (see further below).

Contact Burbank Water & Power

  • Customer Service: (818) 238-3700
  • Customer Service Address for Mailing: Burbank City of Burbank, Burbank Water and PowerP.O. Box 631 Burbank, CA 91503-0631
  • Services for Emergency (after-hours) (after-hours): (818) 238-3778
  • Recipients of Residential Rebates (800) 238-3730 (818) 238-3730
  • Corporate Rebates — (818) 238-3638

More Burbank Water & Power

Burbank Water & Power Burbank Water & Power is a community-owned utility that provides electricity and water to communities, residents, and businesses in Burbank, CA. 

Being a community-owned utility they are not accountable to shareholders, so they can better serve the requirements of its customers.

For more than 100 years, BWP is one of the highest levels of reliability for utility services within the U.S. and offers very competitive prices when compared with other Californian utilities. BWP was the very first company in the U.S. to commit to 33% renewable energy in 2020.

Go to Burbank Water and Power on Twitter.

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How is Burbank Water and Power rated?

Burbank Water and Power has 2.5 stars.

What days are Burbank Water and Power open?

Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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