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Are you looking to pay your Amica Mutual Insurance Bill payment? Are interested in learning more about Amica Mutual Insurance and would want to know more about the business and its services? Find out more about bill payments and view your bill history and other contact details.

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Pay Online: To pay payments to your Amica Mutual Insurance bill payment online click the green “Online Payment” button above to log in, sign up to view your bill, and handle your account on the internet.

You will enter information about your card’s details including the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV). It appears on the reverse of your debit or credit card.

Amica Mutual Insurance Bill payment

If you own an American Express-branded card the CVV will contain four digits, and be displayed at the top of your card. Review the details of your payment and then click the Confirm button in order to complete your payment.

The confirmation that your payment was received will be visible in your account. Please allow three (3) working days from the payment date to allow for processing by your bank.

Amica Insurance allows its customers to make online payments through their Internet members’ platform.

This platform allows you to schedule regular transactions from the account you have with your bank or credit card (Direct debits) in addition to PayPal online checks, personal checks money orders, electronic money transfers from your bank account as well as to pay one-time installments through credit card on any device: your computer, laptop at home, or even your mobile phone.

You can also monitor and manage your monthly bill online, and schedule regular alerts to know your balance. It’s simple to alter your policy as well! Log to your policy anytime to change addresses, pay your bills, and much more.

Pay by Phone: (800-242-6422) Amica Insurance operates an automated telephone system that lets you pay for your insurance.

Be sure to have your billing account’s at hand or the number that is associated with to account number Amica Insurance account.

If you’re using a debit or credit card, be sure to supply the card’s number as well as an expiration date. If you’re planning to pay by an account for savings or checking then you’ll need your account number and routing number at your bank.

To make a payment by phone, dial to talk to someone from Bill Pay & Policy Service at 800-242-6422. Please allow 3 (3) working days from the payment date to allow to process your payment with the financial institution you use.

Pay by Express Payment: To pay a single payment to your Amica bill to pay in one-time, click below.

Select the account you wish to use, then enter your policy number, then select “Continue”. Please allow 3 (3) working days from the payment date to allow for processing at the financial institution you use.

Pay by AutoPay: If you’d prefer that your payments be automatically debited from your checking or savings account on the day they are due Click here to complete the form in order to authorize a draft from your bank.

Please allow 3 (3) working days following the date of your scheduled payment for processing by the institution that you are banking with.

Pay by App: Amica Insurance also offers payment options, roadside assistance, and the capability to track claims via their mobile app.

Visit below to download their Android or Apple application to get additional information on this wonderful feature!

Amica Insurance Billing Address: Do you want to mail in a claim or claim? Make sure you include the insurance number on the check or money order.

Make it payable to the name of your company that appears in the section for Payment Remittance of your bill. You can send it to

Amica Mutual Insurance Company PO Box 9128 Providence, RI 02940-9128

Amica Life Insurance Company PO Box 9700 Providence, RI 02940-9700

Find An Amica Insurance Agent Near You!

You can click this link to input your zip code/state, then click “Go”.

Amica Insurance Customer Service: To contact Amica customer service For customer service at Amica, visit this link and submit any comments, questions, or issues you may have related to your service.

To Contact Corporate Office: 800-652-6422

Bill Pay & Policy Service

Marine, Home, Auto, and Personal Umbrella policies: 800-492-6422

Report Claim Fraud: Contact us at (800) 333-2860)

Claim Service is available 24 all hours of the day, seven days 7 days a week

Email your questions or concerns: Here’s how. to go here.

View Bills from the past: Amica Insurance online accounts allow you to see your past information once you have your account.

You are able to view all of your bill activity through your account, pay your benefits, review claims, determine the eligibility of your insurance, order ID cards, and much more.

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Amica’s statement of business includes: “Our mission is to create peace of mind and build enduring relationships.”

In light of this, Amica, owned by policyholders, has been awarded an A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best Company as of January. 24 January 2019.

Amica’s total assets on Dec. 31st, 2018 was $5.4 billion. The policies in December. 31st, 2018 were 1.6 million. Amica was established in 1907 and is the first mutual insurer of cars within the United States. It is situated within Lincoln, Rhode Island, its chief executive is Robert A.

DiMuccio, and it is known by the insurance industry for its strength in financials as well as its outstanding customer service.

They provide insurance for home, auto life, condo retirement, renters marine, motorcycle small business, umbrella and weddings, and events in their 44 offices throughout the United States and is the longest-running mutual insurer of cars throughout the United States.

Amica is a firm believer in charitable giving and helping the people in need and encouraging communities that are developed. They focus on five areas of giving and offer donations/scholarships in the areas of education, health, arts and culture, and community public affairs.

Do members need help when you’re on the road? Amica has you covered! Go to – You can download this great feature on the app and have instant help with towing (non-accident related), changing flat tires, jump-starting dead batteries, delivering fuel, and unlocking doors.

Visit Amica Mutual on Facebook and Instagram.

👉 FAQ About Amica Mutual Insurance Bill payment 👈

Q.1. s Amica a mutual insurance company?

➡️ In 1907, the company was founded. Amica was established in 1907, and is the longest-running mutual auto insurance company within the United States, owned exclusively by its policy holders. Although it’s not one of the largest insurers, it has a formidable reputation in terms of service to customers and has a high rating for satisfaction and a low number of complaints.

Q.2. Does Amica Insurance have local agents?

➡️ No. Amica Insurance does not have local agents selling the insurance policies of the company. … It is possible to obtain a no-cost Amica Insurance quote online or contact a customer support rep at 1-800-242-6422.

Q.3. Does Amica have good rates?

➡️ Amica is an excellent insurance provider that is renowned for providing a excellent customer service and low prices. Amica does not offer the most special discounts, but it does offer a wide range of discounts that are common to customers, especially for insurance on cars.

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