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Are you looking to make an American General Insurance Bill Payment? Are you new to AIG Insurance? Learn about billing payment, how to view your billing history and contact information.

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Online Payment: AIG’s Internet member platform allows customers to make online payments. You can use this platform to set up scheduled payments from your checking or credit card (Direct Deposits), as well as PayPal, personal check, and money order.

Also, you can make one-off payments via credit card from any device, including your laptop, home PC, or mobile phone. Online, you can check your monthly bills and set up alerts to see your account balance.

American General Insurance Bill Payment

It’s very easy to modify your policy! To change your address, pay bills or make other changes to your policy, you can log in 24/7. Go to enter your User ID and password to start making payments or navigating your account.

Make your AIG bill payments online by clicking the “Online Payment” button. Enter your card information, including the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV).

This information is found on the backside of your debit or credit card. The CVV of American Express cards will have four digits. It will also appear on the card’s front.

To confirm your payment, review the details and click on the Confirm button. Your screen will display confirmation that your payment was submitted. After midnight on the withdrawal date of your policy, we will send you a request for payment.

Go Paperless!

Go to to sign up for paperless payments!

Phone Payment: AIG has an automated phone system that allows you to make payments. Keep your home phone number and billing account number handy.

You will need to provide your card number and expiration dates if you use a debit or credit card. If you wish to pay with a savings or checking account, your account number, and your bank routing numbers, will be required. Call to pay by phone. For general questions, call 844-447-5222, 1-800-254-4933, or 1-800-448-2542.

One-Time Payment: To make a one-time payment to AIG go to: and click LOGIN. Follow the prompts for your information.

Autopay: If you would like to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account the day they’re due, go to to fill out the request for bank draft authorization.

App Pay: American Family Insurance offers roadside assistance and payment via their app. Go to and install/download the Android app or locate more information about this great feature!

For more information about specific features of your policy, contact your agent or broker.

American Family Insurance Address: You would like to mail a claim or payment? Send your payment or claim to us by sending a check to:

Mailing address: AIG provides a quick guide to addresses because there are so many services and locations with different addresses. Go to and locate the one you need for mailing in a claim or payment.

Find an AIG Agent Near You!

Go to and scroll down to locate which service you are seeking. Click on any of the services to locate contact information for brokers in each department.

AIG Customer Services: AIG customer information, go to

Send a message to:

Customers who are looking for life insurance
PO Box 305355
Nashville, TN 37230-5355
Fax: 844-930-0370

Accident & Health Customers
Phone: 800-811-2696
PO Box 305355
Nashville, TN 37230-5355
Fax: 844-930-0370

Customers with Variable Universal Life
Phone: 800-340-2765
PO Box 305600
Nashville, TN 37230-5600
Fax: 713-620-6653

Report Claim Fraud

Call us at 1-800-888-2452

Email your questions or concerns:

AIG Contact Claims

To email a concern or for general questions, go to, scroll down to choose the department you want, or enter your contact information, write your email and click submit.

View past bills: AIG online accounts let you view your past history from anywhere you are. Visit to get started by logging in at

Your account can be accessed from anywhere. You can view and manage your billing, view your claims, view eligibility, place ID cards, and much more.

👉 Find out more about AIG 👈

AIG celebrates 100 years of existence and its diversity. It has revenues of 180 million and is the biggest insurance company in the globe. This booming industry began in Shanghai with an immigrant.

Cornelius Vander Starr, an immigrant, visited New York City in 1921 to see the heart of American insurance. He built an insurance pool where AAU was the sole agent.

This insurance pool allowed various insurance companies to take a percentage of the risk. Starr, an immigrant from China, envisioned a new type of insurance company that employed local talent to sell to clients.

Starr’s life and general agency expanded to all major Chinese cities, as well as to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia during the remainder of the 1920s.

The headquarters were established in Havana in Cuba in 1941. This led to the opening of offices in Venezuela and Colombia, Puerto Rico (Argentina), Panama, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

AIG is proud to celebrate Starr’s aunt Nelle Vander Starr’s 1923 arrival in China. She was an experienced office manager and was the first woman to hold a leadership role at Asia Life.

This was the birth of diversity and women’s empowerment in the workplace. AIG has been named one of the Top Places to Work for LGBT Equality. Mogul’s Top 100 D&I Innovations List included AIG, which is a top technology platform for women in 2018.

Brian Charles Duperreault, a Bermuda-born American executive, is currently the CEO of AIG. He has been AIG’s CEO since May 2017.

Duperreault has worked in the insurance industry his entire life, starting in 1973 as an AIG actuary. Duperreault wants people to understand that the entire history of the world has yet to be written. There are many chapters to be written and many more pioneers are needed.

Employees are not only pioneers but also care about their fellow workers. Their collective efforts to make a difference in their communities were evident by the fact that they volunteered more than 62,000 hours for 2018. Blue Marble is AIG’s proud member.

This consortium of nine companies collaborates to provide socially-impactful and commercially viable insurance for the underserved. AIG even received a 100 percent score in the Human Rights Campaign’s 2018 Corporate Equality Index.

AIG believes diversity and inclusion are essential to its future and mission. They want to build a foundation for innovation, growth, and profitability by creating a creative workplace. AIG received the Mexican Center for Philanthropy’s “Socially Responsible Enterprise Award” (CEMEFI).

Among the various insurance provisions provided on, the one that stands out from others is the quick coverage for life insurance. No healthcare providers needed, or tests…just go to and fill out the form for Life Insurance coverage. Want more? Go to to see a timeline of their history and read stories of how AIG is making an impact in our world.

Visit AIG on, Facebook.

👉 FAQ About American General Insurance Bill Payment 👈

Q.1. Is AIG and American General the same company?

➡️ American General Life Insurance Company was founded in 1960. American General was expanding its national presence and adding new financial products over the years. In 2001, American International Group (AIG ) acquired the company.

Q.2. Who took over American General Life Insurance Company?

➡️ NEW YORK — Friday saw the U.S.’s race for scale as American International Group , a global insurance company, reached an agreement with American General Corp. to buy another insurer for approximately $23 billion.

Q.3. Is American general a good company?

➡️ American General and AIG’s financial strength is much more encouraging. A.M. Best gave the company an A rating, which is considered excellent . Standard & Poor’s rating of this company is A+.

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