Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card Payment


Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card

Are you looking to complete your Astoria Federal Savings credit card payment, or if you need to log in to view your account statement or control your credit card online? We’re here to assist you. Select one of the options below for making your payment. 

To pay your bill via the web or control your account use the link on this page for the Astoria Federal Savings credit card login. There are also useful details about bill pay like the account number for customer support, delivery address as well as billing telephone number.Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card Payment

Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card Payment

The Maximum Rewards Astoria Visa Platinum Edition Visa and Secured Visa are offered through First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

Pay online: It is a great idea to sign up for online account services through First Bankcard. This is because you are able to pay quickly and safely without any fees. Furthermore, you can also set up an automated payment schedule to make sure you don’t fail to make payments on time. 

You can track your spending through online statements, aid the environment by registering for paperless billing and setting up account alerts for payment as well as credit limits. 

To pay for the Astoria Federal Savings credit card payment online, visit on the “Pay Online” blogin, sign-up to view your statement, and manage your accounts online.

Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card Payment

Pay by phone: To make your credit card payments by phone call the number on your monthly statement , or dial 1-888-295-5540.

Pay by Post: The Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card payment address is: Bankcard Payment Processing, 1620 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 668197-2210.

 If you need to pay urgently, we suggest using the online option however, you can make a payment over the phone at an option available at: Bankcard Payment Processing Attention Express Payments 1620 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 8197-2210. Please write the Astoria Federal Savings account number on your payment. 

The account number will be in your account statement. To ensure that your Astoria Federal Savings payment is made on time, it is advised to make your payment in writing at least 5 business days in advance of the due date on your monthly bill statement.

Pay in-store: Yes. You can make payments with using your Astoria Federal Savings credit card at any local branch.

Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card Customer Service: The Astoria Federal Savings credit card customer service number is 1-888-295-5540.

Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card

Astoria Federal Savings recently partnered with credit card company First Bankcard to offer credit card options for customers such as a low-rate credit card and a rewards credit card. 

If you’re in search of an account that is balanced in rewards The Maximum Rewards Visa that is partnered with Astoria Federal Savings is worth looking into.

With rewards based on points, introductory rates, and competitive rates for standard rate The Maximum Rewards Visa Credit Card offers a small amount of everything. The rewards program gives you 1 point per dollar on your purchases. There is no limit on the number of points you earn.

Although it’s not the most effective rewards program but it is the most flexible. You can exchange your points for various rewards , including flights, travel and events and cash back statements credits, and products.

If there’s a reward you’d like but do not have the points balance you need to get it, you can boost your point balance with the addition of dollars. There is also no annual cost.

Penalties and Interest Rates

With APR of 0% on balance transfers and purchases up to 12 months the Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card allows you to make purchases and also save money on your existing balances on your credit cards. After the initial period, the average APR is 13.99 percent to 19.99% based on the creditworthiness of your.

If there’s something to be on the lookout for on this card, it’s the penalty program. It could be applied when you pay a late fee or make a purchase which is returned, or you exceed the credit limit (doesn’t have an effect on Signature credit cards). 

The penalty program comes with an unrestricted penalty APR of up to 29.99 percent and an end to your rewards program as well as a forfeiture of the balance in your points.

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Astoria Federal Savings Credit Card FAQ

How to pay federal Credit Card bill?

Credit Card Options for Payment HTML
You can pay all of your Federal Bank Credit Card bills on the internet or offline using several choices. You can pay using FedMobile, Payment Gateway, Auto Debit, NEFT or over Counter (cash or cheque).

How do I pay my FedMobile credit card?

  1. Log in to FedMobile and tap the icon ‘Credit Card’ on the home screen.
  2. Enter your credit card number’, select the your bank, then enter IFSC the cardholder’s name, amount , and due date.
  3. Make the payment by using the payment options available.

Who is the network provider for a federal bank credit card?

Federal Bank credit cards are issued by VISA they are also cobranded State Bank of India.

How do I get a Federal Bank gold card?

Visit the official website of the Federal Bank. Click on the “Forms and Stationery’ section. Find the application form for your debit card. then download it , and then fill it in with all the details you’d like to include.

How can I get Federal Bank MasterCard?

The official site of Federal Bank and scroll down until you come to the Forms & Stationery page tab. After clicking on it, you’ll be able get the debit card application downloaded.

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