American Drag Racing League Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service ✍️


American Drag Racing League Credit Card Payment and Login

This card is no longer available. You are making an American Drag Racing League credit card payment? 

Are you a fan of drag racing and seeking an additional account? This American Drag Racing League Rewards MasterCard is specifically designed to meet your needs and comes with numerous rewards and decent rates of interest. 

This guide explains this credit card, including all the necessary information that includes the rewards program as well as introductory offers, incentives, interest rates, terms, and conditions, as well as other considerations for spending. 

The guide also includes an American Drag Racing League MasterCard payment guide that will assist you in understanding what you need to do to make your payments.

American Drag Racing League Credit Card Payment – Login – Address – Customer Service

 American Drag Racing Credit Card Payment

Cardmembers who signed up for an account with PartnersFirst web-based account services that allowed you to pay the monthly payments to your credit card on the internet, and manage your account overall. 

To redeem your points, you may call 1-888-848-255 and speak to a representative for customer service. 

There’s an automated phone service for managing your account as well as customer service support.

Call 1-866-450-1402. You can also make use of the online bill pay service to make payments, or contact your bank to make the transfer. More information is available on the contact page on PartnersFirst or via Their frequently asked questions page.

 American Drag Racing League MasterCard (No More issued)

This American Drag Racing League Credit Card is a Rewards MasterCard that is different from the other cards that offer credit, it has a cash-back reward scheme as well as the ability to earn introductory rates of interest on balance transfer. 

In addition, with the American Drag Racing League, you can also enjoy a variety of benefits and features that no other credit card will offer, like customized credit card designs as well as invitations to events in the racing world.

The card is issued by ParnersFirst and it is the company that provides the reward program that is offered with the card. With every purchase in which MasterCard is accepted, you’ll get the equivalent of 1% in points, with no limitations or limitations on the number of points you earned there are no expiration dates that are great for large purchases and frequent spending. 

The points can be used for travel or leisure purchases as well as cash-back, gift cards, and sporting events. This card also offers zero-interest for balance transfer for a period of 6 months.

 American Drag Racing League MasterCard Interest and Conditions

The average APR for balance transfers and purchases after the introductory period varies between 12.24 percent and 22.24 percent. 

The rate you will pay is contingent on your credit score, and the fact that there’s the possibility of a wide variety makes this card suitable for those with excellent or very good credit scores. 

The cash advance APR is 24.99 percent. If you pay late or do not maintain good standing the APR of 27.99 percent could be charged. 

The interest rate for the minimum amount is $1.50. The annual charge for late payment, fees up to $15, or returned fee for payments that exceed $25.

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