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Trap, and effect of trap cards can be activated in either player’s turn by default unless stated otherwise, so for pitch-black power stone, you can activate it and its effect to move spell counter during either player’s turn. and monster effect is quick if it state that its effect can be activated in either player’s turn. 2. level 1.

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The end phase happens once a turn. A card can be activated during that phase. Once that happens, a chain occurs, and once it resolves, the turn ends, unless it’s an effect that can occur multiple times (i.e. Stardust Dragon). Thus it’d be card bounces, card returns, end phase ends, next players draw phase. You have no chance to play it because …

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4 Horus will NEVER miss timing. EVER. you can tell when the cards says "IF" or "When". "IF" will NEVER miss timing. 5 If Formula is Chain link 2 or higher, then yes, timing is missed. if it is chain link 1, then black roses summoning is the last thing to happen and you are free to use her effect.

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法. (. ほう. ) カード Fīrudo Mahō Kādo ), have the advantage of being able to change the entire state of play for its controller’s or for both players’ side of the field. They are Spell Speed 1 and are placed on the Field Zone, apart from the Spell & Trap Zones . Most Fields center around boosting ATK and/or DEF for cards with Specific …

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For example, if you use Ash Blossom on Pot of Desires, the 10 cards are still banished. Yup, performed this manoeuvre plenty of times to many an argument. But the fact is the effect can still be activated, it just won’t resolve because it’s negated. Allowing you to pay the cost (tributing your opponents monsters), with the downside of no …

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For Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Answers to commonly asked questions! … you have a choice as to whether to activate the effect or not. To know whether an effect is optional, check the card text to see if it says something along the lines of "you may…", and if it does it’s optional. … Since you can’t activate the card …

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For practical purposes, this would be done in turns. So the player who would go first at the start of the duel would have the first "Turn 0", and the play who would go second would have the second "Turn 0". Of course, this turn order is only a formality, since neither player can interact with each other during this turn.

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