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Among Us character

Here’s the complete story of each Among Us character in the game.

If you’re a mobile user and have an active pulse, you’ve likely played for hours as the sexy among us characters. But have you thought about who these unique characters are actually? And, if so, what exactly is their purpose there in outer space?

The good news is that you’re lucky, as we’ve got the most entertaining details about each among Us persona in this helpful guide. 

Starting with their name to what they’re working for We’ve gone through pages of descriptive text as well as official blog posts to provide you with all you need to know about these bean-shaped characters.

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Among Us character

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Who are the Crewmates in Among Us?

The lore about Among Us is rare and enigmatic, but we’ve found a few fascinating details about the crew members and what they’re up to in the deep space.

We can tell through our Submit Scan task that all crew members are the same. This test reveals that the crew members are all three feet six” in height and weigh 92lbs. Given the sci-fi setting, it is likely that the crew members are clones or, at the very minimum or siblings.

Certain tasks indicate that crew members are headed home after the research project. According to the official description, players need to collaborate “and return back to civilization,” that is, they’re going back to the place they’ve been on. 

The second map in the game is set at MIRA headquarters and is proof that the team members are employed by an organization named MIRA. 

We also learn through those Upload Data or Process Data tasks that the crew members are bringing artifacts as well as samples along with them. This could mean that the crew is taking home treasures from an earlier mission.

What is their focus? When we examine the names of the files used for the Upload Data task, we are able to see that the team’s research is in connection with alien specimens and geology (e.g. specimen_data.tiff, minerals_data.dat). The specimens they’ve found aboard include bones as well as fossils of animals.

What’s the story of Among Us?

Let’s examine every map and the sequence that which they were released. The descriptions offered by Innersloth suggest that the maps are released with respect to chronology in the Among Us timeline.

  • The Skeld
  • Polus
  • The Airship

The Skeld is the name given to the spaceship on which the first time we met with our daring space adventurers. As we mentioned earlier the crewmates are on their way home from a mission to conduct research.

This map also contains MIRA Headquarters. The official patch notes indicate that the Crewmates are part of an organization named MIRA. However, it appears that they’ve brought an Impostor along on their journey back home.

Polus is an isolated research station that crew members believe is not inhabited by Impostors.

The airship is the biggest map. It is based on the airship of the Toppat Clan in the Henry Stickman series. The map doesn’t appear to have any connection to the vast lore of The Among Us universe.

If we consider the first three maps as being chronologically ordered according to the release date The general narrative of Among Us goes like this:

  1. The crew members were conducting research into the life of aliens and geology on a distant planet.
  2. They were either attacked by Impostors during their mission, and then rushed to board The Skeld in a panic or they completed their mission, and then returned to The Skeld not knowing they had brought an Impostor aboard.
  3. The Crew members collected samples and data taken from their mission on The Skeld and then began the long drive back in the direction of MIRA headquarters.
  4. A few Impostors were exposed on the trip, however, the crew members were able to safely return home safely to MIRA Headquarters.
  5. After the long drive, The crew decided that they’d relax at the headquarters for a while. Then, Impostors managed to gain entry into their house.
  6. In their search for a place that is not surrounded by the Impostors, The Crew decides to carry out their next mission at the planet’s outpost Polus.

What is the Impostor in Among Us?

The first Innersloth website states that the Impostor has a foreign appearance as well as a shapeshifter parasite. 

Impostors on the surface appear to be identical to your normal Crewmate, however, their kill animations reveal that what appears to be an alien spacesuit actually is part of their body. 

The crew members spend the whole game fleeing Impostors or trying to find an area that is safe from Impostors.

One method of winning as an Impostor is cutting off oxygen from The Skeld which suggests that Imposters don’t require oxygen to live.

Impostors have super-vision. If you play with the normal settings Impostors possess 1.5 more vision than regular crewmates. In addition in the event that the lights are on, they have a clear vision which means that Impostors are able to see even in darkness.

Readings from the Vitals section of Polus as well as The Airship show that Impostors have the same heart rate as the regular Crewmates.

How do you know the Among Us character names?

They are identifiable by the Crewmates’ color and do not have names. As of the writing time, there are 18 different colors on”Among Us” seventeen of which are pickable while one color is not. Here’s a complete listing of colors available to select:

Fortegreen will be the standard Crewmate color. All crew members start as Fortegreen until they’ve picked an appropriate color. It is not possible to select Fortegreen for your color.

The tiebreaker was held in April of 2021. voting among Coral Olive and Olive was conducted to determine what color was the brand new Among Us color.

 Coral won and was added to the competition. Olive is not within Among Us, but images of the color are available on the internet.

Can all the Among Us characters be human?

The majority of players believe they are part of all members of the Among Us Crew and are all human beings, but that might not be the case.

As we mentioned before that the Crewmates are all three feet six” high and weigh 92 pounds. This is both smaller and lighter than the normal human adult, but it’s not ruled out the possibility of they are either dwarfs or children of humans.

Because they’re physically similar, the Crewmates could be genetically engineered creatures specifically designed to perform research.

There’s no solid evidence in support of or against the idea that the Crewmates of Among Us are human. Based on the information we have that we’re inclined to believe the possibility that they aren’t.

 As long as we don’t get any more information – or Innersloth issues a statement on the subject We’ll never know.

This is all we’ve got about each Among Us character. Innersloth has done an amazing job of creating a world that is fully realized by using subtle environmental clues and textual descriptions that give their characters a personality.

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Among Us characters FAQs

Are Among Us characters humans?

“The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a spaceship occupied by a frightened and deadly fake. They’re humanoid beasts with a portly look and wear fully-body spacesuits as well as small backpacks.

Is Among Us a killing game?

Does the game Among Us make my child more violent or violent? No. According to the Fortnite guide for parents Multiple studies have proven it is true that the violent games don’t cause aggression among children..

Is among ok for 11 year olds?

mong Us is an entertaining and social game, and is a great way for children to make connections with their peers. It is suggested by the Apple Store suggests Among Us is suitable for children aged nine and above because of the infrequent violent cartoons and horror-themed.

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